Fallen is the sequal to Dead Rising 2.It follows Frank and Isabella escapeing the town to try and prove the world about the zombie outbreak.

One The Escape

Frank and Isabella ran to the gates.Frank had tricked the zombies and now he and Isabella were running from them."God",Frank sighed when he saw the gates blocking their golden ticket to escape."Oh no",Isabella looked down."Lisiten,We can escape this",Frank promised."But we can't",She broke into tears,The first time since the four days of hell."Lisiten,We can find an way",Frank tried to convince her.

Frank led Isabella to the gates."Look,The Millitary are leaveing",Frank whispered."Why",Isabella whispered so that they could not be heard."Lisiten,That gives us an chance to escape",Frank convinced Isabella.

Frank climbed up on the gate and managed to get on the other side."Lisiten,I will try and find an button so you can get in',And with that,Frank looked for an button.Isabella looked around and saw that an couple of zombies were heading her way.

"Frank",Isabella screamed.Just then,Frank managed to get the gate open and Isabella ran up to Frank and hugged him."Lisiten,We are heading the highway,But we have to swim across the pond",Frank told her.

Isabella looked at the pond and thought for an minute.That way they could just find their own way to get to another town."Okay",And with that,The two headed into the streets.They turned around when they heard an explosion,And they turned around.Half of the mall was in fire."Is that going to spread",Frank shouted."Only in America,This is making things worse",Isabella kicked an car.

"Come on",And with that Frank led Isabella to the pond."Get in",Frank shouted and Isabella did what she was told.However,Just then,Someone hit Frank in the head and he fell down."Frank",Isabella screamed and she ran up to him.

"Is that you",Came the attacker's voice.Isabella looked up and saw Otis,The janitor."Otis,I thought you had escaped",Frank asked."Well,The Millitary had made me make that letter.Me and Sophie are the only survivors",He pointed at the red haired,Who was scared."Nice to see you Frank",She said tears coming out of her eyes.

"Lisiten,We are heading this way.Want to come with us",Frank asked."Okay",Otis replyed and he held onto Sophie's hand."Here we go",Frank muttered and he led the way to get to the other side of the pond.

Isabella got on the ground first.Then Sophie,Otis and Frank.Frank looked behind at the town.The town that consumed innocent people.Frank looked at the others who were running."Wait up",Frank shouted.

Two The Real Escape

Frank led the confused survivors,Unknowing where their path would take them.They had rested once,But two zombies were spotted so they had to leave.They were still in the town,So they had not faced the blockade yet.

"Look",Sophie pointed and Frank looked.There was an helicopter,With no one nearby."Otis,Are you an pilot",Isabella asked."Yes",He muttered and then he got in.Frank decided to be an passanger with the girls,So they could be okay.

"It's over",Sophie looked down at her small town."Yes.The nightmare is over",Isabella smiled at Frank.They were the ones who had faced the real horros.Them and Brad and Jessie that is.

Frank fell asleap on Isabella,Who chuckled.He had not slept in the days he was in the mall.Two hours later,And the helicpoter landed."Frank",Whispered Isabella and he looked up."Over",He asked."Over",And she kissed him.

Frank,Isabella,Sophie and Otis got out of the helicopter,And people saw them covered in blood."What the",One could hear someone ask.Frank and Isabella headed to the work where Jessie and Brad were in.They would tell them everything.

Three Again and Again

"And that is the story",Frank said to Nick,Brad's boss."Oh my god",The man whispered.He looked at Sophie,Who was crying in her bed.Otis,Who was stareing out of the window,And at Isabella,Who was looking at her necklase.

"So,It was not Barnaby's falut",Nick asked."Only in Santa Cabeza"

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