F*ck The Institution! is the debut album from metal band Rokhello, released in 2002. It is followed by 2004's I Made This Album.

Visual style

The original album art for F*ck The Institution is just as controversial as the album itself. The piece, titled "Loudmouth Rebel" was produced by Jack Simpson himself, and showed a demonic creature showing the rude finger. After completing the album producer Jacob Vindic went to the next stage of recieving permittion to release the album. Controversy arose at the "abscenity" of the album cover, and it was changed to a simple demonic figure standing with its head down. However, Rokhello did recieve consent to release 100 copies with the original artwork on their official website.


The album recieved generally favourable reviews. Rolling Stone gave it 3 stars, saying "while some inspirations question the mental stability of Jack Simpson, this ex-Exorcismic singer knows how to screw with people's mindset and create loud, crude and rocking metal". Metalix gave it 85/100, stating that "F*ck the Institution is the perfect way to debut into the metal music genre. Rokhello is System of A Down meets Slipknot, with all the gruesomes and jokes mashed between. There are some songs that are just disturbing and loud, but good, like "Polygamist Murder Spree" and "Acidicity", and others like "The Weight of the World" and "Mentality" scream Metallica with a few disturbing revelations here and there. This is the most controversal metal album for a while, and the title will make family's websites whimper in fear".

Track listing

  1. "Polygamist Murder Spree" - 5:55
  2. "F*ck The F*cking Institution! (They F*cked Us Over)" - 5:02
  3. "Acidicity" - 4:42
  4. "Battlefield For The Forsaken Sons of Insane Half-Humanity" - 6:22
  5. "The Weight of the World" - 3:44
  6. "Can You Hear Me Or Am I Shouting To Quietly?" - 5:10
  7. "Hypocritical" - 5:23
  8. "If I Had My Way (You'd Be Dead With A Gunshot In Your Head!)" - 4:32
  9. "Hack-Saw Massecara" - 5:00
  10. "Mentality" - 4:33
  11. "You're The Guy Everybody Depends Upon To Save Them But Then Screws Up Like A Total F*ckhead" - 7:00
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