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You MUST read this page in its ENTIRETY and understand all the rules listed here before editing on this wiki.
If you have any questions about any rules here, please contact Chris6d, either on this wiki or on the Discord server.

Here at the Fanon Wiki, the largest fictional database on FANDOM, we have a few simple policies you must abide by when editing and writing. All wikis have a policy that ALL users must follow. This policy MUST be read by all users to edit on this wiki. Users that do not follow this policy will be warned or blocked from editing.

The Big 8

  1. Absolutely no canon content. Please do not create articles about ANYTHING that already exists, which is known as canon content. This content will be deleted and you may be blocked. Articles about actors appearing in your movies is alright, though.
  2. DO NOT vandalize other people's pages on this wiki, or ANY pages. This WILL result in a block from the wiki.
  3. Claiming Pages: If a page has an {{Owner}} template at the top of it, you may not edit that page without the owner, or original author's, permission (admins are an exception). Editing a page with the {{Owner}} template on it without the owner's permission will result in an automatic 3 block, no questions asked. See the Claiming Pages policy below for more on this.
  4. DO NOT edit other people's user profile pages. You may leave messages on user talk pages, but do not alter or delete messages from other people's user talk pages.
  5. You may NOT edit or delete content from any talk pages, even your own. Be aware that if you have warnings against you on your talk page, deleting them doesn't eliminate them completely, because anyone can see the past history of the page. These deletions will be reverted by an admin and will result in a block.
  6. You are free to make practically whatever you want, but we do not allow articles about adult "porn" movies, or any articles containing descriptive sexual actions. Characters having sex in a story or movie is alright, but please try not to give explicit detail.
  7. Articles that discuss or relate to inappropriate material, such as terrorism or world issues, are not allowed and will be deleted with consequences. History articles which reference these topics are alright, though.
  8. Please do not take fanfiction from other websites without the authors permission, or take credit for them as your own, they could possibly be copyrighted which is an issue. Do NOT plagiarize, as this can and will result in an infinite block.

Failure to abide by ANY of these rules, or the rules below, will result in blocks or further consequences.

General Policies

Image Policy

  • Image names must be descriptive. For example, if the image is a fan-made movie poster, a good name would be "MovieName-Boxart" or something along those lines. An unacceptable name would be "738293428 87934297173.png" or any other nonsense title of that sort. Images that fail to follow this policy will be deleted and the user who uploaded them will be warned.
    • A second offense will lead to a 2 week block and all articles you've created which contain no categories will all be deleted. A third offense after the first block will result in a 3 month block, a fourth offense is a 1 year block, and a fifth and final offense is an infinite block.
  • Images must be above 100px. Any images smaller than this will be deleted.
  • Unnecessary images or images that do not relate to the content of the article it was uploaded for, will be deleted. Blurry images will also be deleted.
  • Images that are uploaded but not posted anywhere on the wiki will be deleted.
  • Inappropriate or pornographic images posted will immediately be deleted and the user who uploaded it will face a permanent block, no questions asked.

Article content

  • All articles created must be fanon and from YOUR imagination, no one else's.
  • Articles must have proper grammar. No ch4t5p34K, L33T, txtspeak, shortened wording (such as "u", "thnx", and "lolz") are permitted in articles. Keep in mind that this language is allowed on talk pages (see Talk Page Policy below), but to a minimal extent.
  • Articles must have at least one existing category. You will be warned if you create an article with no categories, and the article will be deleted. A second offense will lead to a block and all articles you've created which contain no categories will all be deleted. Any articles on this wiki with no categories will eventually be deleted, so be wise when making articles, and remember to add categories.
  • Articles must be written in the proper tense.
  • All articles must be written in ENGLISH. Non-English articles count as spam (see Spam Policy below) and will immediately be deleted.
  • Absolutely no canon, non-fanon or real content pages on this wiki. Referencing real-life films, objects, places, etc. in articles is okay, but these things must not have their own page, as they are real. Any canon articles will be deleted.

Claiming Pages Policy

Users can claim pages as their own, by adding the {{Owner}} template to the top of the page.

