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Family Tunes, Again is a 2016 american television family sitcom and a sequel series to the

1978-82 Family Tunes, airing as a Netflix original series. It is created by Drew Barrymore who also stars in the main role as Jenny replacing Paige Turco who starred in the role in the original series. The series revolves around Jenny, a single woman who is recently divorced and has full custody of her 3 kids, Natasha, Toby & Tiffany.

Most of the original series ensemble cast have reprised their roles on Family Tunes, Again except for Colin Firth who played Samuel Ranch in the original series. He did, however, star in the final episode of the first season for the last few seconds saying the line "Room for one more?" and guest star in a few episodes in the second season.

Netflix ordered an initial 13 episodes which were released on April 13, 2016 worldwide. The first season was reported to be viewed by nearly 10 million viewers and scored a 3.5 rating. On April 19, 2016, Netflix ordered a second season which was released on February 14, 2017.

A special screening event was held in Las Vegas for the second season and over 2 thousand people had arrived.

On April 6, 2017, Netflix confirmed that the series would return for a third and fourth season, which will both consist of 13 episodes. An upcoming spin-off titled 'Sabrina and Carrie' has been announced to be in pre-production. Creator, AM has announced that he is hoping for a crossover with another popular Netflix family sitcom revival series, Fuller House.

On September 15, 2017, Netflix confirmed that the series would end after it's fourth season. It was also announced that Sabrina & Carrie would not be picked-up to series, marking the first time in 7 years that a Family Tunes related show would not be on the air.



Drew Barrymore as Jenny Ranch

Oscar Isaac as Carrie Ranch

Dina Meyer as Sabrina Tessie

Teilor Grubbs as Natasha Heidi Ranch

Jacob Tremblay as Toby Heidi Ranch

Mckenna Grace as Tiffany Heidi Ranch


Morgan Fairchild as Tanya

Tom Hardy as Johnathon Margret

Bailee Madison as Jasmine Harden Margret

Joel Edgerton as Matt Stevenson

Candice King as Jodie Edgar Stevenson

Francesca Capaldi as June Stevenson

Erin Gerasimovich as May Stevenson

Dylan Minnette as Mark Stevenson

Colin Firth as Samuel Ranch

Kaya Scodelario as Kayla Osborn

Uriah Shelton as Charles "No Last Name Given" ________


In 2015, Morgan Fairchild announced that she wrote a script for a possible Family Tunes revival which would would see Jenny become pregnant with her first child.

The series was picked up by Netflix, who ordered 26 episodes which would be split into 2 seasons. After the success of Season 1, it was announced that Netflix would move forward with a second season and a possible third season. However, the second season was only viewed by 3.26 million viewers and scored a 1.1 rating.

Despite this, Netflix said that they would order a third season despite interest in the show being very low.

On April 6, 2017, Netflix renewed the series for a third and fourth season.

Series Overview

Season Episodes
Original release
1 13 April 13, 2016
2 13 February 14, 2017
3 13 March 20, 2018


Season 1 (2016)

Title Directed by Written by Original release date Prod.
1 "Guess Who's Back" A.M April 13, 2016 101
After celebrating her 40th birthday with her family and friends, Jenny realizes that she wants to get back into the dating game. She asks her best friend and housemate, Sabrina, to set her up with someone. She sets her up with Jonathan, a hunky helicopter pilot. He has a daughter named Jasmine who becomes best friends with Jenny's daughter, Natasha. Jenny and Jonathan hit it off but decide to only be friends. Eventually, while drunk, Jenny kisses Jonathan which makes things awkward between them and they try to avoid each other afterwards. Meanwhile, Carrie (Jenny's brother) asks Jenny if he can move in with her following his divorce. Jenny says yes.
2 "Back To School" A.M April 13, 2016 102
On the first day of school, Natasha & Jasmine find out that they are in the same class and become friends. Toby & Tiffany try making new friends in their new school and Sabrina has to nurse a sick Jenny and a sick Carrie back to health while also attempting to write a new script.
3 "Girl's Night Out" Mark Cendrowski A.M April 13, 2016 103
When Tanya comes to the house, the girls decide to have a girl's night out while Carrie has to baby-sit the kids. The girls mistakenly go to a lesbian bar and make a fool of them selves while Carrie passes out by the TV and the kids make a mess of the house. When the girls come back they wake up Carrie and Jenny tells him to straight up or get out. Tanya says that she could move in to take care of the kids. Jenny says no and also says that she trusts Carrie.
4 "On The Road, Again" TBA TBA April 13, 2016 104
Jenny & Sabrina decide to take the kids on a roadtrip however, the kids don't want to go. Jenny & Sabrina trick them and get them to go for a road trip. They get a flat tire & are stranded there for the rest of the night. They find a tent and sleep in there. The next day, Jenny's car gets stolen. They have to hitch-hike back home but, the kids get tired. They eventually reach home.

