This is the general chat policy that ALL users must follow if they are to be on chat. It's pretty simple, so we'll keep it nice and short. A few rules:

  1. No swearing. We like to keep it mellow here and that means no swearing, especially in bad faith. Users who swear in chat will be kicked.
  2. No trolling. Joking around with other users is fine, but if they tell you to stop, respect their wishes and stop. There's a point when the line is crossed; if you cross it, you'll be kicked and/or banned from chat, accordingly.
  3. No external links. Users will be kicked if they share external links to non-wiki websites, except for other wikis or Wikipedia. Users are not allowed to send links to their own wiki(s) in an attempt to advertise. Advertising is prohibited and will result in a temporary ban from chat. A second offense will result in a permanent ban.
  4. No pornography, gore, or NSFW. Sharing links to these things will result in a permanent ban from chat as well as a permanent block from the wiki.
  5. No settling off-wiki matters in chat, or anywhere on the wiki for that matter. Doing so will result in a temporary ban from chat.

And that's pretty much it. Other, more obvious rules apply. Just behave yourself, be nice, respectful to other users, and follow these guidelines in chat, and you'll be alright. Any further questions? Contact Chris6d.

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