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Fabian Fox Havoc! (Spanish: ¡Estrago de Fabián Zorro!) is a Chilean-American live-action/animated buddy fantasy mystery-comedy adventure film, serving as a Chilean remake to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, being directed by Pablo Larraín, with Andrés Wood and Alvaro Ceppi serving as executive producers. It is co-produced by 20th Century Animation, Punkrobot, Wood Producciones, Cine BancoEstado, and Huemul Films and released by 20th Century Studios, being released on November 24, 2022.



The film follows Felipe Fernandez, a private detective and Fabian Fox, a cartoon fox, who join forces to solving the murder of a wealthy businessman, being chased by a evil judge named Judge Hurtado.




  • Cristián de la Fuente as Felipe Fernandez, a private detective who worked for Maricura and its citizens and the main live-action protagonist.
  • Patricio Guzmán as Judge Hurtado, a evil judge who plans to destroy Maricura and the main antagonist.
  • Bastian Bodenhöfer as Gabriel Blox, the owner of the multinational Blox Corporation and the founder of Maricura and murdered by a mysterious person.
  • Leonor Varela as Maria, Felipe's busiest girlfriend who works as a waitress at the terminal.
  • Pedro Pascal as Ricardo Guzmán, the executive director of Planetavisión and one of the people which Hurtado killed.
  • Santiago Cabrera as Lt. Ramirez, a friend of Fernandez who works as a lieutenant from Carabineros de Chile.
  • Ariel Levy as The Director, an unnamed man who is the director of the pilot episode starring Fabian Fox.


  • Nicolas Sepulveda as Fabian Fox, a cartoon 16 years red fox who is a actor.
  • Valentina Parra as Cindy, a cartoon girl who is Fabian's girlfriend.
  • Abel Musa as Lionel the Ferrari, a cartoon Enzo Ferrari.
  • Sandro Larenas as Lucho, a cartoon german shepherd who is the leader of the Dog Patrol and Hurtado's right-hand man.
  • Rodrigo Salinas as Lopez, a cartoon daschund who is a member of the Dog Patrol.
  • Sebastián Fernández as Slimy, a cartoon beagle who is a member of the Dog Patrol.
  • Tonka Tomicic as Flora, a cartoon border collie who is the only female member of the Dog Patrol.
  • Claudio Barra as Gloob, a cartoon labrador retriever who is a member of the Dog Patrol.
  • Dan Rodriguez as Space, cartoon robot dog who is a member of the Dog Patrol.
  • Demián Velazco as Rafael Raccoon, a cartoon 19 years old Argentine raccoon who is Fabian's best friend.
  • Alexis Quiroz as Pablo Opossum, a cartoon 18 years opossum who is one of Fabian's friends
  • Pablo Ausensi as Hector Hawk, a cartoon 17 years old Mexican red-tailed hawk who is one of Fabian's friends.
  • Fernando Solis as The Magnificant, a cartoon orange dragon bouncer of a club named "La Tinta y la Pintura".
  • Alma Wilheleme as The Crazy Old Lady, a cartoon robotic old lady who falls in love in Felipe Fernandez.

English dub


See Fabian Fox Havoc!/Cameos


  • TBD as Diego Plá
  • TBD as Nea
  • TBD as Benzo, Quiromon, Cangrejorge
  • TBD as Barry
  • TBD as Walala
  • TBD as Ramon
  • TBD as Condorito
  • TBD as Matias Pudu
  • TBD as Chopper
  • TBD as Antonia Vicuña
  • TBD as Jun-Hi
  • TBD as Sim-C
  • TBD as Pepe
  • TBD as Pancho
  • TBD as Celeste Morrison
  • TBD as Papelucho
  • TBD as Count Calculus
  • TBD as Esteban
  • TBD as Taruga the Turtle
  • TBD as Francisco
  • TBD as Copuchita Condor
  • TBD as Forestin
  • TBD as Mimun
  • TBD as Mampato
  • TBD as Pepe Antartico
  • TBD as Selkirk
  • TBD as Little Amanda
  • TBD as Peter
  • TBD as Cat
  • TBD as Alberto
  • TBD as Agent Blue Cat
  • TBD as Biscuit Dog
  • TBD as Koot
  • TBD as Officer Wheels
  • TBD as Don Casimiro
  • TBD as Chispita
  • TBD as Devon
  • TBD as Acorns
  • TBD as Prince Pegasus
  • TBD as Princess Meryl Mermaid
  • TBD as Ben Elf
  • TBD as Ellie Face Paint
  • TBD as Donnie
  • TBD as Birdie
  • TBD as Wacky Hummingbird
  • TBD as Juan Carlos Bodoque
  • TBD as Patana Tufillo
  • TBD as Cheif Lex Lion


