FBI Crime Lab is an American Crime-Procedural Comedy-Drama Television Series that premiered in the United States on the Fox Network on September 25, 2014 and is a spin-off series of the 2005 crime-procedural TV Series, Bones. The series focuses on multiple fields of forensic science and follows forensic scientist, Nathan Collins (Kendall Schmidt), that works with FBI Agent, Isobele Danvers (Kristin Kreuk), and an FBI forensic team to investigate the physical evidence at crime scenes to solve murders.


The series revolves around forensic scientist, Nathan Collins and FBI Agent, Isobele Danvers, working alonside the forensics at the FBI Crime Lab, focusing on each of their forensic fields, solving federal legal cases, by examining the physical evidence at crime scenes to find murderers, with the forensic team providing scientific expertise, and FBI Agent Collins providing investigation technique. In addition to the prospective murders, the series also sees the daily lives and relationships of the characters. It also has a sense of dark comedic undertones to lighten the gravity of the shows intense subject matter.


Main Cast

  • Kendall Schmidt as Dr. Nathanial "Nathan" Collins, a forensic scientist at the FBI Crime Lab in Washington D.C., who works with FBI Agent Isobelle Danvers. He and his forensic team at the Crime Lab help solve crimes and murders, by examining crime scenes to find and use physical scientific evidence to find the criminals. After High School, Collins travelled around the world, learning about many cultures and languages. He sold his first novel when he was 22 years old. He is very observant and and notices the smallest things at a crime scene, in evidence, or on people, that can help with investigations. As a child, Collins was in a car crash that killed his abusive drunken father and gave him a severe heart injury.
  • Kristin Kreuk as Isobele Danvers, an FBI Special Agent that often seeks out Collins' professional help in her investigations that can't be solved without the forensic expertise of Fields and his lab team. Introduced in the series "Bones", by Agent Booth to the Jeffersonian team, the term "Squint" is often a nickname for the crime lab team. She is often used as an audience surrogate to provide a Layman's translation of the scientific jargon filled dialogue used in the "Squints" conversations.
  • Malese Jow as Mikayla Parker, a forensic artist and digital forensic scientist at the crime lab, who investigates the digital devices of murder victims and to recover information from computers. She uses a three-dimensional graphics program tp simulate virtual scenarios of the crimes to help determine how they happened. She is open, caring, and friendly, as well as the most normal squint of the group. In Season 3, she began dating co-worker Evan Meyers and married him in Season 6, as well as gave birth to their child.
  • Robbie Amell as Johnathan Adams, a forensic entemologist at the crime lab and an expert in spores and minerals, and sees himself as the bug and slime guy at the lab, who deals with the particulates and trace evidence at crime scenes and is usually the one to give Collins the time of death of the murder victims. In Season 3, he began dating co-worker Mikayla Parker, who he married and had a daughter with, in Season 6.
  • India Eisley as Dr. Whitney Cloud, an FBI psychologist and profiler that often works with Isobele and the crime lab team. In Season 3, he was assigned to Danvers and Collins. She is frequently consulted to provide a profile for the suspects and victims involved in each case and to give a more humanized perspective


Season 1

Title Description
The Crime Lab FBI forensic scientist, Nathan Collins, teams up with FBI Special Agent, Isobele Danvers, and FBI forensic team to look through evidence at a crime scene in order to solve the murder of a famous novelist.
The Maid in the Mansion When the maid of billionaire business man are found inside his mansion, Collins and Danvers are called to the case. Meanwhile, Collins tries to convince Danvers to bring him into the fields.
The Surfer in the Ocean Collins and Danvers investigate the murder of a man found in the middle of the ocean, on a surf board. Meanwhile, Mikayla loses her mom's necklace while investigating the murder.
The Artist in the Gallery
The Host in the Studio
The Scientist in the Car Crash
The Professor in the Classroom
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