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Family Reconnect is the sixth episode of the third season the American police procedural and legal drama television series The Sullivans. It is a 60 minutes special.


Drake, Katherine and their family attend a funeral of Katherine's relative in upstate New York, where she reunites with her brother Joey and their other relatives. Later, Drake and Ryan help the grieving Katherine raise her spirits by visiting the rest of the Sullivan family in Boston. Also, Ryan reveals his secrets about Sophie to Drake and Katherine.


At Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Drake, Katherine, Ryan, Finn and Mary exit their plane and enter the terminal. As they collect their luggage and head to the exit, Sophie spots them from a fast-food restaurant within the airport and follows them. Drake rents an SUV to go to the town of Lewis, New York in Essex County; upon overhearing, Sophie decides to take an airport shuttle there as well. Later, somewhere in upstate New York, Drake drives with Katherine in the passenger seat, and Finn, Mary and Ryan in the back. As Katherine looks at the view of the Adirondacks Mountains, Drake asks if she was alright. She recalls how Henry let her and Joey see the beautiful views of the Adirondacks multiple times during drives as a way to give them solace over their family's deaths. Finn and Mary express admiration for the mountains' beauty for sure, but Finn also comments on how the Adirondacks are bone-chilling cold. Katherine tells him that the cold and the snow make those mountains beautiful. Ryan then asks about Joey and Katherine replies that he and his girlfriend Sarah are driving from New York City and will arrive later. As they arrived at Essex County Sheriff's Department, they were met by Katherine's cousin, Henry's son Benjamin (Matt Lanter), a sheriff's deputy in the same county his father was Sheriff. He and Katherine embrace, and also meet Benjamin's wife Sally and their children, Dustin and Teresa. Benjamin tells them that he found Henry's body, saying says that Henry had suffered a blood clot, likely due to his failing health. Katherine asks about her other cousin Tracy (Italia Ricci), Benjamin's sister. He told her that Tracy is at Henry's place, clearing out the medical stuff out of there. Katherine says that she's going to head for Henry's place in a bit. Drake offers his condolences, telling Benjamin that he knows how it feels like to lose family recalling the prior deaths of his mother and sister Amanda years before. Benjamin appreciates Drake's condolences and Sally informs them that Henry's wake will be the next day at a funeral home and the funeral will be the day after. Drake says that he, Katherine and their family will only stay for five days. Katherine decides to head for Henry's place and Drake decides to come with her, while Ryan stays to get Finn and Mary settled in. As Drake and Katherine left the station, the airport shuttle that has Sophie drives by and she makes a call, asking about the date of Henry's funeral.

As Katherine and Drake arrive in Henry's house, they see Tracy looking at the place sadly and in a trance, with a somber face. Katherine and Tracy embrace, as Drake gives his condolences to the latter. As they sit on the front porch, Katherine informs Tracy that Joey and his girlfriend will be arrive shortly. Then, Tracy's fiancée Bret Carney, an insurance representative, arrives. After Drake and Katherine get acquainted with Bret, Tracy expresses her sorrow that over the losses inflicted on their family: first most of Katherine's family being massacred, then her brother Christian being KIA in Iraq, then her mother Julia dying of COVID during the prior pandemic, and now her father is gone. Drake expresses his own losses with his mother and sister, admitting at how unfair it is. Tracy then expresses that she's glad Drake and Katherine caught the man who killed most of Katherine's side of the family, and says that Henry was immensely relieved that justice was finally served after almost 30 years. She and Bret also praise Katherine for bringing down the human trafficking ring. She then sadly reveals that when Julia had COVID, she stated that she couldn't go be with her mother because she had to spend her time helping those in a different hospital due to her being a CDC doctor, and that Henry, who managed to avoid contracting the virus, couldn't be with her physically. When Julia died, Henry and the family had to say their goodbyes via video chat. Bret reveals that he also lost his father to COVID. Drake says that they are glad that Tracy was able to give the family resources to survive the pandemic, especially Katherine, who had placenta previa with Mary during the pandemic and they were fortunate to be alive from it. Tracy says it was the least she could do for her family.

