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=== Luctiana Ophihaya ===
=== Luctiana Ophihaya ===
'''Luctiana Ophihaya '''was the first [[Lunaculi|luanculus]] of [[Alfheim]].
'''Luctiana Ophihaya '''was the first [[Abjaksan]] of [[Alfheim]].
== Notes & Trivia ==
== Notes & Trivia ==

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The collective religion and mythology of Qirsyllvian fairies.

Oberon & Titania

According to fae mythology, Oberon and Titania were the first male and female fairies of Qirsyllviar. They are revered as the High King & High Queen of all fairies, both of the human-sized fairies of Alfheim and of the diminutive pixies of the surface. Most people believe them to have been real historical figures, and many believe they still exist.

High Queen Titania is believed to guard and tend the tree Yggdrasil and the garden that bears her name, the whereabouts of High King Oberon are unknown.

No one knows why, but fairies generally hold Titania in higher regard than Oberon. She is even the namesake of the calendar, the first month of which also bears her name.

Descriptions of Oberon & Titania
Physical Representation
Oberon High King Oberon is often described as having butterfly-like wings that change color depending on his emotions.

He is often described as having pitch black hair as dark as the night sky that goes down to his ankles, emerald green eyes, and pale skin.

Most sources describe the apparel he wears as a dark green robe with sandals and a gold crown with seven points.

Titania High Queen Titania is often described as having butterfly-like wings that change color depending on her emotions.

She is often described as having purple hair with green highlights that goes down to her waist, golden eyes and pale skin.

Most sources describe the apparel she wears as a semi-transparent silken dress with barefoot sandals, a gold ringlet crown, and a choker with a ruby bauble.

Titania is regarded as the giver of life and protector of the dead, as well as the personification of spring and nature itself.


Puck is a servant of Oberon and Titania in popular mythology.

Children of Oberon & Titania

The legendary offspring of Oberon and Titania. Each of them specialized in their own type of magic, and it is said that each was the first of each of the human-sized fairy races.

Main Pantheon

Deity Representation, Historicity & Other notes
Finvarra God of ????. Believed at one point to be King of ???? in Fae myth.

Other Figures

Luctiana Ophihaya

Luctiana Ophihaya was the first Abjaksan of Alfheim.

Notes & Trivia

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