Final Destination 6 Is A Supernatural-Horror Film Prequel To The Final Destination Starring Danielle Panabaker, Kay Panabaker, Jared Padalecki, Thomas Dekker, Shay Mitchell, Julianna Guill, Amanda Righetti, Willa Ford, Travis Van Winkle, Katrina Bowden, Lindsay Lohan, Lindsey Shaw, Jamie Chung, Kellan Lutz And Tony Todd.


Jenna Kendrick, a teenager who cheated Death when she has a premonition that the mall will collapse she saves her friends and sister Claire Kendrick but when Death stalks her, her friends and sister before its too late.



  • Danielle Panabaker as Jenna Kendrick
  • Kay Panabaker as Claire Kendrick
  • Jared Padalecki as Tyler Mitchell
  • Thomas Dekker as Seth Anderson
  • Shay Mitchell as Maria Perkins
  • Julianna Guill as Rachel Davis
  • Amanda Righetti as Taylor Jones
  • Willa Ford as Ashley Graham
  • Travis Van Winkle as Daniel Mance
  • Katrina Bowden as Carly James
  • Lindsay Lohan as Vicky Randall
  • Lindsey Shaw as Mary Wentz
  • Jamie Chung as Wendy Wong
  • Kellan Lutz as Chris Benson
  • Tony Todd as William Bludworth

Premonition Deaths

  • Vicky Randall - Decapitated between moving doors
  • Chris Benson - slipped on ice drowned
  • Mary Wentz - toe truck hook in back spine extracted
  • Wendy Wong - decapitated with sword
  • Ashley Graham - car crash
  • Taylor Jones - crushed by steam roller
  • Carly James - exploded in house
  • Daniel Mance - impaled with spike neck snapped at fall
  • Seth Anderson - Fell to his death on collapsing floor
  • Rachel Davis - Impaled in head with flagpole
  • Maria Perkins - Decapitated with a piece of glass
  • Tyler Mitchell - Fell to his death on collapsing floor
  • Claire Kendrick - Dead body fell on her and made her fell to her death
  • Jenna Kendrick - Crushed when the mall ceiling falls on top of her

Real Life Deaths

  • Vicky Randall- Decapitated by flying barbed wire
  • Chris Benson-
  • Mary Wentz-
  • Wendy Wong-
  • Ashley Graham-
  • Taylor Jones-
  • Daniel Mance-
  • Rachel Davis-
  • Carly James-
  • Maria Perkins-
  • Tyler Mitchell- Killed in bus crash
  • Claire Kendrick- Killed in bus crash
  • Jenna Kendrick- Killed in bus crash


  • Vicky Randall
  • Chris Benson
  • Mary Wentz
  • Wendy Wong
  • Ashley Graham
  • Taylor Jones
  • Carly James
  • Daniel Mance
  • Seth Anderson
  • Rachel Davis
  • Maria Perkins
  • Tyler Mitchell
  • Claire Kendrick
  • Jenna Kendrick


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