Felix at Home
Genre Comedy


Black Comedy

Created by HBO Studios
Starring Alan Cumming

Minnie Driver

Anna Kendrick

Glen Powell

Julianne Moore

Opening Theme Felix at Home (Opening Theme)
Location Los Angeles
Country Of Origin United States of America
Number Of Episodes 24
Running Time 30 minutes
Original Channel: HBO
Original Air Date March 12th 2017 - April 28th 2019
Produced by HBO Studios
Directed by Various
Felix at Home is an American comedy-drama series that aired on HBO from March 12th 2017 to April 28th 2019 for a total of three seasons. It stars Alan Cumming as Felix Garraway, a former television personality who has resorted to a reclusive lifestyle in his Beverly Hills mansion with only his housekeeper of 20 years, Mildred (Minnie Driver) for company.


The series follows the reclusive Felix Garraway, a former television personality who was frequent to the late night circuit for over 30 years. He left show business inexplicably 3 years prior to the series and lives alone, apart from his British housekeeper Mildred, who spends 5 days a week with him. He doesn't keep in touch with former friends, colleagues or family. The series informs the viewers via a web-diary that Felix keeps, these serve as introductions and conclusions to each episode, intertwined with Felix's current life and flashbacks to the past. As the show progresses, Felix becomes more and more depressed and wishes to go back into the world and relaunch his career, but fears he's no longer relevant after disappearing unexplainably. But little does he know that his popularity is at an all-time high as a result of growing concern around his disappearance, and Mildred is just suppressing this information out of the selfish belief that Felix would abandon her to return to his career.


Alan Cumming as Felix Garraway, a self established television personality, who gained fame from appearing in a hugely popular commercial for cereal in the early 80s. He became popular on shows such as Letterman and Johnny Carson, before eventually becoming a red carpet correspondent on E! and an emotional therapist to many of his fans around the world. Shortly before his recluse, Garraway was set to finally fulfil his acting dream by starring in a sitcom at NBC, but the pilot was dropped. This triggered a mental breakdown in Felix and eventually led to his withdrawal from society, family and friends. (Seasons 1 - 3)

Minnie Driver as Mildred Waterhouse, a British woman who moved to America in the late 80s after being abandoned at the altar. Her craving for love and affection led her to apply as a live-in housekeeper for Felix Garraway. They lived together for 11 years before Felix bought her a "vacation apartment" in West Hollywood in 1999. She lives with Felix 5 days out of the week and encouraged his recluse, jealous of his international success. When Felix becomes the centre of media attention once again, Mildred hides this from him and suppresses his knowledge of the outside world, going as far as to cut off his internet connection. (Seasons 1 - 3)

Anna Kendrick as Melissa Vine, a huge fan of Felix and a friend of his prior to his recluse, she launches a documentary series on her YouTube channel in 2018 called "Finding Felix". She believes that Felix is being held against his will and wants to return to public life. She gains international fame through her series, and pleads to Felix to return to society. She and her friend Vincent (Glen Powell) try and gain access to Felix's mansion, but are challenged by Mildred. Melissa then makes it her mission to free Felix. (Seasons 2 - 3)

Glen Powell as Vincent Maurice, Melissa's friend and Felix's former colleague at E!. He is the co-host of Finding Felix and assists Melissa in her quest. He is more skeptical of Melissa's hostage theory, but when he encounters Mildred in a grocery store, he too becomes suspicious. He takes a back seat when their series goes global and lets Melissa take the credit.

Julianne Moore as Noreen Waltz, one of Felix's fans and 'patients', Felix helped her recover from the loss of her husband in the early 2000s. She joins the quest to free him in hopes of returning the favour for the 1000s of lives that he has helped. She is key in taking down Mildred and saving Felix. (Season 3)


Season 1

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Pilot Felix Garraway starts his first web-diary and recounts the past three years living in recluse in his Beverly Hills mansion, while also explaining who is through a clip from a talk show in the early 90s. March 12th 2017
2 Meet Mildred Felix introduces his diary to his housekeeper Mildred, and how their relationship has grown over the past 20 years. Flashbacks recount Felix's final appearance on a talk show before his disappearance. March 19th 2017
3 Dinner for Two Mildred makes dinner for herself and Felix. Felix's web-diary talks about his love for fashion and how he loved covering red carpets for E!. Flashbacks recount Felix interviewing Meryl Streep in 2007. March 26th 2017
4 Unorthodox Felix surprises Mildred with a pitch for a new TV show at NBC as he plots his public return, but Mildred's criticisms shut down Felix's self-confidence. April 2nd 2017
5 Pool Party Felix decides to invite some old friends to a pool party to repair the damage he believes he's caused in leaving three years previously, but Mildred 'forgets' to send out the invites, leaving the two of them alone to enjoy the festivities. April 9th 2017
6 Red Carpet As Awards Season approaches, Felix tries joining social media in order to provide commentary on the red carpet looks. Mildred has other ideas. Flashbacks provide us with background on Felix's romantic life prior to his recluse. April 16th 2017
7 The Omelette Mildred is sent into a frenzy when Felix accesses the internet for a recipe for an omelette, causing him to cast doubts over his sanity. April 23rd 2017
8 The Cut Off Mildred cuts off Felix's internet and phone, permanently shutting him off from the outside world. April 30th 2017

