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Fatal Attraction (film) Thriller film remake of same name 1987.


  • Liorky Aguilar as Dan Gallagher
  • Paula Swaby as Alex Forrest\Chlöe Clark; CIA agent and Dan's aunt.
  • Daliet Aguilar as Lily Gallagher[1]
  • Caridad Camacho as Starbucks Shopping Lady (uncredited) meets Dan in Starbucks 8 hours talking.
  • Josue Sanchez Ebanks as Freddie; Colleague friend of Dan.
  • Oscar Sanchez as Freddie's Dad (uncredited)
  • Eyleen Pino as Rachel Winston; Dan's truth-wife.
  • Diego Arcia Sabariego as Danny Gallagher-Winston, Jr.[2]; (uncredited); son of Dan and Rachel.
  • Jerrin Carter as Bucky
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