Then Joey and his girlfriend Sarah arrive in another car. Joey quickly goes over to his sister and cousin and the three hug. Katherine asks her brother how he's been and Joey says that he's still undergoing therapy, but has improved. He also says he's considering writing a novel based on the human trafficking case she and Drake worked on. Drake replies that they can talk about that later, as they enter Henry's house. As Katherine and Joey go to their old bedrooms, the former sits on the bed and remembers in flashback how she and Joey were after the recent murders of their parents and older siblings: the grief-stricken Joey argues with Katherine, blaming her for their family's deaths and she, equally grief-stricken, yells back not to blame her since she wasn't the one who killed them. Before they can come to blows, Henry and Julia stop them and separately take them to their rooms. Henry consoles the distraught Katherine that it was never her or Joey's fault for what happened to their parents and older siblings and holds her as she sobs. Drake then enters the room and sits next to his wife. She tells him how Henry and Julia helped her moved forward and tried to do the same for Joey, but he was very withdrawn and isolated from them, similar to how he was before they got Coleman. Drake says that he's glad that they helped her through it and because of this, the two of them are married with children. Tracy then enters and revealing that Benjamin called, saying that Ryan, Finn and Mary are all settled in at the hotel. Drake and Katherine decide to head for the hotel, while Joey says that he'll see them at the wake tomorrow as they leave.

In the hotel, Drake and Katherine check in with Finn and Mary. After talking to their children about Henry's death and making them promise to behave at the wake and funeral, as well as to not hesitate to come to them if they need them about this, even if it's late at night. Finn told them not to worry, as Drake, Katherine and Ryan, move to the adjacent hotel room and leave the door that connects the rooms cracked open. After Ryan, Finn and Mary fall asleep, Drake observes Katherine looking out the window, seeing the stars. He comes up behind her and holds her in comfort as she reminisces about how she would look out the window and see the stars in the early years after her family's murders while living with Henry and his family. After a moment, Drake gently ushers his wife to come to bed, which she agrees.

The next day, at the funeral home, the entire Ashford family is present for the wake, with pictures of Henry around the area. Katherine and Tracy look at Henry at a casket and are sombered by it. Benjamin and his family chat with some people. Drake, Finn and Mary look at the pictures of Henry, as well as other members of the family and his former subordinates. Later, Ryan comes over to Katherine and Tracy and convinces them to be with the others, which they agreed. As Tracy goes to be with Bret, Katherine looks over a picture with her holding the infant Finn, Drake, Henry, Julia, Benjamin and Tracy in as Joey and Sarah come over. When Joey asks about it, Katherine tells him that it was taken at Mirror Lake in 2019 when they were visiting. Joey complements it as Benjamin comes over and then heads for the men's room, with Benjamin following him. Following his cop instincts, Drake follows as well. While there, Benjamin silently confronts Joey for not be able to confront his demons sooner and asks where was he when Julia died of COVID, when Finn and Mary were born, and when he and Sally married among other things, all of which happened while he was self-estranged from his family. Joey says that he had his own problems and he wasn't getting a grip on himself, but Benjamin points out that he had enough of a grip to find a girlfriend. Joey snaps that Benjamin has no idea of the hell he went through with himself for years after watching his parents and siblings be murdered and tells him to go to hell. Benjamin then punches Joey and a fight breaks out between them, until Drake comes in and breaks it up, angrily and silently telling them that he will personally kick them both out if it happens again; Benjamin and Joey subsequently calm down. As the three return to the wake, Finn and Mary sit in private with Benjamin's children as they all speak about how they will miss Henry. Ryan goes outside and notices that Sophie is sitting in a car. As he goes over to her, Sophie gets out the car and tells him that she heard about Katherine's uncle and that she learned that her biological father is in Massachusetts. Ryan says that they will discuss it later and he will give her a call, but warning her not to interfere with the funeral, which she assures she won't. She then leaves the scene.

