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'''''Fairly Odd World of Phineas & Ferb''''' is a Crossover TV Series Between Phineas & Ferb, Fairly Odd Parents & The Amazing World of Gumball.
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===Phineas & Ferb===
*Perry The Platypus
*Heniz Doofshenmirtz
===Fairly Odd Parents===
*Timmy Turner
*Cosmo & Wanda
*Timmy's Mom & Dad
*Vicky The Babysitter
*Denizel Crocker
===The Amazing World of Gumball===
*Gumball Watterson
*Darwin Watterson
*Anais Watterson
*Nichol Watterson
*Richard Watterson
*Penny Fidzget
*Banana Joe
*Tina Rex
*Nigel Brown
*Miss Sepian
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