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Studio Z Productions
Type Animated
Genre Crossover, Comedy
Starring Greg Ayres, Bobcat Goldwaith, Logan Grove, Vin Diesel
Music The same composer as Wreck-It Ralph.
Budget $6,000,000,000

Fanbooty is a fan-made animated comedy crossover film made by The Z-Gamer. It is based on the term fanbooty.


The Voice of Masters tells the audience what the term fanbooty is. In the morning, a guy named Josh McCoy checks stuff on the computer but suddenly, he found out that Skylanders fans are doing alot of Digimon stuff and he was bored of Digimon. He called Pop Fizz to stop the Digimon situation. Josh and Pop Fizz call the Digimon-loving Skylanders fans "Digimon fanbooties". They wonder what a fanbooty is. Suddenly, the Voice of Masters pops up in the sky. It tells Josh and Pop Fizz what the term fanbooty is just like he told the audience. Josh and Pop Fizz keeps calling the Digimon fans "Digimon fanbooties" as well as calling female Digimon fans "Digimon fanboobies". Later, a friend named Pikachu came to them. He asks them what they're calling the Digimon fans. They tell Pikachu that they're calling them "fanbooties". Pikachu laughs at the word "fanbooty". Josh reports the whole situation to Toei Animation. A bunch of scenes later, Toei Animation decides to cancel Digimon due to low ratings and over-close resemblances to Pokémon. The fanbooties/fanboobies now go back to Skylanders. The end.


  • Josh McCoy (voiced by Greg Ayres)
  • Pop Fizz (voiced by Bobcat Goldwaith)
  • Pikachu (voiced by Logan Grove)
  • Voice of Masters (voiced by Vin Diesel)
  • Skylanders fans who love Digimon and be called "Digimon fanbooties" by Josh and Pop Fizz.
  • President of Toei Animation (voiced by Curtis Armstrong)


IMDB gives this a 10/10. Rotten Tomatoes gives this a 100% fresh and 0% rotten.


  • This film pops up everywhere people go. It was on candy boxes, it was on Gogurts, it was on McDonald's soft drink cups, it was on Happy Meal cups, it was on Burger King cups, it was on Subway bags, everywhere.