Fallon's War is a TV franchise that currently consists of a series of TV movies and a long running TV series on CBS. It is an alternate version of the TV movie Logan's War: Bound By Honor.


There are many differences from this than the original movie.

  • In the original, Logan's younger sister, Jessica was killed along with their parents, Nicholas and Terry, and five police officers who were protecting their family. In this universe, Jessica survives when Logan, who senses the danger, wakes her up and they both hide under her bed. In her place, another sibling, 11-month old Amy Fallon, is killed after one of the hitman, Sal Mercado shoots her four times (including twice in the head) which both Logan and Jessica witness. Also killed are Nicholas's parents, George and Lois Fallon, who were visiting at the time.
  • Jessica lives with Logan and their paternal uncle Jake and maternal grandfather, trains in martial arts and firearms use with the former two, and joins the Navy (parallel to Logan joining the Army), becoming a Petty Officer.
  • Along with their uncle, the two siblings are assisted in their final revenge stand against the mobsters by Jessica's former Navy colleague and love interest Bruce Jennings, Logan's former Army superior Leroy Griggs, and old childhood friend and martial artist Dawn Wong.

Fallon's War: Bound By Honor

The first TV movie in the franchise. It was aired on November 1, 1998 on CBS, and starred Chuck Norris, Eddie Cibrian, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Paul Walker, Tony Todd, Shannon Lee, R.D. Call, Jeff Kober, and Joe Spano.

In 1983, Logan and Jessica Fallon (Cibrian, O'Keefe) are ten and seven-year-old average kids when their prosecutor father was marked for murder by Albert Talgorno (Call), a Mafia gangster posing as a businessman who he was attempting to prosecute. Logan, however, senses the danger before it happens; as a result, he senses the gangster's hitmen, led by Sal Mercado (Kober), coming and managed to get himself Jessica to hidden safety in time. Both survive the attack, but their parents, paternal grandparents, baby sister Amy, and the five police officers who were protecting them are not so lucky. Logan and Jessica choose not to tell the investigator, FBI Agent John Downing (Spano) who killed their family cause they wanted to get to them themselves. They are taken in by their paternal uncle Jake (Norris) who's an ex-Army Ranger and a martial arts expert, and their maternal grandfather Ben.

Ultimately, Ben and Jake discover that Logan has been blessed with "proximity sense": the ability to perceive danger before it happens. Said gift saved Logan and Jessica's lives from the mobsters who slaughtered Amy. their parents, and grandparents.

Jake teaches both Logan and Jessica martial arts and firearms training. In 1991, Logan follows in Jake's footsteps by joining the Army and becoming a Green Beret. He learns martial arts and survival skills, becoming a tough and lethal fighting machine. Jessica joins the Navy three years afterwards; she excels in training and nearly signs up to be a SEAL, but eventually pursues a different path. In 1998, Logan has achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant - and earned a Distinguished Service Cross of his own, by rescuing a downed U.S. Air Force Captain in Guatemala. Jessica, meanwhile, achieves the rank of Petty Officer First Class and is awarded a Bronze Star for helping several Navy SEALs navigate their way of of trouble. She is also on the way to becoming an Ensign, and is dating SEAL Lt. Bruce Jennings.

Eventually, after returning to their hometown of Chicago nad visiting their family's graves after 15 years (and collecting a hefty $30+ million estate and inheritance from their father's will (which was expanded over the years thanks to his head of estate)) infiltrating the organization and enlisting some old friends (Navy SEAL Lt. Bruce Jennings, Army Master Sgt. Leroy Griggs, and martial artist Dawn Wong (Walker, Todd, and Lee)), Logan and Jessica steal viable information on Talgorno and his associates and send it to the FBI, also calling Downing to tell them of what they're about to do. Despite Downing telling them to stand down and promising to arrest them should they go through with their plans, Logan and Jessica decide to move to carry out their revenge.

At Talgorno's place, where the gangsters are all gathered, Logan and Jessica casually reveal their betrayal and their true identities, and inform them of the FBI impending arrival and their possible impending incarceration. As the two siblings turn to leave, the gangsters draw their weapons and instigate a shootout. Jake, Bruce, Leroy and Dawn all gather to help the two just as they are cornered. In the end, most of the gangsters end up killed, including Talgorno and Mercado. The group then flees the scene before the police and FBI arrive.

