F.E.A.R. 3 is a 2016 horror film based on a video game, starring



Nine months after the events of both films, the Point Man is captured by Armacham Security and interrogated in an asylum. Paxton Fettel interrupts the interrogation and helps free the Point Man. The two form an uneasy alliance and escape the Asylum through the slums.

Commandeering a helicopter, the Point Man and Fettel return to Fairport to regroup with F.E.A.R. operative Jin Sun-Kwon. During their return, the civilian population that survived were either driven insane by the paranormal activity or were executed by Armacham personnel. Fighting their way through, the brothers successfully meet up with Jin. Jin plays back recorded video footage of Michael Becket, who reveals his rape at the hands of Alma and the impending birth of her child, and who is slated by Armacham for transport.

Using an automated transport, the Point Man and Fettel assault the local airport to intercept Becket, killing the remnants of the Armacham personnel. In order to gain more intel from Becket, Fettel possesses him and reveals Becket's past life to the Point Man while Becket realizes the Point Man's identity. Fettel's release of Becket proves fatal, causing a gory explosion. The Point Man and Fettel head to an old training facility used by Harlan Wade years ago to study and develop the prototypes, where the two start to destroy items associated with memories of their childhood past. Events in this scenario are determined by which one of the brothers the player is controlling. Alternatively, if played during co-op, the player with the higher score determines the ending. The good ending will show Point Man overpowering Fettel and vice-versa, with the ending depending on whether Point Man or Fettel had survived their final struggle.

A lingering echo of Harlan Wade known as The Creep appears, taunting the brothers until it is finally killed. Shortly after destroying the monstrous apparition of Wade, Point Man shoots Paxton in the head three times and watching his body spontaneously burn itself up. Then, as he walks over to Alma, ready to finish the job, he notices that her baby has been successfully born. Even as her body disappears, Point Man receives a transmission from Jin that everything is finally over. With the baby in the crook of his left arm, he leaves the room.


  • Chris Hemsworth as Point Man
  • Gerogie Henley as Alma Wade
  • Justin Timberlake as Paxton Fettel
  • Gary Oldman as Harlan Wade
  • Jamie Chung as Jin Sun-Kwon
  • Gerard Butler as Michael Becket
  • Rowan Blanchard as Young Alma Wade
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