Final Destination 17 takes place after Final Destination 16, starring Channing Tatum, Noah Munck, Steven R. McQueen, Kate Todd, Audrina Patridge, Troian Bellisario, Logan Lerman, Keegan Allen, Ian Harding, Tyler Hoechlin and Tony Todd.



Channing Tatum as Lewbert Frencer/Jane's boyfriend from Final Destination 11, he is upset that she is dead and had a premonition of the Downtown 4 Train crashing into another train

Noah Munck as Austin Nont/Jane's neighbor from Final Destination 11

Steven R. McQueen as Daniel Green/Lewbert's best friend

Kate Todd as Jenni Carmichael/Daniel's girlfriend

Audrina Patridge as Emily Lawton/Sam and Katie's cousin and Alice's sister

Troian Bellisario as Claudia Apple/A classmate in college

Logan Lerman as Henry Browning/Alex's cousin

Keegan Allen as Max Watson/A classmate in college

Ian Harding as Mr. Corney/Lewbert's teacher in college

Tyler Hoechlin as Gary Green/Daniel's brother

Tony Todd as William Bludworth/The guy who know about Death


Emily, Austin, Daniel, Jenni and Claudia

Death's Killing

Max Watson- He is burned alive

Gary Green- He is decapitated

Henry Browning- He has his scalp ripped off

Mr. Corney- He falls 5 stories

Lewbert Frencer- He dies in a car accident


Max Watson

Gary Green

Henry Browning

Claudia Apple

Mr. Corney

Daniel Green

Jenni Carmicheal

Lewbert Frencer

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