Later at night, in Benjamin's home, Drake and Tracy berate Benjamin for his behavior with Joey at the wake. Benjamin tells them that he is angry at Joey for not dealing with his psychological demons over the murder of most of his family sooner and not being in contact with them for so many years of their lives, but Drake responds that it's no excuse for getting into a brawl with him and that he's a sheriff deputy, meaning he should know better. In another room, Katherine scolds Joey for the fight in the men's room in Henry's wake and that he and Benjamin should be lucky the event wasn't ruined because of it. As they finish, Drake, Katherine and their family leave and returned to the hotel. Tracy says that she found some home videos of Henry that she will deliver to Katherine the next day after the funeral, which she accepts.

The following day, at the funeral, Benjamin eulogizes that his father was one of the best Sheriffs in Essex County's history, that he helped so many people in need, including family, and that he will be missed. Then they drive down to the cemetery in a departmental funeral, where Henry receives full honors. Sophie sees the funeral from the distance and pays her respects. At the repast, Katherine speaks to everyone about the time she saw Henry save the life of a child from an abusive father during which Henry had to shoot the abuser in self-defense when he pulled a gun on him, praising that Henry was a man who made an impact on a lot of people, and the man who helped her move forward from the devastating massacre of most of her family. Afterwards, Tracy gives Katherine the home videos like she promised. Later, Joey watches Drake spend time with Finn and Mary, expressing that he and Sarah have discussed having children, but that he's not sure of whether he'd make a good father. Drake admitted that he had those fears when he and Katherine first had Finn, but that he's settled into parenthood since then, and that Joey just needs to do his best as a parent. When Katherine came over and asks what's up, they cut her into the conversation. Katherine told her brother that she had fears when she had first had Finn, but eventually got the hang of being a mother, which came in handy later on when she had placenta previa with Mary during the COVID pandemic. Joey admits to his sister that she has always been far stronger than him after the massacre of their family and accredits her for having a better life than he him despite his success as a novelist. Katherine assures Joey that he is doing better day-by-day by getting help after they finally caught the man who killed most of their family. Joey then reveals his plans to write a novel based on the recent human trafficker ring case; Drake and Katherine advise him to do so without revealing their identities, at which Joey says that he always only uses fictional character names out of respect of people's privacy. Joey says that he's glad he was able to make amends with Henry before his death. Then Tracy and Benjamin approach, saying that they are glad they all came for the funeral and that that they will miss Henry a lot.

At the hotel at night, the Sullivans setup a VHS/DVD player hybrid, and watch some old home videos of Katherine and Joey as children during the happy times with her parents and older siblings, as well as anything afterwards with Henry and his family. Katherine tears up at the happy memories videos as Drake, Ryan, Finn and Mary comfort her as they watch. The next morning, Katherine and Drake see the view of the Adirondacks, admiring the scenery. The rest of the Sullivan family later joins in. Ryan, knowing about Sophie, suggests that they take a side trip and see their relatives in Boston, since it's several hours away as a way to raise Katherine's spirits, among other things. Drake and Katherine agree since they haven't see them in awhile and Finn and Mary also agree too.

Hours later, the Sullivan family arrives at a Boston brownstone, where they are greeted by a old small dog named Arnold. They are then met by Drake's aunt Clara (Chelsea Field), a semi-retired IT expert, who is quick to embrace her brother-in-law Ryan and nephew Drake and greets Katherine, Finn and Mary. As they enter the brownstone, Finn and Mary play with Arnold while Ryan's brother Patrick (Scott Bakula), a former Coast Guard para-rescue jumper, comes downstairs and is surprised to see his brother and his family. The brothers greet each other in their own way and Patrick hugs his nephew Drake. Both Patrick and Clara ask what the family is doing there; Katherine informs them of Henry's death, to which Patrick and Clara give condolences. At the dining room, they learn about Henry, the funeral and such; Katherine stated that she knew Henry's declining health would kill him eventually, but didn't expect when. Clara tells her that nobody expects when death will take them even when they're terminally ill; Ryan and Patrick reveal that when their father fought cancer for eight years before it killed him. Then Patrick and Clara's daughter, Sara Wilcox (Amanda Righetti), Drake's cousin and Ryan's niece, arrives with her son David and daughter Ellen. She is likewise surprised to see Drake, Ryan and the others, embracing her uncle and cousin and greeted Katherine, Finn and Mary. Then Sara's husband, former NHL defenseman Fred Wilcox, enters and was shocked to see his childhood friendly rival Drake. Both Drake and Fred make a few comments at each other, until Patrick tells them to stop. Fred reveals that he is now a NHL scout. His younger brother Aaron, a former NHL winger, is now coach of a peewee hockey team, which pleases Drake and his family. Sara says that she is currently now an train operator for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. As Finn and Mary spend time with David and Ellen, Drake asks where his other cousin Daniel (Travis Van Winkle) is.

