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Award: Best TV Series
Date Achieved: January 8th, 2016

Genre Fantasy


Developer(s) David Heyman
Starring Richard Armitage

Bridget Regan
Jamie Kennedy
Matt Bomer
Chuck Kourouklis
David Gallagher
Brian Sommer
Josh Holloway
Yvonne Strahovski
Karen Gillan

Theme music composer Jared Emerson-Johnson
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 5
Producer(s) Steve Golin

Richard Brown
Matt Bomer

Executive producer(s) Nick Herman

Dennis Lenart
Jason Latino
David Heyman

Location New York, New York

Chicago, Il

Camera setup Adam Arkapaw
Running time 40-46 Minutes
Original channel WBC
Picture format 1080p (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1 (DVD)

Fables is an upcoming American police procedural fantasy television drama developed for television by David Heyman.It is based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series. The series deals with various people from  fairy tales and folklore  – referring to themselves as "Fables" – who have been forced out of their Homelands by "The Adversary" who has conquered the realm. The Fables have traveled to our world and formed a clandestine community in New York City known as Fabletown. Fables who are unable to blend in with human society (such as monsters and anthropomorphic animals) live at "the Farm" in upstate New York The reformed Big Bad Wolf Bigby Wolf (played by Richard Armitage is the sheriff of Fabletown and is responsible for hiding the community from the wider world and enforcing its laws. The Series is set to premire in Fall 2015 on WBC.

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Series Overview

For years, many of the magical and mystical lands described in myth, legend, and folklore (known colloquially as "the homelands") have been occupied by an enigmatic tyrant known only as the Adversary. To escape the Adversary's marauding armies and totalitarian regime many creatures and characters known as "fables" fled to the mundane world and created an enclave known as Fabletown in colonial America, now located in modern-day Manhattan. To mask their presence from the native humans (referred to as "mundies") all non-human fables have to purchase an enchantment known as a "glamour" which allows them to appear human, or be relocated to a rural community known as "The Farm". The reformed Big Bad Wolf, Bigby Wolf (Played by Richard Armitage), is the sheriff of Fabletown and is responsible for hiding the community from the wider world and enforcing its laws.

Season 1 (2015)

Main Cast

Richard Armitage as Bigby Wolf - Once the villain who terrorized various fables the likes of Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, Bigby Wolf has since reformed and was for a long time a sheriff and spymaster for Fabletown. 

Bridget Regan as Snow White - Snow is the Snow White of legend, former Deputy Mayor of Fable Town.  

Jamie Kennedy as Flycatcher/Prince Ambrose - Ambrose Flycatcher is the Frog Prince of Legend. After losing his family in the Homelands, Ambrose fled to the Mundane World. He has just discovered he is destined to a higher purpose. 

Matt Bomer as Prince Charming - Prince Charming is a stock character which there are several of across literature, sharing the characteristics Prince and Charming.

David Gallagher as Boy Blue - Boy Blue was one of the last fables to leave the old lands and worked for Snow White's secretary in Fabletown. He was sent back to the Homelands to find out the identity of the Adversary and was successful. He died in the war due to a poisoned arrow. 

Chuck Kourouklis as Bufkin/Toad - A flying monkey in Fabletown. Seems to hang out around the office with Boy Blue. He retrieves books for Boy Blue that are out of reach. He likes to get drunk with the Forsworn Knight. 

Brian Sommer as Colin - One of the Three Little Pigs. Colin keeps escaping from the Farm in Upstate New York because he wants to be a city pig. Back in the day, his house was made out of straw which Bigby Wolf destroyed. 

Yvonne Strahovski as Cinderella - Cinderella is beautiful and kind. She was made a servant in her own home by her evil stepmother and stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella. However, she maintains hope through her dreams of happiness and someday finding her true love. 

Josh Holloway as Jack Horner, Jack of All Trades - Jack Horner is a character from Fables and Jack of Fables. Currently he is in the form of a dragon, it's unknown what's in store for him... 

Karen Gillan as Rose Red - Rose Red is the sister to Snow White who governs over the Farm. She is more rebellious and free spirited than her sister.

Kevin Durand as Bluebeard - 

Supporting Cast

Ali Larter as Beauty - Beauty is the Deputy Mayor of Fabletown and wife of it's Sheriff, Beast. Mother of Bliss.

Jim Sturgess as Beast -Beast was the prince of the legend of "Beauty and the Beast". He now serves as Sheriff and spymaster of Fabletown. 

