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Anakin was born on May 26th 1989 to Karen Roe and Dan Scott. Anakin is Lucas's brother and the older half-brother of Nathan Scott. At the age of nine Anakin was introduced to Haley James through Lucas and the latter fell for Haley. By the time Anakin was in elementary school he started dating Brooke Davis and was unhappy with her because she treated him and Haley poorly and she saw that Haley had feelings for Anakin when Haley would stare and smile at Anakin eventually during high school Anakin's relationship with Brooke became more unstable when he hung around Haley more along side Lucas and river court crowd Jimmy and Mouth leaving her alone. Once Anakin finally broke up with Brooke he started dating his long time crush Haley and was very happy with her. Anakin later took a bullet meant for Haley during a hostage situation in the cafe during season one and was announced as a hero for saving lives in the cafe that day and was ambushed from random girls at his school who lied to him. For most of his birthdays Anakin would spend them with either Haley or Peyton depending which one of them were available for the day. It is  really unknown why Anakin was born a week late but it is proven that Karen was still happy to have Anakin in her life when she would take him out on his birthday every year and also the Tree Hill community loved him even the James family as well as Anakin's half-brother Nathan.



Anakin did not have many friends growing. His only friend was Haley James who is his love intreset. Eventually during elementary school Anakin befriends Peyton Sawyer much to the dismay of his fellow classmate Brooke Davis who later forces him into a relationship with her just to make sure Haley did not get him. At first Anakin never got along with Brooke but at the sparkle classic in season one he and Brooke became friends and Brooke had apologized for being so mean to him and Haley and promised those days were over. During high school Anakin was friends with Skills, Bevin, Mouth Jimmy and Rachel. After the death of both Keith and Jimmy Anakin was lost as he felt did not have those two in his life anymore. Anakin would remember the times he and Jimmy would have conversations after Anakin would beat Lucas or Nathan in basketball and working alongside Keith at his body shop. 

Romantic life

So far the only know relationship Anakin had was with Brooke Davis which carried out through high school but by the time Anakin started junior year he broke up with Brooke so he could be with Haley. Anakin would later see his ex-girlfriend fall and break her arm on the gym floor when she tripped and landed hard. 


Anakin is close to his brothers Lucas and Nathan and even closer to his mother Karen. Anakin was really angry when his own father abandoned him and completely disowned Dan. He works with his uncle Keith and brother Lucas at Keith's body shop as well as Karen's Cafe with Karen and best friend and eventual girlfriend Haley. Anakin also later marries Haley at his high school graduation with the blessing of both Karen and Haley's parents.

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