The movie will release in theaters November 24, 2022. A short film, titled A Perfect Crime, will accompany the film

Home media

The movie was released on January 23, 2023 on DVD and Blu-Ray. Special features included behind the scenes, the theatrical short film A Perfect Crime, 10 Fabian Fox segments used for the spinoff TV series, bloopers, and deleted scenes.

MPAA Rating

The film is rated PG-13 for action, coarse lenguage, rude humor and mild smoking.


20th Century Records will handle the soundtrack of the film with TBA composing.


  1. Escape
  2. Fabian Fox's Main Theme
  3. The Crisis Due
  4. Hanging Out
  5. Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Drive
  6. Bar Fighting
  7. Battle of the Heroes
  8. In the Beginning...
  9. Judge Hurtado's Theme
  10. The Note
  11. Gabriel Spinnin's Funeral
  12. Forgotten Pasts
  13. Cindy's Theme
  14. Fabian's My Name, Cool Stuff my Game
  15. High Speed Pursuit
  16. Sewers
  17. Felipe in Maricura
  18. Crazy Love
  19. The Unfairest Part Ever
  20. Que Levante la Mano
  21. Deadly Battle Royale
  22. The Day is Saved
  23. Vida Real y Animada


After the film's success, 20th Century Studios (which what is now owned by Disney), Canal 13, Pudú Producciones and Zumbastico Studios announces an animated series spin-off based on the film.

In 2023, a prequel live-action TV series was announced featuring Felipe Fernandez and his partner solving mysteries in Santiago de Chile, co-directed with Sebastián Silva.

In early 2030's, a spin-off films featuring Rafael Raccoon was announced, with Demián Velazco reprising his role as the character.

Video game

The video game, titled Fabian Fox Havoc!: The Video Game is released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC. It received a T rating for Cartoon Violence and Comic Mischief.

Also, the film's characters appears as playable figures in 20th Century Fox Infinity and its sequels. They also appear as playable figures in Disney Infinity 4.0: Fox Edition.

Short film

The film, A Perfect Crime is attached with this film. The short is rated PG for action, rude humor and mild lenguage.

Openings (In Cinemas)

See Page: Opening to Fabian Fox Havoc! 2019 Cinemark

Differences between the dubs

  • The Chilean slangs were changed by English words in the dub:
    • "Qué lata" is replaced by "aw man" in the English dub.
    • "Pucha" is replaced by "oh no" in the English dub.
    • "Flaite" is replaced by "jerk" in the English dub.
    • "Bacán" is replaced by "cool" in the English dub.
    • "Altiro" is replaced by "right now" in the English dub.
    • "Cachai" is replaced by "comprise" in the English dub.
    • "Fome" is replaced by "boring" in the English dub.
    • "Chala" is replaced by "flip flop" in the English dub.
    • "Guagua" is replaced by "baby" in the English dub.
    • "Poto" is replaced by "butt" in the English dub.
    • "Carrete" is replaced by "party" in the English dub.
    • "Guata" is replaced by "stomach" in the English dub.
    • "Pololo" is replaced by "boyfriend" in the English dub.
    • "Quiltro" is replaced by "mutt" in the English dub.
    • "Afiche" is replaced by "poster" in the English dub.
    • "Bistec" is replaced by "beef" in the English dub.
    • "Chao" is replaced by "bye" in the English dub.
    • "Panqueque" is replaced by "pancake" in the English dub.
    • "Queque" is replaced by "biscuit" in the English dub.
    • "La raja" is replaced by "awesome" in the English dub.
    • "Cuatico" is replaced by "weird" in the English dub.
    • "Si po" is replaced by "yeah sure" in the English dub.
    • "Peso" is replaced by "dollar" in the English dub.
    • "Empanada" is replaced by "dumpling" in the English dub.
  • The opening and closing credits are traduced in Englisn in order to appeal with the dub.
  • Some characters' design looks different than the original dub.
  • In the live-action sequences, Chilean actors was changed by American ones in the English dub
  • Some 20th Century Studios' animated characters made cameos in the dub.
  • Some characters' names are changed in the English dub.
  • A few scenes are redrawn for fit with American audiences.