Camilla Belle as Blair Rose, Sleeping Beatuy -  

Billy Nighy as Magic Mirror, aka the Looking Glass


1. Once Upon A Time

In which we meet many of our principal players and get just the first hint or two of some of the myriad troubles to come.

In a "fictional land" called New York City, Jack speedily arrives at the Woodland Luxury Apartments. He rushes up to the security office of Bigby Wolf. Out of breath, he wants to report a terrible crime.

Nearby, in the Business office of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast have some problems of their own. Lord Beast has been having trouble maintaining his human form. He says it is based on Beauty's mood. The more she is mad at him, the more beastly he becomes. Snow, as the Director of Operations, basically tells them they need to deal with their marriage problems on their own. She coldly tells them that even if their operations could afford to give them marriage counseling, she still wouldn't allow it. They have no way to collect taxes for their operations. They have to rely on donations. She tells them that if Beast cannot maintain his human form, he has to either buy a glamor from one of the witches or he can relocate upstate to the Farm (where the other nonhuman Fables live). Beauty is upset. She says they had to escape from the Homelands and lost their fortune. Snow reminds them that most of the Fables lost everything when escaping from the Adversary. When they mention that Snow isn't the Mayor and can't make judgment over them, she reminds them that as the Deputy Mayor, she does have some control. What would happen is if they made an appointment with the mayor, King Cole, he'd go to her for her recommendation and she would tell him the same thing. Snow is the one that does all the real work. 

Beauty's last resort is to mention that Snow has no idea what married life is like. She divorced Prince Charming centuries ago. Beast tries to tell her not to get personal. When Beauty mentions that Snow shouldn't be judging them because of the rumors of her "adventures" with the seven dwarves, Snow's face becomes rigid. Her secretary, Boy Blue, quickly comes and tells them that Snow has another appointment and they really need to get going. As he ushers them out, Beauty says they weren't finished. He says they were if she had any hope of surviving her last comment. He says you should never bring up the dwarves to Snow. Bigby comes up and asks if she's in. He tells Bigby that Snow is in a bad mood. Bigby says he's about to make it worse. 

In a restaurant, Prince Charming has come back into town. He has been flirting with his waitress, Molly. He mentions how he would love ask her for her number and she says she'd be tempted to give it. He says that it would cause an awkward moment because since he doesn't have any money, he was planning on skipping out on his dinner. Thinking about it, she says that she would have to cover it anyways so she decides to pay for it and they head over to her place as soon as she gets off.

In Snow's office, Bigby tries to prepare her for his bad news. She says she already knows her ex is in town. He says it's about her sister, Rose Red. She has been reported missing and may be the victim in a violent crime. Her boyfriend, Jack, reported that her apartment has been trashed. Snow says that's normal. Rose loves to have wild parties and a trashed apartment isn't anything new. Bigby tells her that there's a lot of blood there. He's about to go over and investigate. Snow insists on going with him. He tells her he doesn't think that's a good idea. She says that his only other choice would be to clean out his office and leave the building. 

As they take a cab over to Rose's apartment, Prince Charming is getting it on with his new friend. Bigby tells Snow that he had Jack go and stand guard over Rose's place. When Snow mentions that he could be tainting the crime scene if he was responsible for Rose's disappearance, Bigby says if he wanted to, he would've done that before telling him. They find Jack sitting outside the apartment. He says he couldn't stand to go back inside for a second time. Opening the door, they see that the place is covered with blood. On the wall, written in blood, is "No more Happily Ever After." Bigby tells them to stay outside as he goes inside. He doesn't want any "Mundy cops" to see or know anything

.As Bigby looks around, Snow asks him why he's just standing there when he should check her room. Jack says he already looked there. Bigby checks the place out. He sees the blood everywhere. Furniture knocked over. Going into the (spotless) kitchen, he seems curious to find a padlock that used to be on the freezer. Seeing that it belonged on there, he says, "Ah Ha!"

Going out to the hall, he slams Jack against the wall and says he's bringing him in. Jack asks what for and Bigby says, whatever, it could be for resisting arrest. Jack curses and takes a swing at him. Now he can add attempted assault to the charges. Snow asks if he's the one. Bigby says, "We'll see." 

2.The (Un)Usual Suspect

The next day, Snow prepares to meet with Bigby again to see if there's any new information on her sister, Rose Red. In Bigby's studio apartment, he is trying to wake up Colin, one of the Three Little Pigs, who crashed on his couch during the night. He tells Colin that he has to go back to the Farm and has to stop sneaking back into the city. Colin says that Bigby still owes him for destroying his house. Bigby tells him that's ancient history. 

