Fast Talking
Genre Comedy


Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Brie Larson

Sally Field

Gemma Chan

Bill Skarsgard

Pete Davidson

Zazie Beatz

Amber Ruffin


Abbi Jacobson


Kathryn Hahn

Opening Theme Fast Talking theme song
Location New York, NY
Country Of Origin USA
Number Of Episodes 13
Running Time 42 minutes
Original Channel: NBC
Original Air Date January 9th 2019 - present
Produced by Ifan Barber
Directed by Various
Fast Talking is an American comedy-drama that airs on NBC. Created by Ifan Barber, the show focuses on the backstage goings-on at a late-night talk show as a new host begins her tenure at the fictional network of ABN (American Broadcasting Network). The series stars Brie Larson as Helen Miller, the new face of the Good Night Show after her predecessor, beloved comedian Stan Forbes (Ryan Reynolds) is fired in disgrace by the network bosses. Struggling to fit in with her new staff, Helen and her producer Mary (Sally Field) make it their mission to win over the staff and the audience, hoping to make her the biggest late-night host on television.
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