The Amazons are women too, you know.
~ Lena Cryos to Aphrodite before the latter exiles the former

Destroy the Super Friends? We're in!
~ Fallen Amazons accepting the Blitz Craig's proposal to destroy the Super Friends.

The Fallen Amazons are the secondary antagonists in the series Super Friends 2020. They are a trio of Amazons that reside on the other side of Paradise Island.

Before the series started, they were once Amazons who obeyed Aphrodite's Law. Once they realized that Aphrodite's Law causes others to judge males harshly, Lena Cryos stood up to Aphrodite, to which Aphrodite exiled her and her crew to the other side of Paradise Island, causing them to turn into monsters. Fortunately, Lena found the Mirage Essence and gave them to her other teammates, allowing them to retain their sanity and their human forms.

Their first appearance is Paradise Island Lost, the seventh episode of Super Friends. There, the Fallen Amazons wage war on Aphrodite.

In the three parter (episode 8-11) Mirage Conquest, they manage to conquer Paradise Island, but fail due to the presence of Wonder Woman. The Blitz Craig then greets them at the end of the three parter, and plans to propose an alliance of friendship to destroy the Super Friends.

Eventually, Dokuhebi escapes from Bigger Monsters for Hire and plans to make a deal with Aquaman. Eventually the Fallen Amazons are destroyed by Aqua Monster, whom Nancy Blake and Fuanteina slay by working together.


  • Lena Cryos - the leader of the Fallen Amazons. Due to her touching the stone, she became the queen of the Fallen Amazons. (killed by Aqua Monster)
  • Teresa Blister (killed by Aqua Monster)
  • Lois Score (killed by Aqua Monster)
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