In the apartment of Molly the waitress, Prince Charming leaves as she still sleeps in bed. He leaves her a note asking her to pick up (and pay for) his dry cleaning, he's taken some money from her purse, and her spare key because he will be staying there for a few days. 

When Snow meets with Bigby, she wants to know if Jack is the one responsible for Rose's disappearance. Bigby says probably not but needed an excuse to hold him in custody. He does tell her that all of the blood in the apartment was her sister's. Snow wonders if a Mundy could have been involved since she partied with the Mundanes from time to time. Bigby is pretty sure it was a Fable because of the message written on the wall in her blood. Snow insists on being present when he further questions Jack. Bigby tells her that she has a government to run and mentions the fact that she's been estranged from her sister for some time. This actually makes her a suspect too. He asks to get her questioning over with but she says she can't at the moment. She has to meet with her ex, Prince Charming, first. 

Elsewhere, Cinderella is getting fencing lessons from Bluebeard. He keeps taunting her and mentions the fact that her Prince (Charming) left her. Bluebeard mentions that he's in town. She says that's old news. Everyone is talking about what happened to Rose Red. Bluebeard is surprised and wants to know what everyone is saying. Cinderella tells him that everyone is saying she's been killed and carved up by her boyfriend, Jack. Bluebeard reacts strangely to this.

Snow meets with Charming at a diner. She is short with him and wants to get back to work. He tells her that he is auctioning off his royal title and estates. He wants Snow to spread the word to the rich. Snow doesn't understand why he thinks anyone would be interested when it's all worthless. Charming mentions that every year during Remembrance Day, people get nostalgic for the old days. They have hope that someday they will win back the lands from the Adversary. Snow asks him what makes him think she'd help after he slept with her sister. Charming says she seduced him. This reminds Snow that Charming can be a suspect in her disappearance too. 

Bigby and Snow question Jack. He asks Jack how long they've been a couple. It's been about four years but Bigby reminds him that it hasn't been four straight years. About a year ago, the two had a very public fight and that Rose attended last year's Remembrance Day with Bluebeard. Jack said she went with Bluebeard to make him jealous. Jack says they should be questioning Bluebeard instead. Jack and Bigby continue to bicker back and forth until Snow interjects. She wants to know if her sister is dead or not. As they are about to go search Jack's apartment, he mentions Bluebeard again since he used to carve up his wives in the old days. They mention that those were the pre-amnesty days and can't bring it up. 

Bigby and Snow go over to visit Bluebeard. He is one of the few Fables that was able to leave the homelands with his fortune. He has a magical apartment that is bigger on the inside. He was able to transport his castle to fit inside. Bluebeard asks if they are there to collect his annual contribution to the Fable government. He usually gives the payment to King Cole at the Remembrance Day celebration. Bigby gets direct with him. He places photos of Rose's apartment and straight out asks why he killed Rose. Bluebeard is outraged to be spoken to this way. Bigby says he'll speak with a murderer any way he wants. He finally gets around to asking Bluebeard where he was in the night in question and how he was involved with Rose. Bluebeard tells them that they had a secret relationship. At last year's Remembrance Day, they became engaged. Rose wanted it kept a secret for one year. He even has a contract to prove it. There was a payment involved which is why he drew up the contract. Bluebeard says he will give one million dollars for the discovery and capture of whoever is responsible for Rose's murder. 

3.Blood Tells

In Greenwich Village, in the apartment below Rose Red's, Bigby has Boy Blue and Flycatcher simulate the crime scene. They are to recreate Rose's apartment in order to determine how much blood Rose must have lost. 

Snow visits King Cole. He apologizes for her sister's disappearance and tells her he received a complaint from Bluebeard that Bigby accused him of murder. Snow says that the accusation seemed to come out of the blue but agrees that he could be a suspect given his past of murdering his wives. She tells him of the other leads they looked in on and also the fact that she's a suspect too. Bigby's final thought was perhaps the Adversary could be involved. It is possible that one or more of his agents may have followed them from the homelands to continue the war. King Cole makes it clear that he wants all of this settled by Remembrance Day. That is the day they receive all their donations to run their government. The Fables want to be able to celebrate the old days. A murder investigation could put a damper on things.