At the community's fire station, two fire trucks and an ambulance arrive back in the station as Drake, Katherine, Ryan, Finn and Mary showed up. As the firefighters and paramedics got out, Drake notices his cousin, Patrick and Clara's son Daniel among them and call out to him. Daniel is shocked to see his cousin Drake and his family and greeted the family warmly. They explain they had come up north for the funeral of Katherine's uncle Henry, which Daniel gave Katherine his condolences for. Ryan asks about what the firefighters were responding to; Daniel replies that it was an apartment fire, and they had to save some people trapped inside. Drake notes that like enforcing the law, firefighting is a risky job; Daniel agrees, but also notes the great perks that come with the job, saying that his fellow firefighters are like brothers-in-arms. Then Daniel's wife Camille (Jaina Lee Ortiz), a Boston SWAT officer, enters the station, greeting her husband warmly, but he notices a black eye on her. Camille is surprised to see Drake, Katherine and the others and greets them as well while Daniel asks what happened to her eye; Camille reveals that she was pursuing one of three suspects who held up a convenience store and took hostages. She caught up with him during a foot chase and he smacked her in the eye, but she and her fellow guys in SWAT were able to subdue him afterwards. Daniel tells her that she should be more careful when chasing after suspects; she responds by telling him that he should be more careful while fighting bad fires. Katherine reiterates that she and Drake feel the same way when it comes to their jobs. Drake, while a little annoyed at this, nodded in agreement. Ryan asks about Daniel and Camille's son Nick, which Camille responds that he's good and that she was on her way to pick him up from school after stopping by the station. Daniel asks if Drake and the others are staying, but Drake says they're only at a pit stop before they have to return home tomorrow evening. Daniel and Camille say that they're going to go to Patrick's home with Nick later for dinner, asks his cousin's family to join him, which they agree.

A couple of hours later, Drake, Katherine and their family return to Patrick's house. He tells Patrick and Clara that they met up with Daniel and Camille and told them about Camille's black eye. Clara humorously says that Daniel and Camille at times argue when it comes to the risks of their jobs; Katherine relates, revealing she and Drake can at times argue about the same thing. Patrick says that their jobs have occupational hazards and that a married cop and ADA is a tough combo. Drake agrees, but put out that he and Katherine also have chemistry and love, which Katherine adds helps them compromise and work through the bad days. Ryan adds that he has at times to given them some advice with their cases. Patrick informs them that Sara and her family are shopping for ingredients for the family dinner, and goes upstairs to take his blood pressure medicine; Ryan followed him. As Patrick took his medicine, Ryan asks to speak to his older brother alone. As they go to the master bedroom for privacy, Ryan informs Patrick that Harriet Laine's daughter Sophie is around and wanting to see her biological father, which unsettles Patrick, who recalls that Harriet had become obsessed with him before he had her transferred out to another Coast Guard base. Ryan says that Sophie wants to know her biological father. Patrick huffed, saying that she was born because of a brief affair he'd had with Harriet during a period that he and Clara were separated and feels some anger about it, seething that he wanted to go after Harriet himself. Ryan calms him down. Patrick realizes that he's right and he shouldn't have reacted that way and asks him not to tell Clara about Sophie yet as he wishes to tell her about it himself later; unknown to them, Clara is listening in with her facial expression indicating that she isn't completely surprised. Then she knocks on the door, telling Patrick and Ryan that Sara called and that they got what they needed for dinner and are heading back, which Patrick acknowledged.

