Fear Street: Silent Night 3 is a 2016 horror film directed by John Carpenter based on the novel of R. L. Stine.


Reva Dalby just arrives from college with her roommate Grace,who spend the vacations with her.She lives in this big,beautiful house in the richest area of Shadyside.A little later,Grace gives threat calls from her ex-boyfriend Rory,who promises to kill Grace and Reva.Soon,Reva's cousin Pam and her friend Willow want to sell their handmade scarfs to Dalby's,the shop of Reva's daf.Reva agrees and she organizes a big fashion show.Right before the first show,the first model is found dead,fixed as a mannquin and strangled with the scarf.That's a show,none of them will forget...

Main Cast


Reva Dalby
Grace Morton
Pam Dalby
Ellie Stern
Robert Dalby
Marla Collins
Daniel Powell
Leticia Lowe
Christy Argona
Sadie Dalby




Rory Dawson-Died in a car accident made by Grace
Traci Meecham-Strangled with a scarf and speared on a mannequin fixer by Grace
Liza Grogan-Strangled with a scard and speared on a mannequin fixer by Grace
Willow Burch-Thrown down the stairs by Pam,who thought she was Grace;broke neck
Grant Summers-Shot in the heart by Reva,because he tried to kill Grace


At the end,you get to know,that Grace is insane.As she has been knocked out by Ellie,she woke up with her pills intus.She cried,as she heard what she did,but Reva forgave her.She then was sent to a psychatric hospital and the movie ends with the fashion show.

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