Bluebeard prepares a tray of food and sharpens his knife as Bigby arrives in Snow's apartment with Jack's computer. He tells her that he needs her to look into Jack's files because computers hate him. He says that he has pretty much figured out what happened at Rose's apartment and some of the why, just not the who part. Bigby heads down to see Jack. On his way, he tells Grimble it's Jack's feeding time. Grimble tells him that Bluebeard already went down to feed him, claiming that Bigby authorized it. Running down, he turns into wolf form and finds Bluebeard with his knife to Jack's throat. Bluebeard says he wants to find out what happened to Rose. Bigby tells Bluebeard to go ahead and kill Jack. Then he'd have reason to kill Bluebeard and get both of them out of his life. 

Meanwhile, Snow is on her way down with reinforcements of her own. As they head down the stairs, Bigby is escorting Jack up. He tells her that Bluebeard volunteered to take Jack's place in custody since he was torturing Jack. 

Back at his apartment, Bigby receives a call from Boy Blue about their reenactment at the crime scene. He orders Blue Boy and Flycatcher to go back and clean the place. A few hours later, he goes back to see Snow in her office. He has discovered how much blood was in her apartment. There is way too much blood there. Over half the amount she would need to still be alive. 

4.Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day has arrived. All of the Fables gather for the annual ball. Beauty wants to buy lottery tickets to win the rights to land and title in the homeland. Beast says that they already have their own worthless lands that they cannot access because of the Adversary. Beauty points out that those lands were his. She wants something of her own since she grew up a peasant girl. Prince Charming stands back next to Snow admiring all of the Fables eager to buy a ticket. Snow is still cold as ever with Charming. As she heads upstairs, she tells him to enjoy his final night as a former somebody before becoming just another nobody

In the ballroom, King Cole tells of the history of the Fables. All of the kingdoms they belonged too, all of the different people and occupations. They became united when they were invaded by the Adversary. They were forced to flee until they came to live in the Mundane world. They put aside all of their differences and grudges to become one strong community. Everyone raises a glass to toast the homelands, even those in private homes and up at the Farm.

As the party continues, guest mingle with each other. Cinderella finds Pinocchio sitting alone in a fowl mood. He tells her that he hates the celebrations each year. When she asks why he shows up every year, he says it's because he knows that eventually the Blue Fairy that turned him into a real boy will show up. He wants to kick her ass. Cinderella is surprised because she thought he wanted to be a real live boy. Pinocchio says he did. The problem is, he is over three centuries old and still hasn't reached puberty. He says he wants to grow up, have his "balls drop and get laid." 

In Bigby's office, he allows Jack and Bluebeard to go and enjoy the end of the party. He is going to allow Blubeard to clean himself up in order to deliver his annual donation and wants Jack to deliver a message to one of the guests. Shortly, Bigby himself cleans up and meets Snow. He tries dancing with her but has never tried before. Bigby soon regrets the decision as they become the center of everyone's attention. He suggests they get something to eat instead. Snow mentions that most of the good stuff has probably been eaten already but she knows a trick the caterers do. They steal and save the really good stuff for themselves and lock it up in the back. Then they sneak it home. Bigby then says to Snow that she has helped him solve the final part in the mystery of Rose's disappearance. Since Rose liked to party so much with Fables and Mundys, that is why she had a padlock for her freezer. Snow doesn't really get what that has to do with anything. Bigby says it's not a big deal, just the only part he wasn't really sure about. He asks Snow if she wants to know who killed Rose and she says of course. He tells her to spread the word discretely to anyone interested to meet him on King Cole's terrace after the lottery drawing. 

Bigby takes this time to enjoy a swim in King Cole's pool. Jack arrives. It turns out that he won the lottery after buying a ticket for the heck of it. The others gather and Bigby begins telling the story. He tells Jack to bring in the "villain." Snow is surprised that the killer is there. Bigby knew the killer wouldn't be able to resist going to the celebration. Jack comes escorting a woman. Bigby announces her as the killer and removes a wig revealing that the killer is none other than Rose Red, herself. Everyone is shocked. They all demand to know what is going on. Bigby tells everyone to calm down and he will explain everything to them. 

5.The Famous Parlor Room Scene

Bigby has just revealed to everyone that Rose Red is still alive as Rose stands behind him after removing her wig. Everyone is surprised and wants to know what is going on since they all thought she was murdered. Bigby lays out all the clues he used to solve the case. 

When Jack arrived at his office from Rose's apartment, he took a cab. He ran from the cab to Bigby's office, out of breath. Bigby noted that a run from the curb to his office shouldn't have made him so winded. Obviously Jack had to convince Bigby that something had happened. 