Despite the fact that the organization he'd been targeting for over 20 years has finally been brought down, Downing, being a man with a by-the-book view of the law, decides to start hunting for both Logan and Jessica.

In the end, the Fallon siblings visit their family graves, and bid farewell to their uncle and friends before going on the run.

Fallon's War: In the Name of Justice

The second TV movie in the franchise. It was aired on July 29, 2001 on CBS, and starred Eddie Cibrian, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Paul Walker, Tony Todd, Shannon Lee, Matt Schulze, Christian Kane, Ed Harris, Joe Spano, and Chuck Norris.

Two-and-a-half years after avenging their family's killings, Logan and Jessica Fallon (Cibrian, O'Keefe) remain on the run from Agent John Downing and the FBI. They remain in limited contact with their uncle Jake (Norris) and their friends back in Chicago.

While living in New York under assumed identities, the two run afoul of Jimmy Reilly (Kane), the second-oldest son of crime lord Cedric Reilly (Harris). They stop Jimmy from accosting a young woman in a bar, and beat up both him and his men. In retaliation, Jimmy lies to his father about Logan and Jessica attacking him for no reason, causing him to put a bounty on their heads.

Logan and Jessica are then forced to duck and dodge many hitmans attempts, and go even deeper hiding when the Reillys discover who they really are. This also alerts Downing and the FBI, who then to head to New York to find them.

After Jimmy's men storm the house of some friends who'd been helping them, kill the father and grandparents, and assault the mother in front of their three children, Logan and Jessica decide to fight back. Calling up their uncle Jake, Bruce (Walker), Leroy (Todd), and Dawn (Lee), as well as new member Jerry McCabe (Schulze) the two reform their team and look to take down the Reillys. However, their travels to New York also alert Downing and the FBI, who then to head to New York to find them.

The team then makes their plan to storm the Reilly's surburban mansion and take Jimmy hostage to force his father to drop the bounty on them and stop the pain he's caused others. But just before they can carry out the plan, Downing and a task force of FBI Agents raid their hideout and arrest them. While transporting them all back to the airport for extradition in a convoy, a group of Jimmy's men ambush the convoy, killing three agents. With the help of the Fallons and their team, Downing and the remaining agents escape back to their hideout. Downing agrees to help them take down Jimmy Reilly, but only if Logan and Jessica turn themselves in after the job is done, which they agree to.

The Fallons and FBI storm the Reilly's mansion, instigating a firefight, in which most of Jimmy's men are killed. Jimmy himself is captured by Logan after losing in a fight. Jimmy is brought before his father and forced to confess that he lied about Logan and Jessica attacking him unprovoked. Downing then makes a deal with Cedric that his son will spend 25-years-to-life in federal prison with the possiblity of parole after 15 years for his crimes and avoid the death penalty. After this, true to their deal, Logan and Jessica turn themselves into the FBI's custody.

At their trial back in Chicago, the Fallons, representing themselves, display to the jury the brutality and gruesomeness of their family's murders, especially their baby sister Amy, and prove how the FBI had always been one step behind Talgorno and his organization for more than twenty years. This is enough to sway the jury, who later acquit both Logan and Jessica of over 50 counts of murder and attempted murder.

Afterwards, the Fallons part with Downing on respectable terms, and deciding that they want to help people for a living, use a part of their $30+ million inheritance to buy a building and open the Fallon Protection Agency, specializing in private protection, security, and private investigations, with Bruce, Leroy (who owns a bar and grill right next door), Jerry, and Dawn as part of the team, and with Logan and Jessica's former neighbor Helen Ridgeway (from the first film) as their secretary. 

Fallon's War: The Series

Fallon's War: The Series

Fallon's War: The Series is a TV series that first premiered CBS on January 13th, 2002. It is a follow-up to the TV films Bound By Honor and In the Name of Justice, which in turn are based off of an alternate version of the TV movie Logan's War: Bound By Honor.

Taking place six months after the end of In the Name of Justice, Logan and Jessica's freelance private security/investigations agency is doing moderately well. But, deciding they want to expand and do more for their community, they decide to assist the police in investigations. After helping to solve a gang-related murder and seeing how so many young lives the gang life has either taken or endangered, the Fallons and their agency become official police consultant detectives for the Chicago Police Department, and also convert part of their building into a dojo for giving children martial arts lessons in order to keep them out of the gang life. The series follows their efforts to do what they do best: protect the public and battle injustice in the city of Chicago.

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