Final Destination is a supernatural horror film starring Andrew Garfield, Katie Cassidy ,Nico Tortorella, Chris Zylka, Famke Janssen, Lucas Till, Julianna Guill and Samuel L. Jackson


Alex Browning, a teenager who cheats Death after having a premonition of himself and others perishing in a plane explosion and uses it by saving himself and a handful of other passengers, but is continued to be stalked by Death by claiming back their lives which should have been lost in the plane.


Andrew Garfield as Alex Browning

Katie Cassidy as Clear Rivers

Nico Tortorella as Carter Horton

Chris Zylka as Billy Hitchcock

Famke Janssen as Ms. Valerie Lewton

Lucas Till as Tod Waggner

Julianna Guill as Terry Chaney

Samuel L. Jackson as William Bludworth

Death's Killings

Tod- Clothesline wrapped around his neck and suffocates

Terry- Hit by a speeding bus

Ms. Lewton- Glass shards go into her neck, knives fall on her and house explodes

Billy- A piece of shrapnel from Carter's car flies at him and decapitates him

Carter- Neon sign swings and crushes him

Alex- Head bludgeoned by a dislodged brick


Tod Waggner

Terry Chaney

Ms. Valerie Lewton

Carter Horton

Billy Hitchcock

Carter Horton

Alex Browning


Clear Rivers


Katie Cassidy dyes her hair brown for her character

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