Later at dinner, the whole Sullivan family is inside, ready for dinner. As Patrick cooks some spaghetti and meatballs, Ryan is outside in the back porch watching the kids as Clara comes out and joined him. As they watched the kids, Clara asks about the conversation he had with Patrick in the bedroom. Ryan tries to say it was nothing, but Clara reveals to Ryan that she knew about Patrick and Harriet's relationship prior to their separation and she also knew about Sophie beforehand. Ryan, shocked by the revelation, asked how did she know. Clara revealed that she heard a heated phone call between Patrick and Harriet after he and her had reconciled, with him telling Harriet that their affair is over. She then confronted Harriet about it and discovered that she was pregnant with Patrick's child and ordered her to stay away from Patrick and their family. She found out shortly afterwards that Harriet had been forcibly transferred to another Coast Guard base thanks to Patrick. Ryan asks his sister-in-law why she didn't tell Patrick about it and Clara stated that Patrick was planning to leave the Coast Guard to focus on his family and she didn't tell him about it because they wanted to focus on their children and fixing their marriage, so she kept it a secret, just like he kept it from her, and knew he would tell her about it when the time was right. Ryan says that Sophie is seeking Patrick since he is her biological father, revealing that Patrick didn't know about Sophie until he saw her and Harriet about seven years prior at a Coast Guard honors ceremony; he explains that Patrick realized Sophie was his daughter upon seeing her, but didn't approach them due to not wanting to dredge up the past and disturb her life. Clara reacts with disbelief and asks about how to reach her; Ryan gives her Sophie's number. As dinner is announced, Ryan tells Clara that she's gonna have to tell Patrick about her knowledge of Harriet and Sophie and she said that she will after the rest of the family leaves.

During dinner, the Sullivans all catch up with each other; Camille reveals that Nick is her and Daniel's only child because she had massive bleeding due to complication when Nick was born and had to have a hysterectomy as a result, thus preventing her from getting pregnant again. Katherine recalls her crisis with Mary, and that she that she was lucky to get to keep her uterus. Patrick recalls the time he helped rescue a family in the 1991 Perfect Storm when their boat was caught in it. He also said he was among those who searched for the swordfishing boat Andrea Gail and a lost para-rescue jumper, but couldn't find them or any survivors. Finn says he heard about that ship from the movie The Perfect Storm, but Patrick says the movie is based on speculation about what happened to the crew of the ship, and that either way, the ship is lost. Sara says that her father had worked so long to save lives in the Atlantic, with Clara reminding them that was what he was good at.

As the family continues dinner, Sophie observes from across the street. Later, as Sophie watches, Drake and the others prepare to drive back to upstate New York and their goodbyes to their cousins, with Ryan wishing Patrick good luck with Clara. Several hours later, the Sullivan family returns to their hotel. As Finn and Mary were put to bed, Ryan confesses to Drake and Katherine about Sophie. He stated that Sophie discovered that she had a uncle through DNA she submitted to an ancestry website, and knew he was related to her father when she came to him. He further reveals that Patrick and Clara had separated due to his long hours in the Coast Guard and, as Patrick was going through a hard time with the separation, he had a brief affair with fellow Coast Guard member Harriet Laine. But he later decided to reconcile with Clara and called off the affair. Harriet, however, became obsessed with him and he had his commander transfer Harriet out to another Coast Guard base when she started exhibiting stalking behaviors. Seven years prior, Patrick called him and told him about the affair after seeing Harriet with Sophie at a Coast Guard honor ceremony; even though he realized Sophie was his daughter, he didn't approach them because of everything that happened with her mother. Ryan continues that Sophie kept wanting to see her biological father, but he was unsure of introducing her, fearing it would destroy Patrick and his family, but he recently found out that Clara knew about the affair after she and Patrick reconciled and discovered that Harriet was pregnant with his child when she secretly confronted her and kept it a secret. Both Drake and Katherine express anger at him and quietly berate him for keeping Sophie's existence a secret, as well as her being outside the funeral home. Ryan says that he promised Patrick he would keep it under wraps until Patrick felt the time was right to tell the family himself; he was only doing what he thought was right. Nevertheless, Drake and Katherine show major disappointment. Drake explains that he may have solved many people's problems as a judge, but if there's a situation that comes to family, he has to turn to someone for help at times. Katherine concurs, saying that she has learned that most of all after being essentially raised by extended family. Ryan apologizes for not telling the truth about Sophie sooner; Drake tells his father that they will talk about this when they fly back to Denver tomorrow as he and Katherine go to the adjacent hotel room where Finn and Mary are at.

