Final Destination 2 is a Horrror Thriller Film and -remake 2003 Starring Emma Roberts,Robert Hedlun,Travis Van Winkle,Katherina McPhee,Kendall Schmith,Challen Cates,Justin Deeley,isaiah Washighnton,Jessica Alba,Adams Hiks and Samuel L Jackson



Emma Roberts As Kimberly Cornan

Garret Hedlun As Thomas Burke

Travis Van Winkle As Evan Lewis

Katherina McPhee As Kat Jennings

Kendall Schmith As Tim Carpenter

Challen Cates As Nora Carpenter

Justin Deeley As Rory Peters

isaiah Washighnton As Eugine Dix

Jessica Alba As Isabella Hudson

Adams Hiks As Brian Gibbons

Samuel L Jackson As Mr.Bludworth


Evan Lewis-

Tim Carpenter-

Nora Carpenter-

Kat Jennings-

Rory Peter

Eugine Dix-

Survivor and Notes

Isabella Hudson Kimberly Cornan Thomas Burke

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