Fanon Pictures is a multi-national film studio and a subsidiary of Fanon Studios, owned by The Fanon Company. The subsidiary is the main producer of live-action feature films within the Fanon Studios unit, and is based at the Fanon Studios in California.


There will be discussions among those involved in the project to discuss any plans on the direction that the studios and the other subsidiaries will be taking. Here are a few more rules to keep in mind.

  • Consistent Casting - Some films produced by the Fanon Pictures will be part of at least one franchise. One actor can be cast in another role in another franchise but not in another role in the same franchise. To keep the casting consistent, a casting list will be set up as soon as films produced by the Fanon Pictures will be released.
  • Plot Standards - In Fanon Pictures, we value the artistic freedom of the people involved. We, however, will subject each proposed title to a review to determine whether the quality of the plot will pass on the Studios' standards or not.
  • Required & Optional Details - Each film will be required to have a synopsis and a summary. The synopsis should not be longer than 500 words, while the summary should be detailed in order to create a vivid reading experience for those who wish to read our releases. It is optional, but highly appreciated, to create a transcript page for your film in order to have a better feel on the story.
  • Grammar & Spelling - We are not perfect so we are not too strict on the grammar, but please keep it at a minimum. Also, watch out for spelling errors.
  • Format - Don't worry too much on the format. Someone will be assigned for that.
  • One Team, One Goal - We are excited for this so let's do our best to make this a success.

To Join

To join this project, please submit your pitch by leaving a message on Jam Harden's talk page.

NOTE: The Untitled Iron Man and Disney Princess films are currently looking for writers.



Marvel Cinematic Universe
Disney Princesses
The Walking Dead
Fairy Tail
Upcoming Films
Title US Release Co-producer Writer
Iron Man May 3 Marvel Studios N/A
Disney's Merida July 5 Walt Disney Studios N/A
The Walking Dead October 25 Blumhouse Productions Jam Harden
Ant-Man and the Wasp November 1 Marvel Studios N/A
Fairy Tail: Episode I A Deadly Lullaby November 29 Funimation Films N/A
Thor February 7 Marvel Studios N/A
X-Men May 1 Marvel Studios N/A
Salamander: A Fairy's Tale June 5 Funimation Films Jam Harden
Disney's Mulan July 3 Walt Disney Studios N/A
The Incredible Hulk October 2 Marvel Studios N/A
Lucy: A Fairy's Tale November 27 Funimation Films Jam Harden
Merida vs. Mulan July 2 Walt Disney Studios N/A
The Walking Dead 2 October 29 Blumhouse Productions N/A
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