Fast & Furious 8 the return of riders Is A Accion Crime Thriller Film and eighth of the series of fast and furious is for our recently deceased Paul Walker Starring Lucas Black,Sara Paxton,Dwayne johnson,Michelle Rodriguez,Vin Diesel,Jordana Brewster,Tyrese Gibson,Brittany Snow,Steven R. McQueen,Sean Faris,Ron Perlman,Selena Gomez,Dakota Goyo and Jett lee


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Lucas Black As Sean Boswell/

Sara Paxton As Brianna (Bree) O'Conner/She is the younger sister brian has to like the same faces that define it as a o'conner she is beautiful and dangerous as such brian see why dominic's going to take her under his wing as it arrives to be in a excellent runner and brian joins the group dominic the end of the film

Dwayne johnson As Luke Hobbs/is back to help stop dominic and bree alverich wants to kill his stepdaughter to stay with the company

Michelle Rodriguez As Letty Ortiz/she is back to help dominic

Vin Diesel As Dominic Torreto/he is helping to arrest the stepfather bree her best friend and turn it into the new o'conner to help them discover who killed brian

Jordana Brewster As Mia Torreto-O'Conner/she is back to help dominic

Tyrese Gibson As Roman Pierce/he is back to help dominic and find out who killed brian

Joe Pesci as Jerry Van-Belcha

Brittany Snow As agent Victoria Stewart/she is a very good detective and partner in research briana she just has to put his little brother who likes racing and she joins the group dominic the end of the film

Steven R. McQueen As Cody Stewart/The Victoria is the brother he likes a lot of running and racing cars joins the group dominic the end of the film

Sean Faris As agent Diego Hooks/he is a detective who helps briana victory and help Gale  to arrest alverich joins the group dominic the end of the film is the love interest Gale

Ron Perlman As Declan Strikers/the police chief is not believed to be a murderer alverich antagonist

Selena Gomez As Gale Snow-Chang/she's a nice young man at the top she died her best friend briana and victoria she wants to know what happened to his parents and his brother who disappeared

Dakota Goyo As  Brian Jr O'conner/he is the son of Brian and mia

Jet li As Avelrich Chang/Antagonis Principal

Cody Walker As Brian O'conner

Ioan Grufford As Dr.Jackson Snow

resse Wisterpoon As Sasha Snow

Taylor Lautner As Damian Snow

if you want to add more characters if they can put things like put them want the characters but I do not change to sara paxton, Britanny Snow, Steven R McQueen, Selena Gomez, Sean Faris, and Taylor Lautner resses Wisterpoon

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