Knowing that Jack was up to something, he was prepared at the "crime scene" of Rose's bloody apartment. Immediately he knew the whole room was staged. Since there was blood everywhere, there was no way anyone could've entered or left the apartment without leaving tracks. Jack mentioned that he already checked Rose's bedroom and she was not in there. Jack interjects that he could've just been careful to preserve the scene just as Bigby did. Bigby points out that a frantic boyfriend would simply rush in without thinking about stepping carefully over all the blood. 

Bigby also noted the way everything was "knocked" over. He could tell that the furniture was carefully set aside rather than knocked over. The light bulb in the lamp wasn't broke and neither was Rose's favorite ceramic ashtray. 

Rose's stereo seemed to be spared too. There wasn't a drop of blood on it. Bigby had noted the cd's spread out on the floor with blood. It was apparent that Rose's favorite cd's were untouched in the front of her cd shelf but the ones from the back (the lesser listened to ones) were the ones spilled on the floor. 

While it was obvious that the stereo was untouched, somehow her toaster ended up smashed in the living room. There wasn't any blood in the kitchen to explain how the toaster could've been smashed in the living room.

Snow interjects at this point in tears. She demands to know how he could've let her go on thinking something had happened to her sister if he knew the entire time. Bigby explains that he only knew that the crime scene was fake but still had no idea where Rose was or if she was even still alive. He wasn't sure if Rose had faked a suicide to look like a murder or if her partner in faking her death decided to actually kill her for real. Bigby tells Snow that it was she that helped him figure out the missing piece. Snow had mentioned how the caterers at the parties kept the best stuff for themselves. Bigby had wondered why there was a lock on Rose's freezer. He figured out that she was slowly gathering amounts of her blood and keeping them refrigerated. Since she had so many parties, she kept the blood locked up so no one would discover it. 

Bigby says that Rose was doing all this while in fear for her life. That is why he couldn't risk telling Snow that Rose was probably still alive. Rose said she was afraid of Bluebeard. Rose had a contract with Bluebeard for a large amount of money. About a year ago, Jack had another get-rich-scheme with the internet. He needed money to start it. He told Rose that she could easily get it. Once the money started rolling, she would be able to pay Bluebeard back. The two of them faked a big public fight and Rose agreed to marry Bluebeard after a year and an up front dowry. The downside is Jack lost all of the money and Rose knew her one year deadline was coming up.

King Cole asks Bigby if there is anything else he has to add and what should they do with them. Bigby tells them his job was just to solve the case. It's up to them to determine what to do with Rose and Jack. Bluebeard comes in and mentions that he is the injured party in all of this. He says that she is still contracted to marry him. Prince Charming says he still has money of his own coming in from the lottery of selling his estate. Snow says they will figure all of that out later. She says that she, the Mayor, and Bigby will figure things out. 

The next day, Snow tells Bigby her plans to deal with everyone. She says the Mayor will go along with whatever she decides. 

Later she meets Charming at a diner and gives him just over twenty thousand dollars. He says there were millions brought in from his raffle and Snow says there was the pre-agreed fees and expenses. The money was used to pay Bluebeard what was owed to him and to cover the cost of the investigation. He says none of that was his fault but Snow says that she's the one to decide what the fees cover.

Snow then meets with Bluebeard and pays him back in cash what Rose owed him. Bluebeard says there is still the wedding to discuss. Snow tells Bluebeard that the wedding is off. He is outraged because he has a contract. Snow quickly points out that one of the provisions of the contract stated that Bluebeard promised not to tell anyone about the engagement for one year before the wedding. When she and Bigby first went to see him during the investigation, he told them all about the deal. Bigby tells him if he doesn't like it, they can take the money back and arrest him for attempted murder on Jack. Not happy, Bluebeard has no choice. 

Snow and Bigby meet with Rose and Jack to tell them what their fate is. They are both on probation and owe two hundred hours of community service and a ten thousand dollar fine for each of them. They quickly point out that they do not have that much money. Bigby tells them that his sources say that, by the end of the day, Charming will offer at least that much to get his title and lands back. 

At the end of the day, Snow and Bigby prepare to turn in for the night. Snow tells him he's not a half bad detective. She does want to know why he needed her to be his date for the Remembrance Day celebration. He says it should be obvious and confesses that he merely wanted her to be his date. She says it's pathetic that he was too afraid or shy to ask and made it seem it was necessary to solve the case. Bigby says he was hoping she'd find it charming or something. Snow makes it clear that they are merely colleagues and that he is to never try to pull something like that again.  

Season 2 (2016)

Season 3 (2017)

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