Ferret in the Big City is a 2019 American computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by Paramount Animation and releases by Paramount Pictures on March 22, 2019. The film is set to be released in standard 3-D, and RealD 3-D. The voice cast includes Xavier Mosley, Eden Sher, Artemis Pebdani, Josh Peck, John Goodman and Brian Posehn. This is the first film from Paramount Animation with no other production companies in partnership.


Ryan is a human-life living ferret who lives with his owner, Ellen. He passes the time watching television when she is asleep, even socializes with other animal pets, Petirage and Simonton and sometimes antagonizes the next door neighbor's guard dog, Kyle. Back at the house, Ellen sees a possum named Beth stealing food from the kitchen and Ryan gives chase. After chasing her out of the house and having a talk, Ryan retrieves the food.

Later, he watches an infomercial about the City Pest Control, which he scolds at. Some time later, Ellen goes out to bring one of her relatives to take her place. After she leaves, Ryan turns off the TV and turns on the radio, then dances. Beth arrives and intervenes with Ryan and has a dance-off with him, which later, Ellen comes homes with her granddaughter, Mable and sees Beth, which makes her have a heart attack. In the aftermath, Mable takes Beth out of the house and takes Ellen to a hospital.

There, Ryan is worried that she won't make it, which she doesn't. Arriving back, Ryan blames Beth for scaring her and never wants her around his home again. Later feeling Heartbroken, Ryan has memories and sees old photos of him and his late owner. Mable decides to take him to the dog show to cheer him up. After seeing them leave, Beth goes after them and hides under the car.

Later, they arrive at the dog and watch the show. Although, Ryan was still depressed for her loss, however becomes furious upon Beth's presence, he chases her around the tent and disrupts the act, which makes the dogs chase Ryan, after Beth hides from him. After Ryan gets surrounded by the dogs, Beth develops courage and saves Ryan by grabbing him and climbing up the tightrope walk. Ryan thanks her for saving him.

Back at the house, Ryan pleases Mable to take in Beth, which she did. As time went on, they have developed a beautiful friendship. Some of Ryan's neighbors notice him with her, though Ryan lies that he still is against her. One day, walking around the neighborhood, Beth notices a pie sitting on a window sill, which made her stomach growl and she goes for it. The pie which was the sill was actually on Ellen's neighbor's sill. When seeing her devouring it, she calls the City Pest Control, which later she gets taken away by the exterminator to be killed inhumanely. Ryan discovers it and does nothing.

The pets and animals were not obliged of what Ryan did not do. Ryan explains that if he goes to the City, he will never come back. Although the others convince him to go. He works up the courage he needs and goes out to the City, while saying his goodbyes to the animals and pets. Upon arrival, he gets confronted by two rats, then a mouse named Tom shows up and fends for him. After introducing themselves, he gets his help to get to Beth, before he is gone.

Back in the suburbs, Mable discovers that Ryan left, so she goes to find him. Meanwhile, Beth is worried about what the exterminator will do to her. With Ryan and Tom, they arrive at the building. They sneak inside and find Beth. They later find her and free her from her cage. Before escaping, Beth asks why he hated her back then.

Ryan tells a backstory: He was young and had lived in a pet store with his father. As one customer decides to choose Ryan's father, the customer changes his mind and picks a possum. Disappointed, he then tells him never to be friends with any possums that will be around. Young Ellen enters the store and buys Ryan. Before leaving, he promises his father on what he said to him.

After he finishes the story, the exterminator returns and sees the three on the floor, then they run. Meanwhile, Mable looks for Ryan and plasters posters of him all over the neighborhood and goes into the City. With the others, they hit a dead end, as they hide in an alley. Surrounded and helpless, the exterminator gets ready to kill them, but then, a clan of rats arrive and surround him, giving the three a chance to escape.

Mabel drives around the City and notices Ryan, Beth and Tom chased by the exterminator, then gets out of her car and goes after him. surrounded again, the exterminator tries again to poison them with gas, but Mable disrupts him and punches him down to the ground cold. Happy that he was okay and not hurt, she picks him up and takes him to the car, Ryan and Beth say goodbye to Tom.

They are now back at the neighborhood and Ryan and Beth are best friends living with together.


  • Xavier Mosley as Ryan, a self-centered ferret who was the pet of Ellen.
  • Eden Sher as Beth, a gluttonous overweight narrow minded possum who tries to be friends with Ryan until the end.
  • Artemis Pebdani as Ellen, Ryan's late owner who died from seeing Beth.
  • Tom Kane as Petirage, a red parrot and neighbor of Ryan.
  • Lewis MacLeod as Simonton III, a white owl who is friends with Petirage.
  • John DiMaggio as Kyle, a cur who is the guard dog of Ellen's next door neighbor and has a hate for Ryan.
  • Mindy Kaling as Maria, Beth's friend, who is a squirrel.
  • Nicole Oliver as Mable, Ellen's granddaughter.
  • Betty White as Ellen's next door neighbor
  • Tiny Lister as Red, a bulldog
  • Josh Peck as Tom, a mouse in the big city who befriends Ryan and Beth.
  • Brian Posehn as the Exterminator, the antagonist of the film.
  • John Goodman as Ryan's father.
  • Brian Stepanek as Albert, a rat who confronts Ryan in his arrival.
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Ferris, Albert's son.


The film's animation will be provided by Sony Pictures Imageworks and it was also be a post production sound by Skywalker Sound.


Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives 66% "Fresh" rating based on 116 positive reviews and 61 negative reviews. The site's critical consensus reads: "Saved with Eden Sher's comedic moments and being another film revolving around animals, Ferret in the Big City is Paramount's best animated film to date." Metacritic, another review aggregation website, assigned the film a score of 91 out of 100 based on 43 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".


  • This film is dedicated to the creator's pet dog Ellen Mosley, who died in September 2013. Rudolph's character was named after her.

Television series

The series will get a 2D animated series featured on Disney XD called A Ferret's Life. Xavier Mosley, Eden Sher, Nicole Oliver, Tom Kane and John DiMaggio reprise their roles in the series. Whilst Tara Strong and Kevin Michael Richardson replace Mindy Kailing and Tiny Lister respectively.


Mosley, Sher, Oliver and reprise their roles in the sequel. Dan Castellaneta, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy are joined with the cast.Template:Ferret


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