Final Destiantion 10 takes place after Final Destination 9, Katie Lawton, survivor of The Lawton Hotel fire, helps the survivors of the dance club collapse fight Death.


  • Emma Roberts as Katie Lawton/The survivor of The Lawton Hotel fire and Sam Lawton's sister
  • Taylor Momsen as Jane McDonald/The survivor of The Lawton Hotel fire and Katie's 2nd best friend
  • Shanica Knowles as Erica Reese/The survivor of The Lawton Hotel fire and Katie's best friend
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Jared Cooper/The survivor of The Lawton Hotel fire and Katie's 3rd best friend
  • Dakota Fanning as Adison Wenser/A colleage student who had a vision about the dance club being collapsed
  • Jimmy Bennett as Charlie Wenser/Adison's little brother
  • Carlo Marks as Orlando Watson/Adison's cousin
  • Jessica Lucas as Carly Rubious/Adison's best friend
  • Meghan Ory as Penny Watson/Orlando's sister
  • Mia Talerico as Alice Lawton/Katie's cousin
  • Zack Shada as Victor Koles
  • Josh Hutcherson as Mike Winstead
  • Amy Adams as Jennifer Wenser/Adison's mother
  • Cameron Bright as Kirk Nolen
  • Britt Robertson as Sarah Fisher
  • Tony Todd as William Bludworth


Jane, Alice, Adison and Charlie survived.

Death Killing

Victor Koles-Spine Broke

Kirk Nolen-Burned

Sarah Fisher-Glass fell on her head

Penny Watson-House exploded

Orlando Watson-House exploded

Jennifer Wenser-Stab in the chest by Mike

Carly Rubious-Stab in the shoulder four times then stab in the eye by Mike

Mike Winstead-Stab in the back by Katie then school exploded

Katie Lawton-Stab herself in the chest and holds Jared's hand one last time and tells him she loves him

Jared Cooper-Rollercoaster derailment

Erica Reese-Rollercoaster derailment


Victor Koles

Kirk Nolen

Sarah Fisher

Mike Winstead

Penny Watson

Orlando Watson

Carly Rubious

Charlie Wenser

Adison Wenser

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