Family's Day is a 2017 horror-thriller-slasher-movie starring jamie lee curtis,Alex pettyfer,katrina Bowden,Sasha pieterse,kate mara,sara paxton and Dianna Agron


Families Mañe and diaz passed  live in a very beautiful mansion everything will be love and fun till they find out that the house lived one murderers who killed for fun when they have the murderers and are at home now families will have to struggle to live out there.


Mañe Family
Actor/Actress Names
Jamie Lee Curtis Lolina Mañe
Sara Paxton Alana Mañe
Alex Pettyfer Paul Mañe
Katrina Bowden Delia Mañe
Sasha Pieterse Andy Mañe
Dianna Agron Elaine Mañe
Lucas Till Isra Mañe
Katie Cassidy Chelsea Mañe
Kate Mara

Karla Mañe

Diaz Family
Actors/Actress Names
Sherry Moon Zombie Queta Diaz
James Maslow Daniel Diaz
Crystal Lowe  Teresa Diaz
Ariana Grande Monica Diaz
Victoria Justice Samuela Diaz
Avan Jogia Martin Diaz
Emma Stone Betsy Diaz
Betsy Russel Jessica Diaz
Matt Bennett Manuel Diaz
Crazy Family
Actor/Actress Names
Derek Mears Jonathan Mad
Rebecca de mornay Marion Mad
Selena Gomez Clamishka Mad
Mark Salling  Adley Mad
Lindsey Shaw Cony Mad


the whole family Mañe and Clamishka Mad


  • Queta-She is decapitated by cory
  • Monica- She is gutted by Adley
  • teresa-accidental footed shot by alana
  • Samuela-head beaten with a shovel by Adley
  • martin-beheaded by jonathan
  • jessica-gutted By Marion
  • betsy-head torn by ropes when trying to go down the roof by Adley
  • Manuel-the same way as betsy
  • Adley-multiple shots by karla and delia
  • Jonathan-backstabbed by isra, paul, andy and shot in the head by chelsea
  • Cory-beheaded by elaine
  • Daniel-gets when they were going to shoot the bullet alana and gives head in marion
  • Marion-chest stab wool and ax in the head by lolina


clamishka end becomes good and is left to live with Mañe after 2 years they live happily on a hunt in the forest city lay alana andy chelesa, eliaine,clamishka and are in the Unviersidad  karla and delia are in their working on isra and paul this in your business along lolina opened a book on how to survive your about murderers

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