Fate Of Man (or The Fate Of Man) Is A 2002 American Action/Post Apocalyptic/Thriller Film Directed By Ron Howard. 


In The End Of The 22nd Century, Scientists Captured Many Wild Animals, Created Dragons, And Mutant Hybrid Animals... All For War. But This Was Unsuccessful And All The Animals Began To Genetically Evolve Due To Them And The Hybrids Genes Being More Human And Dog. The Animals Escape And Free Other Animals In Their Path Of Destruction. Humans Try And Try Again To Stop The Rampage, But It's Too Late, 80% Of Mankind Is Killed. Then, In The 30th Century, The Human World Is In Ruin, And A One Of The Only Remaining Human Clans Are About To Go To War, But, And Tiger Alpha, Does Not Want War, But Peace.


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Animals And Hybrids

• Siberian Tiger

• African Lion

• Amur Leopard

• Grizzly Bear

• Timber Wolf

• American Bison

• White Tailed Deer

• African Elephant

• Giraffe

• Zebra

• Great White Shark

• Nile Crocodile

• Hippopotamus

• White Rhinoceros

• Western Lowland Gorilla

• Chimpanzee

• Anaconda

• Cheetah

• Newborn (Hybrid Of A Human, Tapir, Seal, And Beaver)

• Flyer (Hybrid Of A Bat, Crocodile, And Owl)

• Dragons

• Water Dweller (Hybrid Of A Eel, Komodo Dragon, And Octopus)

• Tree-Back (Hybrid Of A Tortoise, Tree, And Elephant)

• Queen Beast (Hybrid Of A Wasp, Scorpion, Spider, And Butterfly)

• Chimera (Hybrid Of A Lion, Goat, And Snake)

• Megasaur (Hybrid Of A Crocodile, Snake, Shark, And Tyrannosaurus Rex)


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