Family Guy: The Movie is the first feature-length film of Family Guy. It is directed by Seth MacFarlane, who also does voicework in the movie. The film will be released on May 22, 2015. Along with being the first Family Guy movie, it will also serve as the series finale to Family Guy.

Scene Selection

  • 1. Quahog Nights
  • 2. In the Bed
  • 3. Travel Tron 2000
  • 4. Light Beams
  • 5. Truth Revealed
  • 6. Quahog War
  • 7. Commando Army Ressiance
  • 8. The Mess
  • 9. The fight
  • 10. Connie's meet
  • 11. Minion fight
  • 12. The Killing of Jillian
  • 13. What Now
  • 14. The Kidnapping of Joe
  • 15. Joe's injury
  • 16. Carried Away
  • 17. Frying Pan attack
  • 18. Citizen
  • 19. The Watch
  • 20. The death of Jillian
  • 21. Hostage Take In
  • 22. The Lie
  • 23. Stewie's help
  • 24. Friendship Ends
  • 25. The Pool
  • 26. Inner Self
  • 27. Brian's Lookout
  • 28. Citizen of Doom
  • 29. Confrontation
  • 30. Song of doom
  • 31. Dislike for teenage girls
  • 32. Spectatators Villian
  • 33. Three Minions
  • 34. Fact amplitation
  • 35. Attack dog style
  • 36. Fourth Wall on the street
  • 37. Brian's smile
  • 38. Diane's death
  • 39. The Giant Chicken
  • 40. Stewie's Bounty
  • 41. Rescue Chris
  • 42. Ten Minions
  • 43. Final Showdown
  • 44. Betrams spine
  • 45. Betrams final words
  • 46. The Sky
  • 47. Victory Celebration
  • 48. Epilogue
  • 49. Every day visit
  • 50. Connie's thanks
  • 51. New Studio
  • 52. Brian's friend
  • 53. Cheryl Tiegs is back
  • 54. Joe's dismay
  • 55. Virginia
  • 56. Brian and Jillian
  • 57. Living room
  • 58. Few moments
  • 59. Last longer
  • 60. Joking
  • Credits


Bertram returns to Quahog to take revenge on Stewie. He revives some old foes, and the Griffin family, and the rest of Quahog fight for their town.


The Griffins are enjoying a night together, but Stewie hits Lois with a pie. A furious Lois sends Stewie to bed early, and Brian comes up to check on him. Stewie, who is not tired, decides to use his new device called "Travel-tron 2000." Stewie tells Brian that the machine beams a random person into his room. Stewie then activates the device, beaming someone into his room. A shadowy figure (who Brian hopes is Jillian) stands in the smoke, and is revealed to be Bertram, much to Stewie's dismay.

Bertram goes on a rampage with his minions and a war starts in Quahog. The Griffin family, their friends (along with the return of Cleveland), and the penguin commando army that Mayor West trained join forces to stop Bertram. It is later revealed that Bertram recruited some old foes of the citizens of Quahog, such as the Giant Chicken, Lana Lockhart, a revived Dianne Simmons, and Rebecca Black (who turns out to be a robot). Stewie claims it's all his fault, and Brian is mad at Stewie for starting this mess. Before they go to fight, they decide to do some things first. Meg tries to get with the cool kids, but once again Connie rejects her. Chris tries to fight the minons but fails. Brian is worried about Jillian, because of her stupidity, she might get killed. Quagmire is worried about his chance to never back with Cheryl Tiegs. Joe then is kidnapped by the minons, and everybody tries to save him.

Joe makes it out alive, but is badly injured. Peter carries him away from the villains, but they all close in on him. Before a minion can kill Peter, Mort hits it on the head with a frying pan. Unfortunatley, most of the citizens are carried away by the villains. Brian watches as most of them are beaten, tortured, and badly injured. Brian becomes determined to save them, after seeing a tear roll down Jillian's cheek. Brian asks Stewie for help, but Stewie declines saying the hostages all hate him. Brian tries to convince him that he's the only one who knows who started this, but Stewie thinks he's lying. They yell at each other some more, and after making Stewie cry, Brian goes after him. But Stewie flips the bird at Brian, thus ending their friendship.

Stewie tries to make it on his own, but after he falls into a pool, he nearly dies. Stewie meets with his inner self, and finds out he was wrong. He gets out of the pool, and looks for Brian. He then finds the citizens at their doom. He then sneaks in, kills the guards, and saves Brian from his near death, and gets ready to apologize. The apology is interrupted by Rebecca Black who sings her "song of doom." But Herbert kills her, showing his dislike for teenage girls. The citizens of Quahog fight Bertram and his villains.

Connie is nearly killed by three minons, but Meg saves her, despite Connie hating her. Chris then punches another minion, who was going to kill Meg and Connie. Five other minions try to kill Jillian, but Brian attacks them "attack-dog style." Jillian then passionatley kiss Brian (much to Stewie's dismay, causing him to break the fourth wall by saying, "I don't have high hopes for the happy ending anymore.) and Brian smiles. Dianne is then killed (again) by Tom Tucker. The Giant Chicken is then beaten senseless by Peter, who pushes him over a cliff. Stewie shows up with an AK-47, as the Giant Chicken pleads with Stewie to kill him (as he was one of the few people who saw the Oogieloves). Lana nearly murders Chris, but Lois shoots her. Quagmire is nearly killed by the last 10 minions, who are then slaughtered by Brian.

The final showdown comes between Stewie and Bertram, and Stewie is nearly killed, but Brian saves him. Bertram breaks his spine, and falls on the ground. Stewie asks Bertram if he has any last words (which are "If only you had the balls"). Stewie then shoots a rocket launcher at Bertram sending him into the sky, blowing him up. The citizens celebrate their victory, and Stewie apologizes to Brian, whom accepts the apology.

In an epilouge, Herbert is sent to a retirement home, and is upset. But his spirits are lifted when Chris visits him every day. Meg is finally accepted with the cool kids, Connie's way of saying "Thank you." Tom Tucker gets a promotion, and runs the news studio. Brian marries Jillian, and Quagmire becomes Brian's friend. Brian makes Quagmire happier when he gets Cheryl Tiegs back with him. Joe and Bonnie hear Susie say her first word (Cripple), much to Joe's dismay. Cleveland goes back to Virginia, and reunites with his wife. Stewie is unhappy, because he doesn't know whether to live with Peter and Lois, or Brian and Jillian. Stewie decides to live with Brian and Jillian after Peter blows up half the living room. Stewie then looks at the camera, and says that Brian and Jillian's marriage didn't last long, and talks about what happened. After a few moments, Stewie reveals he was just joking, and Brian and Jillian lived happily ever after.


Seth MacFarlane as Peter, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, etc.

Alex Borstein as Lois, etc.

Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin

Seth Green as Chris Griffin

Drew Barrymore as Jillian

Patrick Warburton as Joe

Mike Henry as Cleveland, Herbert, Consuela, etc.

MMPA Rating

The film is Rated R for Strong Crude Sexual Humor, Graphic Nudity, Strong Language, Drug refernces, and violence.

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