Fighting Land (Princess Protection Program II: Fighting Land in other countries) is an American film starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato as two agents of the titular Princess Protection Program fighting against the Ultranationalists, an international group of terrorists, arms dealers, and revolutionaries seeking to destabilize the current Afghan government and replace it with an Islamist state. It is based on the novel written by Godfrey Raphael.


Three years after the events of the first Princess Protection Program movie, Carter Mason (Gomez) and Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fiore, otherwise Queen Rosalinda I of Costa Luna (Lovato) are now bonafide agents of the PPP. References are made of their previous operations in Chechnya and Costa Luna, supposedly succeeding in eliminating the threats to the two countries. While recuperating from their last op, they receive a message from the Director telling them to come to Afghanistan at once and assist two other PPP agents already in the country.

Arriving in Kabul, the two of them are surprised, and pleased, to learn that the two agents were Lev Arigov (Massey) and Vyacheslav Klimov (Dolley). The men immediately bring the women up to speed on the situation in Afghanistan: the New Taliban, a group of Afghan fundamentalists suspected of working with the dreaded Ultranationalist terrorist organization, have begun initiating terrorist attacks throughout Afghanistan. They also suspect that the New Taliban may be planning more grandiose attacks in the future, which is corroborated by intel uncovered by other KGB agents in the Russian embassy.

The first attack is the bombing of a Afghan spy plane, resulting in the death of its pilot. The Afghan Air Force initially blamed the aircraft manufacturer of deliberately sabotaging the plane so that they would remain inferior compared to other air forces in the region, despite the evidence to the contrary. The manufacturer's director even went to Afghanistan himself and conducted his own investigation, and with the help of Rosie, convinced the Afghans that the crash was the result of a terrorist attack and not, as they previously believed, deliberate sabotage by the manufacturer.

The second attack was the taking of a joint Afghan-American AWACS aircraft, which was carrying a new experimental radar system. By sheer chance, the four PPP agents managed to uncover the plot and sneak onboard the plane, but they weren't quick enough to prevent the hijacking. The New Taliban had originally planned on crashing the plane and making the Afghans and Americans blame each other's flyers of incompetence, but before they could do so, the PPP retook the plane. The operation's leaders jumped out of the plane before they could be apprehended, and a technician who survived identified one of the men as Konstantin Ivanovich Klych.

Meanwhile, in Yekaterinburg, CIA agent Chuck Bartowski (Levi) had been captured by the Ultranationalists, and he comes face to face with their real leader Konstantin Klych. They know that he possesses the Intersect, and they order him to use it to identify threats to their activities in Afghanistan. He identifies Carter and Rosie through the Intersect, where they are filed as members of the PPP. When he tells them of this, the Ultranationalists become agitated, but Klych tells them to keep calm in light of this discovery. He then orders one of his men to "take care" of Bartowski. Fearing for his life, Chuck begs for the man to let him go, but the man tells him to calm down and removes his handcuffs. Chuck then realizes that despite his orders, the man was going to let him go. He uses the opportunity to fly to Kabul, where he now knows the Ultranationalists operate.

Back in Kabul, Carter and Rosie receive a cryptic message telling them to go to the lobby of the Sharpton Hotel in the city. There, they meet Chuck, who tells them that their identities have been compromised to the Ultranationalists because of him. He then adds that they had something big planned in Afghanistan, but he didn't know what. Just then, one of the hotel staff approaches them and hands them a note: Cafe, Zelev Hotel. The man who delivered the note also told them that only the women should come. Carter tells Chuck to stay put while they visit this new contact.

At the Zelev Hotel Cafe, they meet the same man that let Chuck go earlier, although Carter and Rosie don't know it yet. He tells them that the Ultranationalists have based themselves in an abandoned airbase built in the Hindu Kush Mountains dating back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Rosie demands proof of the plan from him, which he immediately supplied via photos. When Carter asks him who he was and how he got this intel, he simply replies, "just someone in deep with the Ultranationalists."

