Fantasyland is a Canadian-American television series on FamilyChoice. It is created by Dynasti Noble. It will be produced by Dandelion Studios, Teletoon, France 3, WDR, FamilyChoice & Starlight Animation.


Melissa is a bullied girl at school. She stumbles upon the magical world of Fantasyland, Melissa's fantasy world where all magical creatures live there.


List of Characters in Fantasyland

  • Melissa (voiced by Mae Whitman, Kennedi Clements in younger version), a 16-year-old girl who stumbles upon a magical world of her fantasy world.
  • Cody (voiced by Scott Menville, Jake Vaughn in younger version), Melissa's 13-year-old brother who found that Melissa is trapped in Fantasyworld.
  • Marisol (voiced by Grey DeLisle), Melissa's mother who is the keeper of the Fantasyworld spellbook.


List of Fantasyland episodes


Fantasyland Logos


  • It is a reference to Alice in Wonderland and Pan's Labyrinth.
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