Final Destination 24 takes place after Final Destination 23.


In last film, Alice found out she had a premonition that plane explosion come down to the town. Alice is only survivor of football stadium collapsing and she has her cousin's soul not Selena. Alice attempts to uncover a secret connections involved her family before it is too late.



  • Eliza Bennett as Alice Lawton/Katie's cousin, she is only survivor from last film and she had a premonition that the plane come down to the town
  • Izabella Scorupco as Natalie Lawton/Emily and Alice's mother who is overprotective of her daughter because of her 'behavlour'.
  • TBA as Neil Albertson/Alice's ex-boyfriend 
  • Audrina Patridge as Emily Lawton/Alice's older sister
  • Tony Todd as William Bludworth

Death's Killing


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