Final Destination 7 Is A horror Mysteri Supernatural Film and Seven part of saga of Final Destination and then Starring:Taylor Monsen,Steven R.McQueen,Ashley Greene,Selena Gomez,Victoria Justice,Ariana Grande,Miley Cyrus,Logan Henderson,Leon Thomas III,James Maslow,Dylan O'brien,Britt Robertson and Tony Todd




Taylor Momsen As Alice James/sweet and friendly girl and younger sister scott and carrie

Steven R.McQueen As Jack Valentine/alice's boyfriend

Ashley Greene As Kerrie Lahana/good friend

Selena Gomez As Lexie Clarkson/Divas and heavy school

Victoria Justice As April Lane/Divas and heavy school

Ariana Grande As Vanessa Morgan/Divas and heavy school

Miley Cyrus As riley Dupple/fucking girl

Logan Henderson As Tom Jackson/The virgin

Leon Thomas III As Kyle Auntry/the best friend of all

James Maslow As Jake Scott/the metrosexual guy

Dylan O'brien As Teddy Reed/the bad guy and lover of horror movies

Britt Robertson As Ginnie McCall/diplomatic girl

Tony Todd As William Bludworth

premonition death's

Ginnie McCall-crossed with a huge flag pole

Teddy Reed-head bashed into school bell electruded

Kyle Auntry-fell down stairs neck snapped,head bashed,leg twisted, arm broken,impaled in eye with spike

Vanessa Morgan-butchered by the fall of a fan

Tom Jackson-hooked in chest,stomach, throat torn in half

Jake Scott-hooked in throat

Riley Duppley-torn face by a flying metal

April Lane-crushed by bleachers

Lexie Clarkson-head crushed by several steel chairs

Jack Valentie-sliced with jet engine

Kerrie Lahana-crushed by ceiling pieces

Alice James-crushed by the roof on fire

Real Death's

Ginnie McCall-crossed with a chainsaw in the head while fighting alice this (in the circus)

Teddy Reed-when this drunk and upset over the death of ginnie gets on his bike but by forcing the engine is broken and the chain brake beheads

Kyle Auntry-cut in half by a giant window

Vanessa Morgan-horizontal split by a car door

Tom Jackson-flies out of the car and hit by a trailer

Jake Scott-when the car crashed and died burnt explodes

Riley Duppley-crushed by a giant sign carpentry

April Lane-chest ripped by malfunctioning escalators


Alice James,Jack Valentie,Kerrie Lahana,Lexie Clarkson and William Bludworth


lexie like this on escalators but is saved by kerrie so she also Ships the next movie

selena gomez is bad at first after the death of Leon Thomas III

taylor monsen has straight and long hair

the next film will be the main to drake bell, Briana Evigan and Alex Pettyfer with survivors of this film and carrie james (Sara Paxton)

this film has scenes from previous films as Ali Later, AJ Cook, Marry Elizabeth Winstead, Bobby Campo, Nicholas D'agosto and Alex Heartman.

vanessa when he dies, kyle and jake them in a van but this misses the truck engine and disarms as they know die by second death in the premonition


Premonitons Deaths

The film begins when a young alice james 17 years is in the school auditorium when suddenly the principal starts talking about the anniversary of Flight 180, the Highway 180 accident, the amusement park, the accident car race, the bridge and the mall

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