Fifty Shades Of Grey is a 2012 film adaption of the phenomenally successful 2011 E. L. James novel of the same name.

The film is written by Rashida Jones and Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Ridley Scott starring Emma Watson, Chad Michael Murray, Hit Pop Singer Jessie J (Credited as birth name Jessica Ellen Cornish), Louise Fletcher, Alan Arkin, Javier Bardem and Mark Wahlberg.

The film was released theatrically on March 28th, 2012 and received positive reviews from critics.

The film was shot in Vancouver, Manhattan and San Antonio, TX.

The film is distributed by Universal Pictures and Focus Features in colloboration with Mark Wahlberg's production company.

The film highly differiates from the novel to which it's based on as it injects murder and the character of a psychotic ex as well as different takes on the Grey Parents.


22 year old Manhattan College Senior Anastasia "Ana" Steele (Emma Watson) is a sincere, beautiful and intelligent woman who shares a dormitory room with her long-time bestfriend Katherine Kavanagah (Jessica Ellen Cornish) who is a loud, bombastic beauty, party animal and messy writer for their college's local paper.

As Katherine catches a cold she asks Ana to substitute for her in an interview with one of Manhattan's most sought after billionaire entrepeneurs: Christian Grey (Chad Michael Murray).

Ana attends the interview and becomes instantly attracted to the bachelor and through the guidance of the irreverent Katherine compose a plan to get Ana in with Grey.

They call on the help of photographer friend Jose Rodriquez (Javier Bardem) who secretly lusts after Ana and arrange a photo shoot which Grey will be involved in to get Ana closer to the eccentric, incredibly mysterious money man.

Ana then spirals things out of control when she abandons a still sick mostly bedridden Katherine to party with their other friends.

They come to a pub and Ana is harassed by a sleazy bar patron.

A drunken Ana calls up Grey and and he tells her he will come and collect her.

From there Ana enters the world of BDSM and an off-color strictly sexual relationship with the charming Grey which spirals out of control.

Katherine learns of what Ana and Grey are doing and tries to charm Grey's brother Elliot (Mark Wahlberg).

A physical fight surmounts between Ana and Katherine after an argument about Ana's sex relationship with Christian comes into question and Katherine's using of Elliot comes into question.

Ana comes back to Grey beaten, bloody and bruised and they engage in violent sex.

The following morning Ana awakens to find most of her stuff in Christian's bedroom with a note saying he has gone out to fetch the rest of her belongings from her dorm room so that she wouldn't have to.

Ana gets up and upon rushing downstairs comes across an elderley woman who reveals herself as Mrs. Grey (Louise Fletcher) Christian and Elliot's mother.

Mr. Grey (Alan Arkin) Christian and Elliot's father then enters and coming behind them with the rest of Ana's belongings in suitcases is Christian himself.

Mrs. Grey asks to take Ana out for a lunch to get to know her which Christian tries to stop but Ana agrees to the lunch.

Mr. Grey then helps his son with Ana's belongings as Mrs. Grey heads out the front door with Ana.

The two have a quaint lunch at a quaint cafe and Mrs. Grey after learning about Ana remarks that she's glad his seeing someone, in particular a girl as his father and her had started to suspect he might be a homsexual.

She also remarks that Christian is very mysterious and ever since his break-up with his last girlfriend Melanie Rossato five years ago his been distant and strange.

From there Mr and Mrs. Grey demand they get to stay with Christian and Ana to which Ana agrees is fine but Christian detests against.

He eventually catches his mother stealing alchohol from the kitchen and argues with her demanding she get out of his house and so should his dad.

The two leave and Ana locks herself in the bedroom bathroom away from Christian.

She falls asleep after breaking down and sees through the bathroom window it's a shiny sunny day.

What then occurs ultimatley is Mr. Grey who is enraged at his son kicking him out and the mother showing a BDMS relationship instruction manual come to his psycho-ex Melanie (Rose Leslie) coming to Christian's mansion whilest he isn't home and violently attacking Ana.

Katherine however surprisingly shows up with the intention of killing Ana but instead saves her from the vicious attackings of Melanie by shooting her dead.

A neighbour hears the noise and dials 911.

Christian comes home to discover Melanie's body in the foyer with Ana standing over her covered in her blood and Katherine standing over her with the steaming gun.

Katherine asks Ana if she may see their relationship before she is arrested to which Christian agrees.

She then comes upstairs to their BDMS room and witnesses the two engage in violence sex and watches with tears streaming down her eyes before she heads back downstairs picks up the gun she had used to kill Melanie and attempts to shoot herself.

She is however stopped by charging police officers who disarm her and hand-cuff her.

Christian molotov cocktails the BDMS room upstairs and tells Ana to leave through the bedroom window.

We see Ana escape through the window clim down a ladder to Christian's car and drive away as the police are distracted by a resisting Katherine.

We then see Christian sitting down in the BDMS room watching the walls be set alight.

The film ends and his fate is unknown.


  • Emma Watson as Anastasia Steele
  • Chad Michael Murray as Christian Grey
  • Jessica Ellen Cornish as Katherine Kavanagh
  • Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Grey
  • Alan Arkin as Mr. Grey
  • Javier Bardem as Jose Rodriquez
  • Mark Wahlberg as Elliot Grey
  • Rose Leslie as Melanie Rossato
  • Cleopatra Coleman as Vanessa Mergen
  • Hunter Parrish as Skeezy Bar Patron
  • Ed Westwick as Skeezy Bar Patron's Friend
  • Darren Criss as Katherine's Boyfriend Timothy
  • Karen Gillan as Jennifer Luck
  • Heather Morris as Samantha Turntile
  • Naya Rivera as Medical Clinic Receptionist
  • Miles Teller as Dr. Graham
  • India de Beaufort as Rebecca Walding
  • Novak Djokovick as Officer Williams
  • William Moseley as Officer Lance
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