Faline (also known as Princess Faline) is a deer and the tritagonist of The Enchanted Forest series. She is Bambi's best friend and later love interest.

Faline as a fawn

Role in The Series

Faline starts off as a beautiful fawn who befriended Prince Bambi. For some reason - The Great Stag refused to let his son go near Faline whenever he sees them being with each other. Sometime later - Bambi Jiminy Cricket and Faline went on a series of adventures. Bambi even defended Faline from his arch nemesis Ronno.

Months later - Faline argues with Bambi after his encounter with Tod the Fox. After an angry Bambi scares her away - a sad Faline cried herself to sleep. The next day - Faline finds Jiminy after Simba the Lion rescued Bambi from Monstro the Whale who lived in a lake somewhere in The Enchanted Forest. Jiminy became Faline's sidekick and they went on new adventures. Faline once picked a fight with Bambi's younger sister Agatha. But they later became friends after Faline won the battle. Sometime later after Jiminy reunites with Bambi - Faline was afraid of the prince at first. But Bambi calms her down and the fawns happily embraced. Faline rejected Ronno after he revealed his true nature to her. Somewhere in The Enchanted Forest - Faline and Bambi kissed and he told her that he loved her.

A year later - Faline grew into a beautiful young deer. She gets abused by Ronno. But Bambi and Tod rescued her and she escaped. After the death of both Tod and Ronno - Faline reunites with Bambi. As the seasons passed - Faline became the princess of the forest and she gave birth to twin fawns.

Character Information

  • Other Names - Little Faline (by Bambi's Mother). Boss (by Jiminy).
  • Personality - kind. friendly. fun loving. free spirited. beautiful. sensitive. adorable.
  • Goal - To bring justice back to The Enchanted Forest (originally). To win the heart of Bambi (succeeded).
  • Friends - Bambi. Jiminy Cricket. Nala. Simba. Tod. Copper. Flower. Thumper. Tinker Bell. Sam I Am. Guy Am I. Mena. Friend Owl. The Great Stag. The Fox Family.
  • Enemies - Ronno. Tod (briefly). Scar. The Putties. Agatha (formely). The Hunter. The Hound Dogs. Zira.
  • Likes - Bambi. Having fun. Adventures. Happy things. Musical Numbers. Magic.
  • Dislikes - Ronno. Danger. Jiminy's worries. Tod's anger. Bambi's spoiledness. Sad things.
  • Weapons - Her Hooves.
  • Fate - Gives birth to twin fawns and became the princess of the forest.
  • Quote - Hello Bambi.


  • In the series - Faline as a fawn was voiced by Andrea Bowen.
  • In the series finale - an adult Faline was voiced by Natalie Portman.
  • Faline became Jiminy's boss until the series finale.
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