As Ryan, Finn and Mary are asleep, Drake and Katherine look at their sleeping children with content. As Drake and Katherine sat down the hotel chairs, they express disbelief that Ryan never told them about Sophie before, but decided to drop the subject for now. Katherine says that after her parents and older siblings were murdered, she felt extremely alone and saw her entire life change drastically. Even though she and Joey survived, she felt a part of her died that night; but Henry and his family made sure her grief didn't consume her. She became a prosecutor because she wanted to ensure that people who killed families paid for it in full, but she was still barely living because of the trauma of her family massacre. Katherine told her husband that marrying him and having Finn and Mary made her feel alive again. Drake recalls that after he left the Marines, he was barely adjusting of being a civilian again and feeling sorry for himself due to suffering from PTSD. When he was wrongfully charged of murder, that was when he realized that he had to get back to reality again, recalling his late ex-girlfriend last words of advice to him. He admits to Katherine that she was what motivated him to deal with his PTSD was her, and now that they are married with children, he has something worth living for. They agree that they've had to deal with such hard times in life, but with their families' support, they've gotten through it and will continue to do so.

The next morning, the Sullivans pack up and left the hotel. Ryan admits to Drake and Katherine that he should have told them about Sophie earlier. They both nod understandably and say that they will talk about it when they get home. Later, Drake, Katherine and their family arrive at the area of the Adirondack Park, where Joey, Benjamin, Tracy and their families are for a picnic celebration of Henry's life. During the time of celebration, the family is surprised to see Patrick, Clara, Daniel, Sara and their families showing up, as they remember the place they are going to celebrate Henry's life and joined in. The Ashford family gets acquainted with the extended Sullivan family. Patrick and Clara tells Drake, Katherine and Ryan that they talked about Sophie and called her last night; she visited them briefly and says that she has to return home tomorrow, but has promised to call them later. Afterwards, Drake and Katherine thank their families for their support for everything. Both families then interact with each other as they honor Henry's memory.


Main cast


Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Scott Bakula as Patrick Sullivan
  • Chelsea Field as Clara Sullivan
  • Matt Lanter as Sheriff's Deputy Benjamin Ashford
  • Italia Ricci as Dr. Tracy Ashford
  • Travis Van Winkle as Firefighter Daniel Sullivan
  • Jaina Lee Ortiz as SWAT Officer Camille Sullivan
  • Amanda Righetti as Sara Wilcox
  • ??? as Young Henry
  • ??? as Julia Ashford
  • ??? as Fred Wilcox
  • ??? as Bret Carney
  • ??? as Sally Ashford
  • ??? as Nick Sullivan
  • ??? as Dustin Ashford
  • ??? as Teresa Ashford
  • ??? as David Wilcox
  • ??? as Ellen Wilcox


(Drake enters Katherine's old bedroom as she remembered the past)

  • Drake Sullivan: Hey.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Oh, Hey. This was my old room. I'm just thinking of the past.
  • Drake Sullivan (sits next to her on the bed): You want to talk about it.
  • Kathrine Sullivan: Yes. I was...just thinking of the time how distraught and lonely I was when most of died. Uncle Henry and Aunt Julia did what they could to help me move forward from it. They tried to do the same for Joey, but he was far worse off than me and became withdrawn and isolated before we got Coleman.
  • Drake Sullivan (gently grips his wife's hips and put her on his lap as she held onto him): Well, I'm very glad that they helped you through that tragedy. Because of them, we are now married with children and you have a very good life now.
  • Katherine Sullivan: Yes, all of that helped me get on with my life. (She pecked her lips at his and embraced each other)