Fantomdog is a British animated series produced by Charles Hill Films.

Main Characters

  • Fantomdog (voiced by Timothy Dalton)
  • Lavender the Pigeon (voiced by John Kevin)
  • Thelma Wildcat (voiced by Theresa Nelson)
  • Vance the Bluebottle (voiced by Nigel Cross)
  • Virgil the Fly (voiced by Bruce Thompson)
  • Berk the Mouse (voiced by James Herbert)
  • MacDavis the Mouse (voiced by Dan Russell)

Voice Cast:

  • Timothy Dalton as Fantomdog
  • John Kevin as Lavender the Pigeon
  • Theresa Nelson as Thelma Wildcat
  • Nigel Cross as Vance the Bluebottle
  • Bruce Thompson as Virgil the Fly
  • James Herbert as Berk the Mouse
  • Dan Russell as MacDavis the Mouse


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