Final Destination 6 is an upcoming 2012 American Slasher horror film to be written by Wesley Strick and directed by Xavier Gens

It is to be the sixth but not final instalment in the Final Destination franchise.

It is to star Ashley Newbrough, Andrew Lawrence, Rhys Wakefield, Claire Hope-Ashitey, Scarlett Pomers, Alexandra Purvis, Jesse Plemons, Amber Marshall, Bobby Edner, Sophie Okonedo Teddy Geiger, Heather Hemmens, Izabella Scorupco, Mark Derwin, Hayden Panettiere, Matthew Beard, Reagan Gomez-Preston and Radha Mitchell.

The film is slated for a worldwide theatrical release on June 2nd 2012 and will the be the first of the new final destination films to not be shot in 3D.


Set at the same time as the tragic North Bay Collapse a young Photo Journalist from Conneticut has a terrifying premonition of the small ocean liner she is to board will be destroyed as a bus from the North Gate Bridge falls upon it.

She saves a handful of people and the rest who remain on the water craft suffer the same fates she foresaw.

Now one by one those who evaded their unfortunate demises on the boat are killed in a series of bizarre sometimes overtly gruesome accidents.

The Photo Journalist discovers that Death is behind the executions and has come to collect as the survivours were originally designed to die on the boat.

Along with one of the survivours who sees the signs that give warning to death's new designs the two race the clock to save the others and ultimatley stop death.

But can they succeed where many others have tried before? In fully cheating death?

What follows is three of the survivours of the 180 Hispanola boat dying in three horrible accidents and the visionary Photo-Journalist Rebecca Tamiios and fellow survivour Corman Serratos coming to witness the death of a fourth Hispanola survivour.

Another survivour and reporter named Jennifer Ellison also herself comes face to face with the malovolent force of death as it claims the lives of another Hispanola survivour: Kathleen Roberts whilest saving another survivour from death: Lena Bishop.

Jennifer along Lena then find the racing the clock Rebecca and Corman whom altogether assemble what remains of the Hispanola survivours and informs their survival may lie with a mysterious man whom has been appearing at the accident sites of the dying Hispanola Survivours.

They track the man down and learn his name to be William Bludworth and that he is a coroner who himself has had a run in with death and witnessing first hand the taking of a group of survivours of an accident he had too survived.

He tells that he survived by claiming the life of a not destined to die individual who took his place in destined death.

Rebecca then storms out upon hearing this forcing the group to follow on after her.

She claims what Bludworth is saying cannot be the real solution for what is occuring here and that there must be some other New Life way to beat Death.

She points towards a Long Island revered psychic named Helena Michaelson whom in a newspaper article from 1985 survived a


  • Ashley Newbrough as Rebecca Tamiios/ The Photo-Journalist
  • Andrew Lawrence as Corman Serratos/ Pathologist Apprentice of William Bludworth
  • Rhys Wakefield as Finn Bishop/Rebecca's Boyfriend and adoptive son of Lena and Daniel Bishop.
  • Claire Hope-Ashitey as LaShawna Devine/ Rebecca's Montgomery & Glick Accountant Bestfriend
  • Scarlett Pomers as Tamika Van Warden/ Well Published Photo-Journalist whom Rebecca meets on the boat and happens to be her idol
  • Sophie Okonedo as Helena Michaelson
  • Tony Todd as William Bludworth
  • Alexandra Purvis as Bianca Tottingham/ Professional British Swimmer
  • Jesse Plemons as Andrew Slakenford/ McKinley Senior and former Mt. Abraham High School Student. Grand State Customs worker whom was enlisted as a worker on the damaged vehicles aboard the 180 Hispanola.
  • Amber Marshall as Kathleen Roberts/ Assistant of Lena Bishop. She is confidant and more organized than Lena, but is trying to obtain her position as Advertising Agent for Montgomery & Glick.
  • Bobby Edner as Samuel Leviant/ McKinley Senior and best friend of Andrew. Samuel is a pyro-maniac
  • Teddy Geiger as Gregory Adasson/ Mt. Abraham Senior and boyfriend of Nancy Carlahhan
  • Hilary Rhoda as Nancy Carlahhan/ Mt. Abraham Senior and girlfriend of Gregory Adasson
  • Heather Hemmens as Jaqueline Confronto/Mt. Abraham Senior and bestfriend of Nancy
  • Izabella Scorupco as Jennifer Ellison/ Reporter for The Mt. Abraham Nightly
  • Mark Derwin as Kevin Weatherley/ Father of Jill Weatherley and owner of the Mt. Abraham Build It Emporium
  • Hayden Panettiere as Jillian Weatherley/ Daughter of Kevin Weatherley and Mt. Abraham Senior
  • Matthew Beard as Patrick Hunnlow/ Mt. Abraham Senior and Jordi Kevin's boyfriend
  • Lyndsy Fonseca as Jordi Kevin/ Mt. Abraham Senior and girlfriend of Patrick Hunnlow
  • Reaghan Gomez-Preston as Theresa Morvier/ Cleaner of Montgomery and Glick Business Building
  • Tyrese Gibson as Daniel Bishop/Husband of Lena Bishop and secerlty cheating on her with Kathleen Roberts.
  • Radha Mitchell as Lena Bishop/ Advertising Agent for Montgomery and Glick who is very panicky, nervous and unorganized. She relies on her secretly backstabbing assistant Kathleen Roberts to help her.


  1. Jordi Kevin: First of the 180 Hispanola Survivours to die. Is killed at her Mt. Abraham home via her bathroom door handle smacking the embedded glass shards in her face right into her skull and out the back of head. The glass shards became stuck in her face as death through the use of object manipulation resulted in her shower's sliding door window glass to break and spiral at her.
  2. Bianca Tottingham: Second survivour of the 180 Hispanola to die. She dies at the exact same moment at Jordi Kevin via the diving board she is upon at the Mt. Abraham High School Swimming Pool collapsing and her falling to the ground below snapping her legs off and spiralling her into the pool.
  3. Tamika Van Warden: Third survivour of the 180 Hispanola to die. She dies at the exact same moment as Bianca Tottingham and Jordi Kevin via the camera she is using to capture images of three models breaking and propelling glass shards into half her face.
  4. Andrew Slakenford: Killed at the Mt. Abraham Car Workshop Warehouse via multiple wood shards falling down upon him and impaling him.

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