The Walt Disney Company v. 21st Century Fox lawsuit

After seeing the film, the Walt Disney Company almost sued 21st Century Fox (which what is now owned by Disney) for "ripping-off" Who Framed Roger Rabbit, until Disney deciding retiring the lawsuit after seeing the differences between the two films.


  • Strangely despite Nicolas and Valentina being American actors too, they don’t reprise their roles in the English dub.
  • Three of the Fabian Fox Havoc! is inspired by different types:
    • The mixture of live-action and animation is inspired by Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit and other live-actions/animated films such as Paramount Pictures' Jeremy Jaguar, Telefe's Mi Familia es un Dibujo, Universal's The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, 20th Century Fox's Alvin and the Chipmunks films and Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Scooby-Doo films.
    • The animation sequences are inspired by Latin American cartoons such as Claudio Kreutzberger's Diego y Glot, Ánima Estudios' El Chavo Animado, Manuel Garcia Ferré's Las Aventuras de Hijitus, Quino's Mafalda, Pepo's Condorito and Mauricio de Sousa's Monica's Gang.
    • The live-action sequences are inspired by Latin American live-action films such as Stefan vs. Kramer, Neruda, Johnny Cien Pesos, Relatos Salvajes, Cidade de Deus and the Cantiflas films.
  • The film was originally gonna be scheduled for release on December 7, 2018, but was pushed back till March 27, 2019 to avoid competition with films on Spring break, and then delay till June 26, 2019, but later moved to November 27, 2019, later they delay till November 24, 2022.
  • Despite the film is produced by Zumbastico Studios, Punkrobot Audiovisual (known for Flipos and A Bear Story) made the backgrounds for Maricura.
    • In addition, CineAnimadores (known for its films based on Mampato and Papelucho) makes the animation for the animated characters/cameos.
  • Many of the songs are composed by the Chilean musician Américo.
  • This is the first international film to nominate a Razzie award, due to the fact to the mixed reviews.
  • A Perfect Crime is also shares the same universe to the film.
  • Some of the characters are descent of different nations:
    • Fabian Fox is descent from Chile.
    • Rafael Raccoon is descent from Argentina.
    • Pablo Opossum is descent from the United Kingdom.
    • Hector Hawk is descent from Mexico.
    • Benjamin Bear is descent from South Africa.
  • This is the first time where Pablo Larraín and Andrés Wood worked together in a film.
  • After Fabian Fox Havoc! is a box office success, The Walt Disney Company announced a joint-venture dubbing studio to distribute and make english dubs of Latin American shows and films to create Disney-Fox Latino Studios.
  • During its release to English-speaking countries, Bang Zoom! Entertainment and Studiopolis made a english dub for the film, using known film actors to dub the characters.
  • Despite Cartoon Network airs the TV shows spin-offs, the films are not aired on the channel or Adult Swim due to the fact they are rated PG-13.
  • Fabian's design resembles Fauntleroy Fox (his head shape, cheeks, body, tail and limbs), Charlie B. Barkin (his eyes and smile), Awesome Cheetah (his familiar clothes), Chucky Fox (his hair), Jeremy Jaguar (his whiskers), Sylvester Pussycat (his fangs) and Nick Wilde (his ears and paws).
  • It contains cameos from 20th Century Animation, Zumbastico Studios, Cubo Negro, Bernardita Ojeda, Pepo, Editorial Zigzag, La Nave Producciones, Marko Torres, Punkrobot, Canal 13, Atiempo, Vivienne Barry, La Red, Disney Animation Studios (expect for Oliver & Jenny, have moved to Paramount Pictures), Novasur, UCV Televisión, Carlos Trupp, various commercials, Marmota Studio, Iguana Films, Anima Estudios, Ángel Anima Ltda., Estudio Pintamonos, Merken Studios and Wild Bunch Studios.
  • To appeal with the main characters, Claudio "Guayi" Mas make the animation for the cameos in the film.