Final Destination is an upcoming American horror and a reboot of the Final Destination franchise. The film stars Alex Russell and Danielle Panabaker among others.


Students of McKinley High School arrive at the airport to board Volée Airlines Flight 180 for their senior trip to Paris, France. Alex Browning has a vision in which a spark ignites the plane' fuel and blasts the plane to pieces, killing everyone on board. Alex tries to warn his classmates, leading to him getting into a fight with his rival Carter Horton. As a result, both Alex and Carter as well as a group of others, consisting of Alex's best friend Tod Waggner, Alex's crush Clear Rivers, Carter's girlfriend Terry Chaney, outsider Billy Hitchcock and teacher Valerie Lewton, are removed from the plane. While they wait in the airport, the plane departs, but explodes shortly after take off with no survivors.

One month later, the survivors gather to attend a memorial service for those who died. Later that evening, Tod runs a bath, but is distracted and lets it overflow. While he struggles to turn it off, he slips and falls forward, becoming entangled in the clothes line over the tub. He tries to escape, but the line becomes wrapped around his neck and he is strangled to death.

Tod's death is deemed a suicide due to his apparent depression over the plane explosion. However, Alex, who knew Tod better than anyone, claims that Tod never would have killed himself. He, Clear and Billy visit the funeral home and meet the mortician, William Bludworth, who tells them that they were never meant to get off Flight 180, and now the Angel of Death is coming after them. The group dismiss the theory as crazy and leave.

Alex manages to ask Clear for coffee and they go to the Death by Caffeine shop. Here, they run into Carter and Terry, leading to another confrontation between Carter and Alex. Terry becomes frustrated with the idea that the accident has been controlling their lives and decides to move on, but as she storms off, an out of control bus ploughs into her, leaving Carter devastated. Alex begins to wonder if Bludworth's theory is coming true.

Alex and Clear look into the crash and find a copy of the flightplan, and Alex realises that the survivors are being killed in the order they were seated. This means that Valerie is the next to die. He and Clear leave to go and try to save her. Meanwhile, Valerie accidentally spills vodka on her computer wiring, causing the monitor to explode. Valerie is wounded and falls to the floor while a fire starts. This ignites the vodka trail while Valerie tries to crawl to safety. She accidentally knocks over a knife block and the knives fall into her. Alex and Clear arrive just as the fire reaches her oven and the house explodes.

Alex gathers Clear, Billy and Carter and they go for a drive in Carter's car while trying to decide what to do. Alex explains about Death returning to claim them and Carter freaks out, still broken by Terry's death and finally shattered by the reveal that he may not even be in control of his own life. Wanting to end it all, he stalls the car on some train tracks, while the others get out and try to convince him to stop. Carter then finds that his belt buckle is jammed just as a train arrives. Alex manages to pull Carter out just as the train smashes into the car. However, a piece of shrapnel slices Billy's head off.

Alex at first thinks he is next to die, but remembers that he and Clear switched seats, meaning she is next. He rushes off to find her and runs into Carter, and convinces him to help. While they are on the way, the two finally make peace.

Meanwhile, Clear becomes trapped in her own car in her garage, where loose wires threaten to ignite leaking gasoline. Alex and Carter arrive just in time, and Carter wonders aloud if Death would leave them alone if the order was disrupted. He grabs hold of the live wires while Alex rescues Clear, eletrocuting himself to death. With that, Death is seemingly defeated.

A few months later, Alex and Clear are now an item and meet up in Death by Caffeine, ready to finally move from the ordeal. When they go to leave, a bus comes speeding toward them and Alex pulls Clear out of the way. The bus smashes into a pole and sends it flying into a neon sign, which swings down and hits Alex just as the film ends.


  • Alex Russell - Alex Browning
  • Danielle Panabaker - Clear Rivers
  • Robbie Amell - Carter Horton
  • Juliana Guill - Terry Chaney
  • Denise Richards - Valerie Lewton
  • Lance Reddick - William Bludworth
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