Final Destination 2 is the first sequel to the Final Destination remake. Danielle Panabaker returns to star, alongside newcomer Nick Palatas.


One year after the Flight 180 catastrophe and the deaths of all her friends, Clear Rivers is attempting to move on from the ordeal. Joining her new college friends to watch a race at the McKinley Speedway, Clear has a premonition in which she sees a devastating pile-up which kills countless people in the audience. Panicking, Clear cause a commotion which results in herself, along with her friends Nick O'Bannon, Lori Milligan and her boyfriend Hunter Wynorski, racist truck driver Johnathan Groves, mechanic Andrew Kewzer, mother Samantha Lane and her son Daniel being ejected from the racetrack by security guard George Lanter. The deadly crash then occurs as Clear had seen, killing numerous innocent bystanders. Nick's girlfriend, Janet Cunningham, who was separated from the group, is among those killed.

One week later, the survivors attend a vigil being held at the speedway to commemorate the disaster. Groves gets into a fight with George, who he blames for the death of his wife in the crash, but George is saved by Nick and Andrew. Later that night, a drunken Groves arrives at George's home to burn a cross on his front lawn, but the cross falls down on top of him. Groves is taken to the hospital.

The following day, Samantha and Daniel go to the dentist, where Daniel's check-up is consistently interrupted by pigeons flying into the window. As they leaving, Daniel spots a flock of pigeons on the ground, and in a moment of anger, scares them away. However, the pigeons fly into a construction worker, causing him to accidentally drop a pane of glass onto Daniel, crushing and killing him. In a state of shock and grief, Samantha goes for a meeting with her lawyer, but she gets her head trapped in the doors of an elevator and is subsequently decapitated.

Upon hearing of their deaths, Clear approaches Nick and warns him that the Angel of Death is going to claim the lives of the survivors. Nick at first doesn't believe her, but after an encounter with mortician William Bludworth, he agrees to help her to try and save the other survivors. When they approach Hunter and Lori with their theory, they refuse to listen, but they do manage to enlist George to their cause. Upon reviewing CCTV footage from the day of the crash, they deduce the other in which the survivors will be killed, and Andrew Kewzer is next.

The trio visit Andrew at his workshop, but he just wants to put the ordeal behind him. Suddenly, a van detaches inside of the garage and rolls toward him, but it stops just short of crushing him. The winch then comes loose from its socket and strikes a gas tank, launching it out of the garage. Andrew is struck by the canister at full force and he is thrown against a chain link fence, slicing him apart. Nick rushes off to save Hunter, while Clear and George go to save Lori, as they are both next to die.

Hunter is hanging out at his father's country club, where he drops his lucky coin into a drain. He proceeds to dive into the pool to retrieve the coin, but he ends up getting sucked into the pool drain. Hunter's internal organs are pulled violently from his body, and Nick arrives just in time to witness his innards being sprayed out of a pump. Meanwhile, Lori becomes trapped in a malfunctioning car wash, and is almost drowned before being nearly decapitated by the mechanical brush. Clear and George arrive and manage to save her. Believing they are safe, as they have averted Death's plan, the group breath a collective sigh of relief.

Trying to unwind two days later, Lori persuades Clear to go with her to see Love Lays Dying at the Springfield Center Mall. Meanwhile, Nick and George realize that they made a mistake; Death didn't skip Janet, Groves is the next to die. They rush to the hospital to save him, but when he sees George, Groves tries to attack him and falls out of his bed. Nick and George are then forced to leave, while an overflowing bath tub on the floor above begins to drip water into Groves' room. Trying to escape, Groves again pulls himself out of bed, but is unable to get away and the ceiling collapses on top of him.

Outside, George pushes Nick on the way of a speeding ambulance, but he is then struck instead, causing him to fall back and be impaled on the handlebars of a motorcycle. Nick then runs off toward the mall to save Clear and Lori. He bursts into the theater and manages to convince Clear to leave with him, but Lori remains in her seat. However, a fire behind the screen ignites an explosion, which showers Lori with debris, killing him. Nick and Clear try to escape down the escalator, but a crumbling pillar falls onto the escalator and it collapses, exposing the gears. Nick desperately tries to pull Clear up, but she falls into the gears and torn apart by them.

Suddenly, Nick snaps back to reality, revealing that everything he just saw was a premonition of his own. He is too late to save George, but he makes it to the theater in time to put out the fire, thus saving everyone from the explosion. One month later, Clear is in a train station, where she runs into Lori and they board the same train; Train 180. At the next stop, Nick gets on. At first, the friends are happy to see each other, until Nick theorizes that this was Death's plan all along, and they are now in danger. He tries to stop the train, but when he pulls the brake, the train instead derails due to a loose wheel, which then flies into the carriage and obliterates Lori. Nick is thrown against a window, which subsequently breaks and he is ground up against the wall.

In the aftermath, Clear crawls out the wreckage to find that she is the only survivor. Suddenly, the lights of another train approaching down the tunnel begin to rapidly come towards her. Clear screams in horror and the films ends as the train speeds into her.


  • Daniella Panabaker - Clear Rivers
  • Nick Palatas - Nick O'Bannon
  • Olivia Cooke - Lori Milligan
  • Travis Van Winkle - Hunter Wynorski
  • Dennis Haysbert - George Lanter
  • Aaron McCusker - Andrew Kewzer
  • Traci Lords - Samantha Lane
  • Kevin Rankin - Johnathan Groves
  • Lance Reddick - William Bludworth
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