Fantastic Four: Animated is an American animated superhero TV series based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name, as well as the 1994 animated series.


Scientist Reed Richards, his fiancé Susan Storm, her hot headed brother Johnny Storm, and Reed's astronaut friend Ben Grimm are on a spaceflight mission when their shuttle is hit by cosmic rays. As a result, their DNA is altered and they are granted extraordinary powers. Reed can stretch his body like rubber, Sue can generate force fields and turn invisible, Johnny can engulf his body in fire and fly, while Ben's strength is advanced and he is turned into a rock-like creature. Together, they become known as the Fantastic Four and must face an array of supervillains, most notable of which is the Latveria monarch and Reed's old rival, Victor Von Doom.

Voice Cast

Fantastic Four

Kyle MacLachlan - Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic

Kari Wahlgren - Susan Storm/Invisible Woman

Chris Edgerly - Johnny Storm/Human Torch

John DiMaggio - Ben Grimm/The Thing


Phil LaMarr - Norrin Radd/The Silver Surfer

Cam Clarke - Thor Odison

TC Carson - T'Challa/Black Panther

Rick D. Wasserman - Hulk


Cree Summer - Alicia Masters

Bryce Johnson - Bruce Banner

Charlie Schlatter - Rick Jones


Tim Curry - Victor Von Doom

Clancy Brown - Galactus

Kevin Michael Richardson - Terrax


Season 1

  1. Fantastic Origins, Part 1 - The Fantastic Four appear on Conan O'Brien to discuss how they got their powers.
  2. Fantastic Origins, Part 2 - The Fantastic Four continue the story by describing the first villain they encountered; the Puppet Master.
  3. Now Comes the Sub-Mariner - Namor, the brash youg prince of Atlantis, disgusted by surface dwellers polluting the ocean, attempts to summon a tidal wave to destroy New York.
  4. Incursion of the Skrull - The Fantastic Four are framed for crimes they did not commit and learn of the Skrulls, a shape shifting alien race who are impersonating them.
  5. The Coming of Galactus, Part 1 - The Fantastic Four meet the Silver Surfer, who explains that he is the herald of Galactus the Planet Eater, and he has led Galactus to Earth to consume it.
  6. The Coming of Galactus, Part 2 - The Surfer rebels against Galactus in order to save Earth.
  7. Super Skrull - The Skrull send their most powerful member, the Super Skrull, to destroy the Fantastic Four.
  8. Mole Man - Mole Man, a underground villain, sees the Fantastic Four as the only threat to his plans for world domination, so he lures them to the Rockefeller Center and sinks it below the ground.
  9. Behold the Negative Zone - Reed accidentally opens a portal in the Baxter Building. Two warlords from different dimensions fall into our world and battle each other to decide who will conquer our dimension.
  10. The Mask of Doom, Part 1 - The Fantastic Four are horrified to discover that Sue has been kidnapped by Reed's old rival, Victor Von Doom.
  11. The Mask of Doom, Part 2 - Doom explains his origins to a captive Sue.
  12. The Mask of Doom, Part 3 - Reed, Johnny and Be locate Doom's lair and set out to rescue Sue.
  13. Return of the Silver Surfer - On Reed and Sue's wedding day, Doom steals the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic and sets out to conquer the world.

Season 2

  1. The Inhumans Saga, Part 1 - Ben is ambushed by a superpowered gang known as the Inhumans.
  2. The Inhumans Saga, Part 2 - Further Inhumans reveal themselves to the Fantastic Four.
  3. The Inhumans Saga, Part 3 - The Fantastic Four assist the Inhumans in rebelling against their brutal leader; Maximus the Mad.
  4. And a Blind Man Shalll Lead Them - Doom tries to kill the Fantastic Four using a nuclear explosion. They survive, but their powers are drained. While Reed searches for a way to accelerate the regaining of their powers, Daredevil assists them in fighting Doom.
  5. Worlds Within Worlds - Psycho-Man takes control of Sue in order to steal Reed's new chemical.
  6. To Battle the Living Planet - Thor helps the Fantastic Four when Ego the Living Planet emerges from space to destroy Earth. They learn that the only one capable of defeating Ego is Galactus, and reluctatly seek his help.
  7. Nightmare in Green - Dr. Bruce Banner arrives to assist Reed when he falls ill from radiation poisoning. Doom manipulates Banner's mutated alter ago, the Hulk, into a confrontation with Ben.
  8. The Sentry Sinister - The Inhumans escape from prison and attack the vacationing Fantastic Four.
  9. Prey of the Black Panther - The mysterious Black Panther lures the Fantastic Four into the African jungle, where he reveals that he is T'Challa, the chief of the Wakanda Tribe, and he is seeking the Four's help in defeating his archenemy, Ulysses Klaw.
  10. Hopelessly Impossible - The Impossible Man lurks around the Baxter Building and learns of a plot by the Skrulls.
  11. Behold, a Distant Star - The Skrull Warlord Morat, having overthrown the Skrull Emperor, prepares the Skrull army for a full scare invasion of Earth.
  12. When Calls Galactus - Terrax tries to trick the Fantastic Four into finishing off a poisoned Galactus so that he can use the Power Cosmic to conquer the universe. 
  13. Doomsday - Reed tries to help Norrin Radd to escape from Earth by breaking through Galactus' force barrier, which restricts the Surfer from leaving the planet. However, Doom once again steals the Power Cosmic and seemingly destroys the Fantastic Four before setting out to take over the world. Reed tricks him by sending a drone into Earth's atmosphere, causing Doom to chase it to the point of Galactus' force barrier.
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