  • With this on their page, no other user can edit that page without the user's permission. If they do, they will automatically be blocked for 3 months, no questions asked. Of course, admins are excused from this policy.
  • If you are the original creator of the page, you need not ask for permission to add the template to your page. However, if you are NOT the original creator, you must receive permission from the original creator AND an admin to be granted the rights to add the Owner template to the page, and thus Own the article. If the original creator is inactive, permission from Chris6d is required.
    • If a user adds the Owner template to a page that they did not create, without permission, the template will be removed and the user will receive a 1 month block.
  • If a page is Owned by a specific user and that user is currently blocked, you still may not edit that page. If a page is Owned by a user who has been inactive for 6 months or more, you MUST contact Chris6d and request that the Owner template be removed, and he may remove it so you can edit the page.
  • If you remove an Owner template, and you are not the original author, you will receive an automatic 3 month block.

Message Walls Policy

This wiki has Message Walls so that users can leave messages on other users' walls for quick and easy responses (note that prior to August 19, 2021, this wiki used Talk Pages).

  • Poor grammar is not allowed, but slang words are to an extent (such as lol, xoxo, etc.)
  • All Message Walls must contain appropriate language (see Misconduct Policy below).
  • No user has the right remove messages from other users' Message Walls, or their own Message Wall.
  • Swearing is allowed in comments but it must not be directed at other users (see Misconduct Policy below).

Civility Policies


  • Vandalism is NOT tolerated on this wiki. This includes adding information to other users' pages without their permission, removing content from pages, and adding inappropriate content to the wiki. Punishments can vary from 1 month to infinite blocks, depending on the vandalism.


  • Spam is a form of vandalism that is also not tolerated here. Spam includes reposting information, creating duplicate articles, duplicating content, adding unnecessary content, adding articles/content that is not in English, and adding nonsense/unnecessary images.
  • Spam can result in blocks ranging from 1 month to infinity.
  • Advertising is spam which includes advertising other websites or wikis. Advertising is NOT allowed on this wiki, unless a user is adding a link to their own wiki or an outside source, as this is in good faith. The minimum punishment for bad-faith advertising is a one year block, no warning required.
  • All content written on this wiki must be in English. Any content written in another language is considered spam and will be deleted.


  • Misconduct involves treating other users unfairly, accusing them of things they did not do, edit warring, sockpuppeting (see below), swearing, harassing, poor grammar, spam, and even vandalism. The punishment for misconduct could range from a 1 week block to an infinite block.


  • Sockpuppetry is the act of a user creating a second account without wiki permission. If a user wishes to create a second account for whatever reason, they MUST ask Chris6d. If Chris6d denies, permission will NOT be granted.
  • If a sockpuppet account is detected, both accounts will immediately receive an infinite block, no questions asked.


  • Meatpuppetry is soliciting other people to come to the wiki in order to influence the editorial process in a topic or discussion. A "meat puppet" is another editor that has been solicited to sway consensus.
  • If a meatpuppet account is detected, both accounts will receive a one year block.


Note that administrators and bureaucrats may edit your user page(s) if they contain things like incorrect categories, or incorrect use of templates, as these may cause errors visible elsewhere on the wiki. They can also edit or change any inappropriate item or anything they see fit to change.

Fixing Vandalism

When fixing vandalism or bad edits, the best thing to do is look at the page's history by clicking the "History" link on your toolbar. If only the last edit was bad, click the "Undo" link next to it. If there are several bad edits, find the last good version of the page, go to the old version by clicking the date, then edit that version of the page to revert it. To learn more, Wikipedia's article on vandalism is a good place to start. Admins have an automatic rollback tool which is more efficient than a simple "Undo". For further actions that standard users cannot do, contact an admin.

After fixing vandalism, leave a (polite) message on the user's talk page. If they are acting in bad faith (purposefully trying to vandalize or harm the wiki), then contact an admin to have them blocked. There's no need to respond to vandals with angry messages. Doing so just encourages them to vandalize more, because they are probably trying to provoke that kind of reaction. This could also result in BOTH users getting blocked, due to incivility.

If you notice anyone breaking any of these rules, you MUST report it to Chris6d or an Admin immediately, while providing links as evidence, and they will deal with the matter accordingly.

Having Fun Policy

Last of all, this is a wiki, where users are encouraged to put what they want onto pages, provided it is Fanon and does not go against any of the policies shown. So, please have fun here, work together, and be nice. Or else :)