FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer is a 2013 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name. It is a sequel to FF: Fantastic Four directed by Len Wiseman and stars Matthew Morrison, Malin Akerman, Chris Pine and Ron Perlman. 


Prior to the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, a mysterious object enters Earth's atmosphere. A result of the object's cosmic energy, massive craters form across the globe. The American Government approaches Reed to track the object. Reed quickly builds a radar tracker, much to the chagrin of Sue, who feels Reed is neglecting her because of his scientific work.

During the wedding, however, the object suddenly begins to approach New York City, which is where the wedding is being held. The city then loses all power. The Fantastic Four is forced to jump into action try and quell the chaos. Reed spots a silvery humanoid flying by on a surfboard and sends Sue's brother Johnny after it. Johnny pursues the humanoid across the city and then high into the Earth's atmosphere, where suddenly the being turns around and knocks Johnny back to Earth. As he falls, Johnny finds his powers fluctuating, but manages to save himself.

Reed examines Johnny and finds that the being's cosmic energy has set Johnny's DNA in flux. When Johnny touches Sue, he absorbs her powers. Reed notes that because of the flux, Johnny has the ability to switch his abilities. Nicknaming the mysterious being "The Silver Surfer," Reed tracks his energy movements from across space and learns that all of the previous planets which he has visited have been destroyed.

As the Surfer crosses Latveria, he attracts the unwanted attention of Victor Von Doom, who traces the Surfer to the Russell Glacier. Here, Doom attempts to strike a deal with the Surfer, offering to dominate the world together. The Surfer rebuffs, angering Doom enough that he fires electric bolts at the Surfer's back. The Surfer quickly spins around and blasts Doom, knocking him through a wall of ice. 

Doom's exposure to the Surfer's cosmic blast quickly accelerate his abilities. He uses his experience to bargain with the American military, who then force Doom and the Fantastic Four to work together. Doom and Reed both work on machines capable of seperating the Surfer from his board. 

In the Black Forest, Sue encounters the Surfer, who explains to Sue that he is the servant of the "Destroyer of Worlds." As the soldiers arrive, the Surfer tries to escape but is shot down by Reed's tachyon pulse generator, knocking him off of his board and rendering him powerless. 

General Hager, the leader of the army, has the Surfer imprisoned in a Siberian bunker. Sue sneaks into his holding cell to learn more from him. It is here that he explains his origins;

On his homeworld, Zenn-La, he was known as Norrin Radd, and he was engaged to be married to a beautiful woman. However, a massive humanoid emerged from space near to the planet. The people of Zenn-La knew this being to be Galactus, the planet eater. To spare his world, Norrin Radd offered his services to Galactus as his herald, seeking out new worlds for Galactus to consume. The Surfer is deeply regretful for the destruction he causes, and warns Sue that Galactus will arrive to devour Earth soon.

While Sue leaves the compound and discusses this information with the others, Doom appears at the base. Using the machine he himself had built, he steals the Surfer's board from a maximum security room and with it gains the Power Cosmic, which is the power Galactus had bestowed upon Norrin Radd. Doom destroys the base, killing General Hager and his men in the process, before escaping. The Fantastic Four arrives and saves Norrin Radd, before pursuing Doom.

Doom attacks New York City, while also sending instructions to the United Nations, giving them 24 hours to surrender to him or be destroyed. The Fantastic Four soon arrive with the Surfer. However, the Surfer is powerless to stop Doom. Sue, Reed and Ben then transfer all of their power to Johnny, allowing him to battle Doom. Johnny manages to knock Doom off of his board while Ben uses a crane to knock Doom into the harbour.

Suddenly, Galactus appears above the Earth. Norrin Radd quickly reclaims his board, thanks the Fantastic Four for their help and for believing in him, and then flies towards Galactus. The Surfer begs Galactus to spare Earth, but the planet eater announces that he will destroy Earth, as well as Zenn-La if Norrin Radd continues to rebel. Out of options, the Surfer overloads himself with the Power Cosmic and flies straight into Galactus, wounding him. Taking advantage of his master's temporary weakness, Norrin Radd sheds a final tear and then drags Galactus with him into Earth's sun, destroying them both.

Johnny reunites with the others, his normal pwoers having been restored thanks to him having touched the Surfer's board. Suddenly, Doom bursts out of the water and tries to attack the Four. Johnny flies around Doom, surrounding him with fire, while Sue focuses the heat on Doom by containing the fireball with a force field. Ben smashes a fire hydrant open and presses his foot against to direct the flow against Reed, he stretches his body and redirects the water straight at Doom. Doom is frozen solid as a result of thermal shock, but he still tries to use his powers, causing his body to shatter and explode. Reed picks up Doom's mask and tosses it into the bay.

The film ends with Reed and Sue finally getting married, and when Sue throws her bouquet to the bridesmaids, Alicia Masters catches it, and she then embraces Ben.


Matthew Morrison - Reed Richards

Malin Akerman - Sue Storm

Chris Pine - Johnny Storm

Ron Perlman - Ben Grimm

Mads Mikkelsen - Victor Von Doom

Arnold Vosloo - Norrin Radd/The Silver Surfer

Michael Gambon - Galactus

Val Kilmer - Utau the Watcher

Naomi Harris - Alicia Masters

Paul Reubens - H.E.R.B.I.E.

Sidney Poitier - General Wallace Hager

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