Welcome to Fanon Wiki's Requests for Rollback page. The guidelines for these requests are:

  • No joke requests.
  • No joke votes.
  • You must have a reason for supports and opposes.

The requirements for voting are:

  • 20 edits across all namespaces

The requirements for requesting are:

  • 75 edits across all namespaces
  • 2 weeks on the wiki
  • No bans/blocks within the past month


===Your Username Here===
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In order for your request to pass, it must have 5 supports minimum, 70% support, and it must be open for at least one week, unless there is a clear consensus either way earlier on.

Current Requests

Empire Ants

49 Hi, I'm Empire Ants, or .White-Shadows., Basil Karlo, BennyTheSpaceman. I have nearly 100 edits here and I believe I should have these rights because it would make it easier to revert vandalism/spam and I know how to use these rights. I have had these rights on several wikis before, including Brickipedia and LEGO Message Boards Wiki, so I've had experience with them.


  1. Full support. I have known Empire Ants for a long time and I know he has both the skills and experience to use these rights to the best of his ability. He has already made many meaningful contributions to help this wiki and these rights would help him accomplish even more great contributions. -Harold89 (talk)
  2. Cause....why not? --Cakedude222 (talk) 05:19, April 6, 2015 (UTC)




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