Final Destination 7 Is A Supernatural-Horror Film And A Prequel To Final Destination 2, Starring Nico Tortorella, Briana Evigan, Katie Cassidy, Steven R. McQueen, Logan Lerman, Ashley Greene, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Copon, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Hansen, Meagan Tandy, Jean Luc-Bilodeau, Chris Zylka, Aimee Teegarden, Sean Faris, Shenae Grimes And Tony Todd.


George Stewart (Nico Tortorella), a high school student who cheated death when he has a premonition that everyone in the school will die and the auditorium will collapse and burn. He saves his friends and girlfriend but Death comes back for them.



Nico Tortorella as George Stewart

Briana Evigan as Heather Smith

Katie Cassidy as Amber Reynolds

Steven R. McQueen as Tyler Prescott

Logan Lerman as Jerry Manning

Ashley Greene as Lauren Gellar

Arielle Kebbel as Christina Miller

Michael Copon as Ricky Lopez

Tyler Hoechlin as Sean Patterson

Ryan Hansen as Jason Hill

Meagan Tandy as Sienna Russell

Jean Luc-Bilodeau as Peter Cassidy

Chris Zylka as Kyle Richards

Aimee Teegarden as Kelly Porter

Sean Faris as Nick Wendell

Shenae Grimes as Irene Clarkson

Tony Todd as William Bludworth

Premonition Deaths

Irene Clarkson- Impaled in the head by a piece of railing

Kyle Richards- Crushed by a falling lamp

Nick Wendell- Electrocuted when a spotlight falls on his head

Kelly Porter- Obliterated by falling spotlight equipment

Sean Patterson- Head smashed in between two seats

Ricky Lopez- Burned to death in a small stage explosion

Peter Cassidy- Decapitated by flying metal sheets

Sienna Russell- Bisected by a falling wire

Jason Hill- Skull broken when the catwalk breaks completely off and falls on his head

Jerry Manning- Crushed by the catwalk when it falls on him

Tyler Prescott- Smashed by a falling ceiling support girder

Christina Miller- Crushed in a stage collapse

Lauren Gellar- Impaled in back with a metal pole

Amber Reynolds- Stereo falls on her and crushes her

Heather Smith- Face smashed in by flying concrete

George Stewart- Crushed by falling ceiling parts

Real Life Deaths

Irene Clarkson- Impaled in head by a spear

Kyle Richards- Smashed by a speeding train

Nick Wendell- Bisected vertically by an iron bar

Kelly Porter- Head crushed by car engine

Sean Patterson- Electrocuted on a fuse box

Ricky Lopez- Decapitated by glass window shards

Peter Cassidy- Neck broken after falling down some stairs

Sienna Russell- Cut in half by a car door

Jason Hill- Impaled in chest by a broken pipe

Jerry Manning- Burned to death by exploding oven

Christina Miller- Ripped in half by a malfunctioning escalator

Lauren Gellar- Head smashed in a malfunctioning escalator

Amber Reynolds- Crushed in the car when a log falls on it

George Stewart- Burned to death while saving Heather


Heather Smith

Tyler Prescott

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