Fear Street: Broken Hearts bases on the same named novel by R.L.Stine.The director is Diablo Cody


After a riding accident,Rachel McClain has a brain harm.Her sister Erica is the only person,that saw the accident,who takes care for her.Her other sister Josie doesn't.She is in love and very excited for Valentine's Day.But then Anticipation turns into cold fear:Instead of love letters,she's getting death threats.At Valentines Day,she should die...


Ariana Grande as Rachel McClain
Malese Jow as Melissa Davis
Ariel Winter as Erica McClain
Chloe Bridges as Josie McClain
Avan Jogia as Dave
Kris Jenner as Mrs.McClain
Lucy Liu as Mrs.Davis
Austin Butler as Luke
Matt Bennett as Jenkman
Cody Linley as Chuck
Uggie as Terry


Rachel McClain
Melissa Davis


Erica McClain


Uggie-Obviously stabbed in body several times by Erica
Jenkman-Pushed down the stepps and broke neck by Erica;corpse found in the snow
Dave-Crossed over by his own car by Erica;corpse found in his garage
Josie McClain-Cut cartoid artery with a skate by Erica
Erica-Crashed into the lake at a fight with Melissa at the party;drowned 
      despite the help of Melissa and Luke

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