Directed by Joshua Meador
Robert Cormack
James Anderson
Alex Scott
Peter Williamson
Bert Stevenson
James Kennedy
James Kenny
James Howard
Charlie A. Nelson
Wilfred Jackson
Produced by Michael Shires
Bert Stevenson
Written by
Screenplay by
Story by Dick Howard
George Get
Based on
Starring Leonard Sharpsteen
Davis Thomas
Music by Various
Cinematography James Wong Howe
Editing by
Production company(s) Michael Shires Productions
Distributor Republic Pictures
Release date(s) February 13, 1939
Running time 134 minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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Fantasic is a 1939 2D-Animated Film

Live-Action Cast:

Voice Cast:

Program description

Toucan and Fridge in D Minor

The Checker Suite

The Sorcerer's Appearance

The Ride of Spring

Intermission/Meet the Soundtrack

The Pennines Symphony

Ride of the Hours

Night on Benedict Mountain/Angela Maria

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