After some discussion, Carter and Rosie present the plot to the Afghan government through the Russians. They soon agree on a coordinated strike against the Ultranationalists. The Afghans would conduct the majority of the attack, with the Russians guiding them to where to strike. They expected the base to be at least unaware that they were about to be attacked; instead, they encountered a force ready to defend the base. (to be continued)


  • Selena Gomez as Carter Mason - an agent of the Princess Protection Program assigned to assist the Russians in stopping the Ultranationalists from destabilizing Afghanistan. She tends to "shoot first and ask questions later," according to Rosie. She uses the codename Gavrina Kumilyova while working with the Russians.
  • Demi Lovato as Queen Rosalinda I/Rosalinda Fiore - another agent of the PPP and Carter's partner-in-crime. She prefers a diplomatic solution to the conflict, as befitting her upraising as queen, which nobody except her fellow PPP agents knows. She uses the codename Maria Atolova while working with the Russians.
  • Kyle Massey as Senior Lieutenant Lev Arigov - a African-American Russian agent of the PPP. He had worked with Carter and Rosie on a few earlier missions and knows how the two agents work.
  • Jason Dolley as Junior Lieutenant Vyacheslav Klimov - a Russian PPP agent and Lev's partner. The two are close friends, and have gone through thick and thin on so many missions. Vyacheslav is known for his "battlefield sense," which is basically an uncanny ability to analyze any given situation and find a way to survive and win in it.
  • Zendaya as Lieutenant Yelena Vyzhinsky - a Russian military police lieutenant assigned to the Russian embassy in Kabul.
  • Bella Thorne as Lieutenant Yelena Porsenko - another Russian MP lieutenant in the Russian embassy and a close friend of Vyzhinsky.
  • Dylan Sprouse as Private Yakov Razov - a Russian private. Twin brother of Ilya Razov.
  • Doc Shaw as Private Andrey Umbelievich - African-American Russian private. Friend of Yakov Razov.
  • Cole Sprouse as Corporal Ilya Razov - twin brother of Yakov Razov and in a relationship with Lyubov.
  • Debbie Ryan as Lyubov Sulinova - KGB analyst. In a relationship with Ilya.
  • Anil Kapoor as President Abdulaziz al-Amir - president of Afghanistan. A known moderate, he led Afghanistan through its greatest period of peace since the 1970s. Because of this, he would become a primary target of the New Taliban, the Afghan cell of Ultranationalists.
  • Harrison Ford as Ambassador Aleksey Mikhailovsky - ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He led the embassy staff against the New Taliban after they had taken over the embassy building.
  • Jurgen Prochnow as Konstantin Klych - ultimate leader of the Ultranationalists. Assassinated by Carter, Rosie, and Chuck via a Predator drone attack on his dacha in Yekaterinburg.
  • Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski - an American CIA agent captured by the Ultranationalists who later escaped to inform Carter and Rose of Klych's plans for Afghanistan. Helped the two women kill Klych by procuring a Predator drone for the attack.
  • John D'Aquino as Colonel Pavel Kulyuchev - defense attache of the Russian embassy and the lead KGB agent in Afghanistan. Sold out many espionage secrets to the Ultranationalists after they had threatened to harm his family, but redeemed himself when he informed the agents of the Ultranationalists' secret base in the Hindu Kush Mountains.
  • Tim Curry as Major Ilya Petrov - legal attache of the Russian embassy and the KGB communications man. Is the one who first realizes Kulyuchev's double crossing when he spots an unauthorized copy of a secret file in the transmission room.
  • Sharlto Copley as Captain Lieutenant Ivan Romanenko - deputy defense attache of the Russian embassy and KGB agent. A close friend of Kulyuchev, he doesn't believe that the colonel sold them out until the evidence is presented to him, and he, along with Rosie, convinces Kulyuchev to tell them about the Ultranationalists' plans.
  • Brian Stepanek as Junior Lieutenant Kazimir Andreyev - deputy defense attache and the KGB operations officer. He killed Omar Saud, leader of the New Taliban, with his bare fists.
  • Molly Hagan as The Director/Colonel Yekaterina Fedorova - director of the Princess Protection Program. Traveled to Afghanistan to remind Carter, Rosie, Lev, and Vyacheslav of their ultimate mission; and reminded Kulyuchev of their time in the Soviet Army during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
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