Family & Friends is a horror-thriller film starring Josh Hutcherson, Emma Roberts, Selena Gomez, Bobby Campo, Cam Gigandet, Alexander Ludwig, Lucas Till, Dakota Fanning, Emma Watson, Anton Yelchin, Ryan Gosling, Patrick Flueger, Agnes Bruckner, Jamie King, Chris O'Donnell, Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, Cameron Richardson, Katie Cassidy, Amber Heard, Emma Stone, Max Thieriot, Justin Chatwin, Chris Evans and Tyler Posey



Jensen Family

Josh Hutcherson as Shawn Jensen

Emma Roberts as Jill Jensen

Alexander Ludwig as Vince Jensen

Nash Family

Bobby Campo as James Nash

Lucas Till as Jerry Nash

Dakota Fanning as Kelsey Nash

Ryan Kwanten as Owen Nash

Emma Stone as Heather Nash

Max Thieriot as Andy Nash

Chris Evans as Jack Nash


Selena Gomez as Natalie Santiago

Cam Gigandet as Lance Robinson

Emma Watson as Tracy Ross

Anton Yelchin as Ralph Jacobs

Ryan Gosling as Ryan Anderson

Patrick Flueger as Josh Moore

Agnes Bruckner as Heather Morrison

Jamie King as Beth Hudson

Chris O'Donnell as Joseph Robertson

Anna Paquin as Jenna Castle

Cameron Richardson as Tiffany McClane

Katie Cassidy as Amber Tucker

Amber Heard as Erica Tanner

Justin Chatwin as Tyler Graham

Tyler Posey as Matt Carson


Shawn Jensen

Jill Jensen

Natalie Santiago

James Nash

Vince Jensen

Kelsey Nash

Tracy Ross

Ralph Jacobs

Ryan Anderson

Josh Moore

Beth Hudson

Jenna Castle

Erica Tanner


Tyler Graham- Drowned

Matt Carson- Stabbed in leg and thrown over balcony

Joseph Robertson- Stabbed in heart

Tiffany McClane- Thrown down the stairs

Andy Nash- Falls in a hole and burned to death with Heather

Heather Nash- Falls in a hole and burned to death with Andy

Jack Nash- Machete thrown at head

Jerry Nash- Decapitated with axe

Owen Nash- Dismembered

Amber Tucker- Throat slit

Lance Robinson- Shot in chest

Heather Morrison- Stabbed in chest by Jill and shot in head by Shawn


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