Absent: Oscar Isaac as Carrie Ranch

5 "Fairytale Love" TBA A.M April 13, 2016 105
Sabrina admits to Jenny that she has fallen in love with Carrie. Toby & Tiffany have to work on a project together. Meanwhile, Natasha & Jasmine get nervous right before they go on their very first double date and Carrie goes on his first job interview after the divorce.
6 "Hit or Miss" TBA TBA April 13, 2016 106
Sabrina hits on Carrie however, she finds out that he is dating his ex-wife. Toby gets jealous that Tiffany is better at games then he is so he asks his best friend to teach him how to get good at games. Meanwhile, Jenny runs into her ex-boyfriend Matt at the supermarket and they reconnect and she falls back in love with him but she finds out that he is married to her old friend, Jodie and they have 3 kids together and Natasha auditions for a play at her school.
7 "Love Is In The Air" A.M April 13, 2016 107
Jenny & Sabrina stay at home, drinking and talking about their feelings for Matt & Carrie and Jenny gets drunk and goes to Matt's house and kisses him. Carrie breaks up with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Toby gets a crush on Tiffany's best friend and Lily and Natasha try to find dates.
8 "Brother & Sister" A.M April 13, 2016 108
Jenny & Carrie argue about Carrie's living situation. Meanwhile, Natasha & Tiffany hang out for the first time while Toby takes a test to see if he is smart enough to become a scientist and Matt realizes he might still have feelings for Jenny.
9 "A Fair Affair" TBA TBA April 13, 2016 109
Jenny & Matt meet up at a bar where Matt tells her he still has feelings for her and they ended up having sex. Meanwhile, Sabrina has to baby sit all of the kids. When they go to sleep she and Carrie are the only ones awake and Carrie kisses Sabrina.
10 "Divorcing Is Hard To Do" TBA TBA April 13, 2016 110
Matt decides to get divorce from Jodie. When he tells Jodie, she gets a heart attack. Meanwhile, Sabrina & Carrie decide that the kiss was just a one time thing and Carrie says that he has absolutely no feelings for Sabrina. Sabrina lies to him and tells him that she also has no feelings for him and Natasha & Jasmine have a sleepover which keeps getting crashed by Tiffany & Toby.
11 "Rekindling Romance" TBA A.M April 13, 2016 111
Matt & Jenny go on their first date in nearly 40 years. Meanwhile, Jasmine tells her dad, Jonathon that Jenny is dating another guy and he goes to her date and makes a scene and Natasha finds out that her boyfriend, Charles is cheating on her so Toby & Tiffany spy on him and Sabrina even rummages through Carrie's room but he catches her and they have a fight.
12 "Moving On" TBA A.M April 13, 2016 112
Jenny advises Sabrina to move on from Carrie. Natasha tells Carrie that Sabrina has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Matt cheats on Jenny with his ex-wife and Toby & Tiffany get suspended from school after they pull the fire alarm.
13 "A Lovely Supper" A.M April 13, 2016 113
The whole family comes to visit for one last supper before Tanya gets married to her boss. The girls talk to her about Danny and that they think she should not move on. Natasha catches up with Samuel on Facebook and asks him to visit during the supper. He declines the offer, only to drop by once all the guests have left.

Season 2 (2017)

Netflix ordered a second season on April 19, 2016. It released on Valentines Day 2017.

Title Directed by Written by Original release date Prod.
1 "Back In The House" A.M February 14, 2017 XLR201
When Samuel returns to the house he once lived in, he becomes a bit nostalgic and he tries to make a move on Sabrina. Meanwhile, Matt admits to cheating on Jenny which results in them breaking up. Natasha & Jasmine go the mall and sneak into an R-rated movie.
2 "My Lovely Valentine" A.M February 14, 2017 XLR202
On Valentine's Day, Matt comes back to the house and asks Jenny to forgive him. She declines which leads to him starting to beg her. Meanwhile, Sabrina plans to stay home but when her ex-boyfriend calls, she gets ready for their first date in 20 years and the kids go to the mall to get a gift for Jenny.
3 "Sabrina's Big Four-O" Dina Meyer A.M February 14, 2017 XLR203
4 "Family Reunion" TBA A.M February 14, 2017 XLR204
5 "Jenny VS. Jodie" TBA A.M February 14, 2017 XLR205
6 "Saved By The Bell" TBA TBA February 14, 2017 XLR206
7 "The L-Word" A.M February 14, 2017 XLR207
8 "Big Announcements" A.M February 14, 2017 XLR208
9 "Better This Way" Dina Meyer TBA February 14, 2017 XLR209
10 "Man With A Plan" TBA TBA February 14, 2017 XLR210
11 "Wasted Enthusiasm" TBA TBA February 14, 2017 XLR211
12 "Prom Night" TBA TBA February 14, 2017 XLR212
13 "Meant To Be" A.M February 14, 2017 XLR213

Season 3 (2018)


Family Tunes, Again received generally mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has reported a 48% approval rating with an average rating of 5.2/10 based on 53 reviews. The website's consesus reads, "Family Tunes, Again proves to be lackluster, however it's talented cast is it's saving grace."

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