Final Destination 8 takes place after Final Destination 7.


A young doorgirl name Katie Lawton has a premonition that her families hotel was on fire and Death is after her and her friends. It's up to Katie to stop death before it's too late.


  • Emma Roberts as Katie Lawton/The young doorgirl who had the permanition of her families hotel being on fire and Sam Lawton's sister
  • Shanica Knowles as Erica Reese/Katie's best friend
  • Tony Todd as William Bludworth/The guy who told Katie about Death
  • Taylor Momsen as Jane McDonald/Katie's 2nd best friend
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Jared Cooper/Katie's 3rd best friend
  • Dennis Quaid as Tommy Finkle/Katie's boss
  • Robbie Jones as Carlos Dean/One of the workers of the Lawton's Hotel
  • Alexa Vegas as Julie Portman/Tommy's assisent
  • Hugh Jackman as James Pittman/TBA
  • Kevin Costner as Larry Fort/The head chef of Lawton's Hotel
  • Tyrese Gibson as Treeq Fredro/Hakeem's brother
  • Lamont Bedly as Hakeem Fredro/Treeq's brother
  • Katherine Heigl as Penny Flick/One of the workers of Lawton Hotel and Katie's tutor
  • Katherine McPhee as Lily Lawton/Katie's mother
  • Will Forte as Richard Lawton/Katie's father

Main Cast Gallery

A gallery of the twelve main cast members


Katie, Erica, Jane and Jared survived and defeat Death.

Death Killings

Carlos Dean: Head crushed by a statcue

Larry Fort: Impaled by a sword

James Pittman: Falls off four stores

Treeq Fredro: Bones crushes

Hakeem Fredro: Hook went on his head

Penny Flick: Crushed by a falling glass

Tommy Finkle: Wrench went flying to his eyes

Lily Lawton: Cut in half

Richard Lawton: Crushed by a safe

Julie Portman: Stabbed in the chest and falls down nine stores


Carlos Dean

Larry Fort

James Pittman

Jared Cooper

Treeq Fredro

Hakeem Fredro

Jane McDonald

Tommy Finkle

Erica Reese

Julie Portman

Katie Lawton

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