Season 2

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Finding Felix Melissa and Vincent launch their "Finding Felix" webseries. Felix falls into a depression, Mildred continues to emotionally manipulate him. March 11th 2018
2 Research Melissa delves into Felix's past. Matilda discovers the web series, leaving her reeling. Vincent's research uncovers some shocking truths. Felix's depression leads him to revisit some of his old work. March 18th 2018
3 The Fence Matilda hires some contractors to construct a 6 foot wall around the house, paying using Felix's pension from E!. Melissa and Vincent decide to pay Felix a visit, but are pushed away before they can even reach the gate. March 25th 2018
4 Going Global The web series gains traction from BuzzFeed and Huffington Post, leading it to sweep the internet globally, leaving a stressed Mildred horrified. Felix begins spending more time in the garden, in hopes of a chance encounter with a neighbour. Melissa and Vincent adjust differently to their newfound fame. Felix tells his web-diary about his encounter with sexual abuse as a teenager. April 1st 2018
5 Wrath of Mildred Melissa approaches Mildred for an interview, with disastrous results. Vincent finds a copy of Felix's out-of-print memoir. Flashbacks depict Felix's time writing and promoting the failed publication. The Web Diary is told by Felix about his underlying yearning for love, and finally facing the truth about his sexuality. April 8th 2018
6 Depression Felix begs Mildred for a doctor, but Mildred is less than happy when Melissa accuses her of holding Felix hostage in the latest addition of 'Finding Felix'. Melissa and Vincent make their talk show debut, flashbacks show Felix's talk show debut. April 15th 2018
7 Help Felix decides to bounce back and attempts to write a self-help book. Mildred is interrogated by Vincent at a local supermarket. With Mildred distracts, Melissa tries to gain access to Felix. Flashbacks fill in the gaps around Felix's abusive childhood. April 22nd 2018
8 Culmination When Mildred is arrested, the police pay a visit to the house, but an oblivious Felix dismisses their accusations, leaving the police to release a statement proclaiming that Felix is fine. Melissa and Vincent are dismissed a frauds by some, while others are intrigued even more. Elsewhere, Felix's comedy videos are rereleased on DVD by his agent, and the sales sky rocket. Flashbacks depict Felix's rise to fame after the release of his first DVD. April 29th 2018

Season 3

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Noreen's Story Melissa and Vincent are approached by Noreen. Flashbacks show her first encounter with Felix. Elsewhere, Felix hits a new low, and Mildred is no help. March 10th 2019
2 Felix Found Trapped and suffering from malnutrition, Felix pleads with a delirious Mildred. Noreen makes a public plea herself. Melissa and Vincent relaunch the podcast with a new, rougher motive. March 17th 2019
3 Mildred's Explanations In this monologue episode, a psychotic Mildred takes over the web-diary and explains her actions over the past 4 years as events begin to culminate. March 24th 2019
4 Publicity Paparazzi gather outside Felix's home as Melissa and Vincent's new approach takes the nation by storm. Mildred tries to help a fragile Felix recover. Noreen formulates a new strategy to save him. March 31st 2019
5 The Promise In 2004, Felix promises Noreen that he will help her for as long as they need it. In 1997, Felix and Mildred meet for the first time. In 2007, a friend of Vincent's introduces him to Melissa. In 2018, Felix is on the verge of giving up as he discovers Mildred's web diary entry. April 7th 2019
6 Finding Freedom Noreen is offered a huge amount of money to give an interview about her time with Felix. Mildred realises the end is near and contemplates handing herself in. Melissa and Vincent grow closer in the chaos, but a last minute revelation prevents them going any further. Flashbacks detail the days leading up to Felix's recluse beginning. April 14th 2019
7 The Last Chance A showdown between Felix and Mildred finally occurs as Felix faces facts, but his mental health issues leaving him dazed and confused. Noreen decides to keep her memories to herself and withdraws from the interview. Melissa and Vincent finally get the plan in action to free Felix by any means necessary. Flashbacks detail Mildred's early days of manipulation, with Felix filming his unsuccessful NBC pilot. April 21st 2019
8 Felix at Home The series comes to a close. Felix delivers a final disturbing web-diary and by reconnecting the internet, uploads his entire series of accounts to the internet. In a fleeting rage, Melissa, Vincent and Noreen break into the mansion. Heartbreakingly, they find Mildred's murdered corpse and Felix hanging from the second floor landing, they were too late. Flashbacks detail Felix's birth and his parents' struggle to raise him in his early days, later flashbacks show him being bullied in school and being told to kill himself. The show ends with Felix's empty living room playing a clip from his appearance on a talk show in the 90s, the same clip that plays in the first episode. April 28th 2019

Spin-off and Other Media

Shortly after the conclusion of series 3, HBO commissioned a spin-off focusing on Melissa, Anna Kendrick's character. The series, Melissa Online, began production in Summer 2019 and focuses on Melissa's life and career beyond Felix. Glen Powell co-stars, with further casting yet to be announced.

At the conclusion of the series, all of Felix's web-diaries were uploaded, in full, to YouTube under a channel name "FabulousFelix".

A book, entitled Felix: A Life, was released shortly after the series' conclusion. It serves as a memoir of sorts, and compiles all of the series' flashbacks in chronological order in written form.

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