Fairy Tales Murder Is a 2017 Horror Mystery Film Directed by Robert Englund Starring Amber Heard,Leighton Meester,Dakota Fanning,Chace Crawford,Cam Gigandet,Zac Efron,Katie Cassidy,Matt Lanter,Shantel Vansanten,Selena Gomez,Jamie Chung,Sara Paxton,Alexis Bladel,Nicholas D'agosto,Hayden Panettiere,Colton Haynes,Shay Mitchell,Leah Pipes and Chris Hemswort


characters from fairytales are monitored by murderer stalker that maybe someone is known


Leighton Meester as Cinderella

Amber Heard as Snow White

Dakota Fanning as Aurora/Sleeping Beauty

Chace Crawford as Prince Charming

Cam Gigandet as Prince Calvin

Zac Efron as Prince Phillip

Katie Cassidy as Jill

Matt Lanter as Jack

Shantel Vansanten as Ariel

Selena Gomez as Belle/Beauty And The Beast

Jamie Chung as Mulan

Sara Paxton as Elsa/Frozen

Alexis Bladel as Anna/Frozen

Nicholas D'agosto as Prince Eric

Hayden Panettiere as Gretel

Colton Haynes as Hansel

Shay Mitchell as Pocahontas

Leah Pipes as Rapunzel

Chris Hemswort as Kristoff


Ariel-Throat Hooked (Snow White)

Prince Eric-Eyes Ripped out (Snow White)

Jack-Battle ax in face (prince charming)

Jill-Battle in back (Snow white)

Hansel-Stabbed in Head with knife (Prince charming)

Gretel-Crossed in Heart with machete (Snow White)

Pocahontas-Beheaded with Battle Ax (prince charming)

Rapunzel-Battle ax in back (Snow white)

Prince Philip-Set on fire (Snow White)

Aurora-Hanged (Prince Charming)

Mulan-Beheaded with his sword (Prince Charming)

Prince Calvin-Stabbed in Heart 16 times with his sword (Snow White)

Kristoff-Ax in Head (prince charming)

Anna-Stabbed in heart with knife for saving cinderella and belle (Snow White)

Prince Charming-Stabbed for being the killer (Snow White)

Snow White-Beheaded with with the sword's mulan for being the killer (Cinderella)


Cinderella, Belle and Elsa

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